Being Ignominious Will Only Backfire

Being Ignominious Will Only Backfire

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Being Ignominious Will Only Backfire

     Almost everyone has done something deceptive and had the result backfire. It’s usually to avoid an unfavorable event, when in the long run what was avoided still occurs. Roxy a beautiful one-sixteenth black slave tried the same thing in Pudd’nhead Wilson by switching her infant Chambers with her masters infant Tom. The infants were identical and born on the same day, the only difference was Chambers was considered black. Roxy went through with her plan to avoid her son being sold away from her, either of them going down river, and many other misfortunes that might happen.
     When Roxy switched Tom and Chambers the purpose was to not only avoid sending Chambers down river, but also allow him live a life not only as a free man but also a privileged white one with heir to an estate.
     “Tom” grows up to be a coward and barbaric man. He is rude to other people including his real mother Roxy. Through out his childhood he has “Chambers” fight for him and get him out of his problems. “Chambers was strong beyond his years, and a good fighter; strong because he was coarsely fed and hard worked about the house, and a good fighter because Tom furnished him plenty of practice- on white boys whom he hated and was afraid of.” (Pg. 42) “Tom” is rude to other people including his real mother Roxy.
He commits robbery on several occasions to make up for the money he lost while gambling. Then, after Roxy became a freed slave “Tom” sold her down river, and later murdered his uncle, Judge Driscoll, in a robbery attempt.
     Pudd’nhead Wilson uses his wit and fingerprinting theory to prove in court that Tom and Chambers were switched at their young age. “Between the ages of seven months and eight months those children were changed in the cradle.” (Pg. 163) Wilson then also discovered that “Tom” murdered Judge Driscoll. “The murderer of your friend and mine- York Driscoll of the generous hard and the kindly spirit- sits in among you. Valet de Chambre, Negro and slave- falsely called Thomas a Becket Driscoll- make upon the window- the fingerprints that will hang you!” (Pg.

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163) As “Toms” punishment for the murder, they send him down river. “As soon as the Governor understood that case, he pardoned Tom at once, and the creditors sold him down the river.” (Pg. 167)
     Roxy switched the infants to avoid herself and her biological son from being sent down river and in the end they both were. Roxy tried controlling fate, yet it is an uncontrollable thing and cannot be ran from. Being ignominious will only do one thing, and that is backfire.
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