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bridal shower

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A shower usually lasts about 2 hours. Here is a "typical" schedule:
•     Greet guests - serve light appetizers
•     Have each guest introduce themselves and identify how they know the bride
•     Play 2-4 shower games. It is good to play games at the beginning as icebreakers.
•     Serve food or have guests help themselves to a buffet.
•     Give party favors to guests as they leave.

Ultimate Memory Game!!
contributed by Alyssa
This one is a sure-fire hit! Tell your guests you're now having a memory game. Do NOT say "memorize what's on the tray". Have the bride or mother of the bride come out with a tray or platter of kitchen untensils and other related items. Have her walk fairly slow around the room to show all the guests what is one the tray, then walk out & stay in another room.

Then ask the party guests to grab a notepad and start to write down....what the bride or mother of the bride was wearing! This one will bring a few moans, but it's fun & the ultimate test of memory! It works best as the first game. The one with the most correct answers (types of clothing, colors, etc..), is the winner.
Bridal Pictionary
contributed by Loida
Write down as many names of things associated with weddings and brides on slips of paper. Put the slips into a bag. Divide all of the guests into two teams. One person from each team gets a chance to draw the word on a slip of paper pulled out of the bag, and the team must guess what is being drawn in one minute. If the team drawing doesn't guess the word, the other team gets one minute to guess it. As they guess correctly, each team gets a point. The winning team with the most correct guesses wins the prizes.
I want to see you...
contributed by Salina B.
Have everyone write down on a piece of paper something they'd like the bride to do (ie. sing a song, bark like a dog, etc) and put their name on the paper. Then have everyone give their papers to the bride. Once they are all received, as the bride reads the name of the first person and what their request is, inform everyone that the brides request is to have everyone else perform what they have written. Watch everyones faces as they think of what they wrote. It's a blast!

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Honeymoon Blackout
contributed by Sheryl
Fill a suitcase with funny looking or extra large clothes ( such as men's silk boxers, an extra large bra, a pair of work boots, fuzzy socks, etc.) Blindfold the bride and hand her the suitcase, explaining that there was a blackout and she has to dress quickly for a special dinner. This is lots of fun, don't forget the cam corder. This makes a great gift afterwards.
Dress Guess
contributed by Aimee Saylor
When the guests arrive have them guess how many times the Bride-to-be has tried on her wedding dress. At teh end of the shower announce who guessed the closest and have the bride-to be tell how many times she really did try on her dress
-Throwing rice
contributed by Nicole
Get a bowl with mostly rice in it, then add miniture safety pins to the rice. Each guest has to be blindfoled, only using one hand, try to determine which is the rice and which are the pins. Whoever finds the most pins wins the prize. harder to do than you think!
How Low can You Go
contributed by Heahter Nicole
Place a piece of poster board in the middle of the room. This game is great fo rall ages. Have each person take a turn bending over to trace their hand on the board without bending their knees. Have a "secretary" take down the outcries to reveal what the brid will be exclaming on the wedding night! Some of mine were "It looks kinda deformed," "If your mother can do it, so can you!" "This hurts so bad!" "I'm too old." We even got an "It's just a disease!" out of one unknowing woman!

Memory Game with a Twist. Have someone come out with a tray of items and say we are now going to test your skills of observation. Most will assume they need to remember the items on the tray. You can then ask them questions about the person who brought out the tray. What color was her shirt, was she wearing earrings, any nail polish, what kind of shoes, etc...
The winner of this game is the guest who gets the most answer correct. Try to answer the following questions how you think the bride would answer them by circling your answer.
1.For (Bride's name) honeymoon, would she rather to go to Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France or the local pool hall?
2.If (Bride's name) were spending an evening at home, would she prefer to read a book, eat a snack, listen to the radio, watch TV, clean, or do something crafty?
3.Would (Bride's name) prefer to live in the mountains, by the ocean, in a small town, in a downtown high-rise or in a cave?
4.Would (Bride's name) prefer to live in a ranch-style house, a log cabin, a luxury apartment, a 30 room mansion or a traditional two-story home?
5.When going out to eat, which type of restaurant would (Bride's name) prefer to dine in? Mexican, American, Italian, Greek, Chinese or fast food?
6.At a cocktail party, would (Bride's name) prefer to drink spiked fruit punch, a daiquiri, Coke, wine, beer, or tequila?
7.When going to a formal affair, would (Bride's name) prefer to wear all black, black & white, red, pink, royal blue, green, purple or polka dots?
8.Would (Bride's name) prefer the formal dress to be velvet, silk, satin, lace or canvas?
9.What type of car would (Bride's name) prefer to drive? A sports car, a caravan, an antique car, an SUV, a convertible or a station wagon?
10.Would (Bride's name) prefer to go hiking, fishing, see a movie, bar-hopping, horseback-riding, bowling or shopping?
11.If (Bride's name) were going to the movies, would she prefer to see a tender love story, a terrifying horror film, a spectacular epic, a suspenseful mystery, a comedy, a musical or a cartoon?
12.Would (Bride's name) prefer a French poodle, German Sheppard, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, Dachshund, shaggy dog or a hot dog?
13.Would (Bride's name) like to read a beautiful sonnet, a hilarious essay, a biography, a romance novel, or a magazine?
14.If (Bride's name) were having a dinner party, would she prefer to use stylish wooden serving pieces, sterling silver, shiny copper or picks & shovels?
15.If (Bride's name) had to pick out one physical trait that she likes best about Dave would it be his eyes, his legs, his smile, his chest, his hair or his buns?
16.Was the first thing that attracted (Bride's name) to (Groom's name) his charm, his appearance, his car, his sense of humor, his honesty, his paycheck or the alcohol?

24-7 Shower Theme
In the invitation, guests are assigned a time of day that the gift will be used by the bride. Morning, midday, and evening. This is a classic shower gift theme.
Here's a few gift ideas for guests attending this type of shower: Morning bath robe, breakfast cookbooks, espresso maker, daytime perfume, bath & body, skincare
clothing, makeup, purse, earrings, scarves, briefcases and organizers, hobby gifts, home office supplies, jewelry
wine, lingerie, video cassettes, massage bath oils, casual clothes, music, cooking stuff, novels, perfume, cooking and recipe gifts
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