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Epic of Beowulf

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     A hero is a person is a person distinguished for valor, fortitude, or bold enterprise. A hero is a person that will do anything to protect the innocent. Beowulf fits the description of a hero. Beowulf is a hero to his people and his men. Beowulf is brave and courageous and does what it takes to protect his people from danger. He goes off to other lands to help others; he slays a dragon to keep his people safe. Beowulf is considered almost a god but is actual made of the same things everyone is made up off just that he makes the most of it.
     Beowulf first proves that he is a hero when he hears that there is a monster killing and tormenting the men of Denmark and with this news decides he will go and help these men. Beowulf does not hesitate to think if he should go or not but just gathers his men and leaves. Beowulf gets to Denmark and sees this monster and kills him effortlessly proving that he is strong and courageous. Beowulf is the only person that can even stay alive for longer than a few moments while with the monster. Beowulf is so strong that the monster does not even believe it.
     “Beowulf perceived his evil plan, sat up and stayed
     Grendel’s outstretched arm. Instantly that monster,
     hardened by crime, realized that never had he met any
      man in the regions of earth, in the whole world, with so
     strong a grip.”
The author says that Beowulf’s strength is greater than that of any other man in the world.
     After Beowulf defeats the monster, Grendel, he is faced with another monster. Beowulf instead of just leaving decides to stay and destroy the new monster. Beowulf proves that not only is he strong but he is loyal and destroys the other monster. In the following passage the author describes how Beowulf does not hesitate to go after Grendel’s mother.
     “Let us lose no time but track down Grendel’s
     kinswoman. I promise you that wherever she turns
      to honeycomb caves, to mountain woods, to the bottom
     of the lake she shall find no refuge.”

     Beowulf is very respectful to others. Beowulf, with gold and treasures given to him by the king for killing the monsters, give it to others including his men. When Beowulf arrives home he gives the king some of the treasures and gold to show that he respects him and honors him by doing so.

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     Beowulf besides his loyalty, strength, and courage he is still a man. Beowulf’s people and men consider him a god and he knows this but he also knows that he is a human and can die. Beowulf does get scared and nervous before each battle, as would a normal person. Beowulf tells his men that if he dies not to worry that the creature will take care of him, with this Beowulf is skeptical himself and his strengths. Beowulf even puts on protective war gear proving that he is like anyone else and can be harmed. Beowulf acts like a normal human when he is in constant search for fame and fortune as we all are today. He goes far and wide to in quest of valuables and to be known as the strongest and bravest man ever.
     Beowulf can also be considered a hero not only for his strength and courageousness but also for his attitude. Beowulf could be considered a positive role model for children and even adults. Beowulf regardless of what situation he never gives up. Beowulf fighting of monsters can be translated into modern times with fighting problems and not giving up and always giving it all you’ve got. Beowulf can be considered a great leader and hero.
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