The Bereavement Journey

The Bereavement Journey

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The Bereavement Journey

Breavement is handeled differently in different generations. Weather it is a kid that has a terminal illness or an elderly person who is diagnosed with a terminal illness, each breave differently. Breavement deals with not just someone clsoe dying but, someone themselvs who is diagnosed with a life threatening illness.

Kids are more afair of death than adults are. Kids do not underdstand death like adults. In one of our class discussions , Dr. Bradshaw told our class a story about how he went to Yale New Haven hospital (I think) and Dr. Bradshaw stated that a young boy who was a terminal cancer patient drew him a picture of a tank going after him. When Dr. Bradshaw told our class this , it was then clear to me that a child does not understand death as well as adults. But there are also ways a parent can help a child with breavement like buying the child a pet and when that pet dies, explain to the kid whay the pet died and that it can not be replaced. “childeren are capeable of experiencing greif” (DeSpilder 359). Childeren tend to be more quiet when dealing with a death of someone close. Childeren like to forget the sight of a dead one and try and move on without talking to anyone.

Adults experience greif more open. When a certain person reaches adult hood , more and more people that he or she knows is going to die, a parent can die, a friend, and even a child. The most extemem death a parent can experience is death of a child. “ the death of a child may be experienced as the ultimate lack of protection and nuture, the ultimate breakdown and failure in being a “good parent””. When and adult experiences a deah he or she will be more open and go to counceling or actually talk to someone, and talking to somneone about your problems is a good way of breavement.

Elderly when dealing with deaht and breavement is also an extreme. An elderly is close to death as is, but his or her friends are starting to die repidly and most of all a spouse is very close to end of life.

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Elderly death with a loss very well, since its about the end of their life time they don’t mind going themselvs, because they lived their full life. They made the best of their life and want to reach heaven where his or her spouce is.

All of this breavement through differrent ages relates to the jomestown tragedy because people lost every one from every age in the family. From young Childerent, brothers and sister, and grandfather and grandmother. Many of families were facing a loss from someone from a different age.(Jonestown:20 years later)
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