My Ex-Girlfriend

My Ex-Girlfriend

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Throughout my life I always been compared to my friends, just because I hangout with them doesn’t mean that I do the same thing s that they do, like taking drugs and drinking alcohol. We may do some things that are similar like go to the same movies or listen to some of the same music. My friends always hangout they never give a damn about their looking best or the condition of their clothes, we never put on a show to get attention, but this one person does, this my ex-girlfriend, Melissa Madden.
     If you ask me why I dated her, let’s just say that I desperate. Her emotions get in the way of everything. She wants people to feel sorry and wants sympathy for when she gets yelled at or punished because she does dumb things, she makes up stories that she gets beaten. As for me I don’t want sympathy for the mistakes that I do that will get me in trouble, I take the hand that I’m dealt with. I think you can never win people over if you just complain and be whinny lush, some how she get friend by doing that, but in the end they will get sick of her bitching and moaning and they will desert her.
     We totally listen to totally different music, she listens to the sappy melodic I'm yearning for love music, the she likes rap like Jay-Z and Ja-rule. She only listens to certain rock music, like whinny voices complain about their girlfriends dumping them, like EMO. I listen to hard thrashing heavy metal, punk and hardcore music. They actually are singing about the real things that people should care about friends betraying each other, being straightedge, or not being a follower of the pop music. Sure I listen to different music, I’ll listen to just about any except for rap, country, emo, pop culture music (blink 182 and Brittany Spear crap).
     As for friends we have totally different friends, she has her Jappy little friends that are walking billboards with Abercrombie & Fitch or American Eagle on everything they wear, I’m surprise that they don’t have AF or AE tattooed on their forehead. They always coming walking towards me giggle and laughing about some childish prank like leaving a love note with the most beastly girl in the school. As for me, I hangout with kids that don’t dress the same as the normal high school student, some of us dress like skater trash that has holes in our clothes and don’t cry if we have a rip in our shirt, like most people do.

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     For fun she goes to the mall and waste her parent’s money on clothes that she will only wear once and most likely her mom well sell it on E-bay when she is done using them. She spends so much time on the phone, I would get so bored and fall asleep. I will be asleep from a span of two hours or more. What I do for fun I hang out with my friends and just do random stuff like go to shopping areas act like a bunch knuckleheads like having shopping cart joust. When we are really bored, we make prank calls to the pizza pallor and order the most expensive stuff and give someone’s address. Just for fun we have fun fights, where we just flip out and beat each other in the hallways or some other public places, just to see faces of the people around us.
     She waste her money on hair dye all the time, she must have dyed it twenty times a year. She spends about and hour preparing her hair and then she dyes it to blonde or some kind of blonde, sometimes I think the dye seeps into her head and makes her stupid and dumbfounded and simplest things. She crimps it when there is some thing big is happening or she ties her hair into a ponytail with a pink ribbon. Hair for me is nothing, I don’t care if I turned bald at the age of twenty. I put a cap on anyway, I shave my head even though try to stop and say that I have the nicest hair. Hair to me is like having radio I have it, I don’t need. I only comb or brush my hair when I have important meeting or someone’s wedding, that’s just disrespectful if you don’t comb your hair.
     Right now as the age of 16 she still lives the same wasteful life, spending her dad’s money on crap she will only use once, ringing up the phone bill and get dumber dying her hair. Most people hate her because she is a worthless sap that lynches on everyone and use him or her as an emotion crutches everyday. She wants people to feel sorry for her mistakes and the consequences that she has dealt with. As for me as the age 18, I still do the same thing that I do in high school, hang out with people that don’t follow the popular group around like a dog being choked on a leash. I don’t do the same thing as everyone, I was never considered a popular kid but I do always get along with everyone though, because treat people with respect and not use them.
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