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The area know as Bangladesh was a political backwater instead of being involve in any of India political or military events the area which is call Bangladesh now just sat back and watch. Bengal which is what Bangladesh use to be call historians believe that Dravidian speaking people move in the area around 1000 B.C. and they were give the name Bang. This Home land had various names which reflected tribal names like Vanga, Banga, Bangala, Bangal, and Bengal. The first great empire that spread over Bangladesh was the Mauryan Empire, and the ruler was Asoka westeren parts of Bengal achieved some importance during Mauryan period. Buddhism was brought to Bengal by Asoka son when he took over. When Mauryan Period was over in eastern Bengal it became know as the kingdom of Samatata; although politically independent, it was a tributary state of the Indian Gupta Empire. The third great empire was Harsha Empire which drew Samatata into loosely administered political structure. The disunity in this empire allowed a Buddhist chief name Gopala to seize power over Bengal, and he started the first pala dynasty. Him and his succersors provide Bengal with there first stable government.

Islamization of Bengal, 1202-1757

     The Turkish took over Bengal in the early thirteen century. The take over was a long thought out process that began in Afghanistan with military forays Mahmud of ghazni. Bengal had loosely associated with Delhi Sultanate which was established in 1206. In 1341 they became independent from delhi, and Dhaka and established there independent governors of independent Bengal. The turks ruled for about seven dedcades before the conquest of Dhaka by forces of the Mughal Emperor Akbar the great. Bengal was under Mughal until the decline in the early eighteenth century. Under Mughal power Bengal was one of the richest empires of there time, and also a lot of things were created like there first calendar and also they started collected money on people house, and also there land. The British had a lot influence on there economic in the twentieth century. The country was drained from keeping up Mughals army, and he really did not do anything to help out the people of the country because over 40,000 slaves were caught by pirates and use as slaves. The locals had to force him to appoint powerful generals as governors. Although they were not protected well they manage to keep up there Agricultue expanded trade was still encourage, and Dhaka became one of the best textile trade.

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Bengal Capital was moved to Dhaka although they still honor Mughals they were strong enough to move on, and after the death of the last great emperor of Mughals empire they were strong enough to fend off on there own.

European Colonization, 1757-1857

     The Europeans seek trade in Indian for a longtime, and they always had there connections with some Arabs, but for a large commission price. So they look for new trade routes within Indian, and they found a private company that was started by Queen Elizabeth I, by the Hoghly river in 1650 and found the city Calcutta in 1690. The objective of this company was to seek trade under Mughal governors, but the collopase force them to want to take more of a roll in politics and military activities. The British ultimately took over military in Bengal. The governor of Bengal took action against the British and he was defeated by Robert Clive. This defeat end Mughals empire and gave a lot of control to the British.

The Uprising of 1857

     On this date May 10, 1857, a bunch of Indian soilders mostly muslims units from Bengal. Started a plan to take Bengal back from the British, calling themselves the mutineers they march to Dehli, and offered there services to Mughals predecessors which had suffered some bad defeats a 100 years earlier at a place call passey. This uprising seriously threatned the british control over in India, this act in Bengal has been call a lot of different things by historians like the Sepoy Rebellion, the great mutiny, and the revolt of 1857; a lot of people call it indias first war for independence. This whole thing started because of something that was threatening the countries beliefs with animals. They end up losing the battle, and the british then took control over the whole thing.

The Nationalist movement and the rise of Muslim consciousness, 1857-1947

     The long process that took place after the muslims defeat to the british was a delicate process that went through the ensuing century. As everything change in India because of the british control the muslim were slow on picking up and everything became hindu own because they adapt better then the muslim. The Muslim from eastern Bengal lagged behind in business and other industry. This is when Bangladesh start being know as Bengali because of the Hindu domanice in the country at the time. In the nineteeth century and also the twentieth century centuries in Bengal the hindus were the landlords and Muslims were the peasent. The Hindu basically control everything at this time, and it was not until the last quarter the muslim took another stand. The Leadership of a muslim writer, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (1817-98) He started trying to recoucil the traditional view of muslims, and tried to make new education systems to introduced to the british. He started a college that combine the british culture and the british.

Pakistan Period, 1947-71

     Pakistan was born in bloodshed and came into existence in August 15 1947 which came in with enormous problems like Muslims leaving India for Pakistan, and Hindus and Sikhs to move to India from the new state of Pakistan. The deaths were a amazing like 2 million people were killed during this period. They created a east Pakistan which was control by the west Pakistan because that was were all the money was. There was a lot of discriminatory things going own against people from Bengali they found themselves not getting of the good jobs. The people of west Pakistan was in favor of the Urdu speaking Biharis refugees from northeren India state that was living in east Pakistan. Pakistan had a serve shortage of labor so they had to use people from west Pakistan and refugees and people who just applied for citizenship. The biggest problem over in east Pakistan was the language choice the west Pakistan was insulted that there language was of second choice. What kept this country together was the vision that everyone had for it which was the plan for preindependence. When one of the leaders died in Pakistan which was Jinnah they face an unstable period which was resolve by the military and also political factors. Eventually Bengali people was expected and put into the government they still did not have the support of the west Pakistan government or people.

The War for Bangladeshi Independence, 1971

     The Pakistan Army launched a terror campaign on March 25 against the people of Bengalis. They attack the University of Dhaka which was really Hindu base, and it was in a town were all of them lived. They kill in all about 700 hundred Bengalis and there leader was captured and flown back to West Pakistan. The Pakistan army conceals what they were doing by destroying and killing all of the reporters in Bengali. They also attacked defense less city 3 days after the March 25 attack the death toll was up to about 15,000 thousands people, and by the end of the summer it reached about 300,000 thousand. Then entire whole nine months which they were under attack by the Pakistan army estimated one million people were killed. The West Pakistan government cover all of this up by saying they were saving people from the Hindus because they where enslaving them. After the events took place in March India got in and condemns the Pakistan people. This is when about 8-10 million people went out of Pakistan to west Bengal. The India parliament demanded that Prime Minister Indira Gandhi supply aid to the rebels in East Pakistan. She at first accepts but changes her mine and recognizes the provisional government to an independent Bangladesh. Yahya proposed that if India tried to seize Pakistan there would be a war, and he said that he could count on American and Chinese friends to help. They also meaning Pakistan tried to also ease the situation at hand they replaced Tikka who tactics caused a lot of lives being loss. On December 4, 1971, The Indian army went to war against Pakistan with far more numbers and defeated them 12 days later.

Birth of Bangladesh

     The first announcement that Bangladesh was independent came from a radio message from a captured station on March 26, 1971, Two days later they announce a major who end up being the president of Bangladesh. Ziuar Rahman was name the major later he from a government with himself presidency. Everyone did not think it was right that he made himself the president. On December 6th, India was the first nation to recognize Bangladesh as new independent government.


     Bangladesh is a place that has a lot of history, and that still stands to this day after all the things it has went to. To get there independence they went through a whole lot, and now they are no longer the political backwater of Indian they now can be proud and stand up be part of the things that are going on in there country. Even though they are still having some problems from the things that they can not control they will always keep there independence and be proud of what they have in there countries because some countries still can not even do that.
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