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A tiny town in Connecticut. Is this setting of Among Friends by Caroline B. Cooney. The time of year is from the beginning of the school year, to the end of the school year.
     The main characters in this book are Jennie, Paul, Emily, Hillary, Jared, and Ansley. All the main characters are juniors in high school. Jennie is part of the awesome threesome. She always gets good grades on tests even if she doesn’t study. People envy her for that. Paul is also know as Paul Classified because no one knows anything about him, they don’t even know his middle name. Jennie likes Paul and she flirts with him all the time. Emily and Hillary are part of the awesome threesome too. Jared and Ansley are boyfriend and girlfriend. They both dislike Jennie because she is so popular and intelligent.
          The conflict in this book is man vs. himself. Jennie has to decide whether she wants to stay part of the awesome threesome, or make a state record by winning the prize for the smartest kid in the state 2 years in a row like her parents want her to.
     This book starts out by the awesome threesome, Emily (also known as Em), Hillary, and Jennie skipping through the hallway with their arms linked tightly together. They have been best friends ever since they could remember. During the summer, Em and Hill went to Colorado to ski. Usually Jennie goes to, but this year she didn’t. Em and Hill could feel Jennie slipping away from the awesome threesome. All Jennie did was flirt with Paul Smith. Jennie got chosen to represent the school in a test called Star Student. It is a test to see how smart you are. The one, who wins, will get ten thousand dollars and a medal. Jennie is so smart and perfect that Hillary and Em cant take it anymore and they start being very cruel to her. They ignore her and they do stuff without her. She gets very upset and she says the notebook she writes in is her only friend. She thinks no one likes.
     While she is at the star student contest, during the first test she runs out of the room. She never came back. People are very worried about her. Some people are saying it’s because her parents pushed her too much, or because she was depressed, and some say she got murdered.

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She left to go to the bus station. She got a bus ticket and she didn’t even know where she was going. She just rode around on the bus. She had some money for food, but that’s all she could afford. She would sleep in the bus stations and get back on the bus in the morning. She had some money to call one person. Emily was very worried about her. Even though she had been rude to her, she still had feelings about her deep down inside her. Jennie eventually called Em. Em started crying because she was so terrified that Jennie was dead or hurt or injured. Jennie told her where she was and Em got Hillary, Paul, Jared, and Ansley with her to go get her. The awesome threesome got back together.
One day Jared decided to follow Paul home to see where he lived and what he does after school. Paul knew he was following him though so it didn’t work. He didn’t find anything out.
Later on in the book, Paul and some of the other students get in a fight because they think Paul’s parents are CIA spies and he’s trying to spy on them. So people came up to him and started asking questions like “What exactly are these secrets?” He wouldn’t tell them anything. All of the food on it spilled right onto the floor. Ansley and Jared were against Paul. When the fight was over, Ansley felt bad and she decided she should apologize, even though she didn’t like Paul very much. She thought it was the right thing to do. Paul’s “mom” is a wreck. She was crying because Paul came home later than usual and she thought he was going to run away on her, like his sister Candy did. He tried to console her and tell her he would never do that.
Paul was very poor and he needed money. McDonalds is where Paul employed him and his mom. He even worked away from town so people wouldn’t see him there with his step mom. When he got there, he saw that Emily worked there too. Paul’s step mom started having a nervous breakdown again so Emily tried to help. She told Paul he should call the hospital and get her in. Paul needed someone to talk to, so he told Emily the whole story about what really happened and what no one else knew. He told her that his real mom walked out on them and his father married his step mom. One day the real mom came back and Candy decided to just leave and go live with her. Paul’s step mom was very depressed because she loved Candy so much and she has been her mom since she was just a baby. His father couldn’t handle it anymore so he left. Paul wanted to stay and help his step mom because she had been his mom since he was 5. She loved him very much and he loved her. Emily promised not to tell anyone. They got his step mom into the hospital and she was getting taken care of. Paul would go every day after school to go visit her. Emily would usually go with him. In the end, Paul’s step mom gets out of the hospital and she is better.
I highly recommend this book to everyone. It was a very good book and it was very interesting. I couldn’t stop reading it. You never knew what would happen next. I really enjoyed this book because it seems realistic and it seems like it could really happen to somebody.
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