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Buck was the loyal companion of Judge Miller. He was a free dog, allowed to go as he pleased throughout the large estate. Buck hunted with Judge’s sons, escorted the girls, even went swimming in the pool, it was the ideal life for a dog and it was soon about to change.

It was 1897 and the Klondike strike was luring men to the north. Buck lived in the sunny Santa Clara Valley, a far extreme from the north where he would soon be taken. It all happened when the gardener, trying to settle his dept took Buck for a walk, one that he would not return from. He was transferred form one person to another until he was bought by Perrault. Perrault was a fair and caring Canada Mail carrier. The first days on the sled team where a new experiences for Buck. When his instincts stopped he learned on from his companions. Each dog had to take care of himself as Perrault only had so much time on his hands.

If there was one problem it was with his companion Spitz. The two of them where aimed at each others throats from the day they met. It was a constant battle of who was king of the hill, one that would end in the others death. That day came when the team was chasing a rabbit through the woods. Buck was in the lead just inches behind the prey, when Spitz took a shortcut and jumped on Buck. It was a life and death struggle, Buck was bigger, Spitz was skilled. In the End Bucks shear strength prevailed.

Once the job was done, Buck was under a new owner. The duty was not to get the fastest time but to pull the most. It was grueling, heavy work each day. The team soon grew tired and slow, it was boring work and Buck hated it. The Driver promised rest as soon as they finished. Unfortunately the government decided to sell tired dogs instead of resting them.

The new drivers when Hal and Charles. They where inexperienced gold seekers, and where traveling with a woman. They knew nothing when it came to traveling, packing double what they should have been and wasting time. When the dogs had trouble pulling, Hal bought more instead of lightning the load. The big problem came far into the trip when the ran out of food.

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Soon the tired, starving dogs began to drop like flies. When the pulled into John Thorntons camps, a tired and pathetic mess. Hal wanted to go across unsafe ice even against Thorntons advice. When Buck refused to continue, Hal whipped him till J            John interfered and saved the dog. AS John tended to his wounds they heard the sled go through the ice. John Thornton had saved bucks life! The two made a lasting bond alone with Thorntons previous dogs. Once the ice had cleared Johns companions came back. Buck adored John and they had many good times. Buck even managed to win John big money by pulling a 1 ton sled. With the money John and his companions went to look for a long lost gold mine. Buck loved the life there he was as free as he wanted to be; Buck hunted in the woods and sat near Thornton by the fire.

Strange thoughts came over Buck when he entered the woods. He wanted to gain even more freedom, catching his own food, going away for days at a time. Nature called him farther away from the camp and further into the deep woods. One day when buck came back from a long journey he found the camp raided. Indians had attacked the camp, killing everyone. Buck was devastated, his master had been killed. In a rage of anger he hunted down the Indians, killing all but those who ran away. Once again buck heard the call of the wild.
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