Aspects Of Performance

Aspects Of Performance

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In the following report I will focus on two factors of performance, they are
Nerves / stress, including manifestations
Relationships between members
Communication with audience
Audience response
Choice of members
Program selection
Rehearsal strategies
Setting up
Venue / audience
Final performance
Each of these aspects effects performers and to deal with all these things will ensure a successful group who do their jobs well and love doing it.     

I am a part of an eight, member band, who at one time or another have been playing together for five years. The first three years I performed with four of the eight members in a class and an all girls band, this year I have reunited with them again and four other members as a new group. Our band consists of three lead vocalists. Our ranges are all fairly large and quite different, giving good variety in voices for a range of different styles of music. Our ranges are Db3 - Gb5 (break at C5), Gb3 - C6 (break at Bb4) and E3 - B5 (break at Gb4). We have one lead guitarist, two rhythm guitarists, (one who is in year 11 and the other is our music teacher), a bass player, and a drummer, (who is also in year 11). We are a covers group and like to experiment with all types of styles, pop, rock, disco, alternative / grunge, reggae, soul, jazz, RNB, blues and some international pieces from various countries like Greek, Spanish, Latin American and French. We rehears five times a week, three periods of class time and two lunch times. As a group we believe that practice makes perfect. We expect each member to rehears solo parts at home and to have private tuition for extra help. We all love to perform and do it as often as possible, our gigs range from school fetes, festivals, concerts and speech nights to an interstate tour to different schools every year.

Every performer, no matter how long they’ve been in the business will be effected by psychological setbacks. These effects can cause major upsets to the level of a performer’s performance, so something must be done to control these feelings. All performers have different techniques to cope with these symptoms, and in this next section I will provide some of these.

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Needing to go to the toilet
This is a common feeling one gets right before a performance
When nerves set in an empty feeling occurs in your stomach, this some times makes you feel, what is called Butterflies, or worse still nausea.
Sweating perspiration
You can experience hot flushes with nerves and as a result you perspire. This can effect your performance, especially when playing an instrument and can make both singers and instrument players feel self conscious in front of an audience.
This can really letdown your performance, having shaky hands can interferes with your playing and a shaky voice can ruin a song.
Performers can experience anxiety attacks prior to appearing on stage. This can cause hyperventilation, and an increase in heart rate.           
Dry mouth
This can effect a singer’s voices, making it sound scratchy. It also can damage vocal chords if they are not well lubricated.
Memory lapses
Your mind can go blank and words of songs and music is forgotten.

&#61512; SOLUTIONS
Needing to go to the toilet
Going to the toilet just before performing is a good idea, usually this symptom goes away when you start.
A simple way to combat this problem is to take several deep breaths prior to performance.
     Sweat perspiration
Bringing a small face towel to wipe your hands or forehead on is advisable. Wearing deodorant to cover unpleasant smells is beneficial for your own self of steam and for others.
Deep breathing is essential for most nervous conditions. Relaxation techniques are advisable any time before performance, Yoga, meditation, thinking positive etc.
As above.
     Dry mouth
Bring a small bottle of water with you to gigs and take small sips every few minutes. If you don’t bring a bottle of water, ask someone for a glass.(this only applies to gigs that are in a club, restaurant, etc.)
     Memory Lapses
The only way to withstand this is to know your music and song words really well. If you’ve done this already and you sill forget, calm your self down with deep breathing etc. and as soon as you start to perform it should come back to you.

This is one of the most important psychological aspects to consider when in a band. Bad communication can result in poor performances, organization, the quality of music and the time it takes to learn it. A strong bond between members is essential in keeping confidence high and achieving the best possible result from the group.
&#61512; Encouraging members during rehearsals and performances is vital, (even when someone makes a mistake) to boost confidence and for reassurance.
&#61512; try to get along and cooperate with band members and don’t discuss personal or social issues when rehearsing, as this takes the focus off the music.
&#61512; during a performance, members should acknowledge each other and keep a positive vibe by connecting in some way. Occasional eye contact is a good way to do this, singers can step back and watch, dance or clap to the soloist, or singers can move around and sing to other band members.
&#61512; everyone in the band should feel convertible to suggest ideas and give constructive criticism.
&#61512; all members should be able to discuss these ideas and to take criticism as a guide for improvement.


Communication with an audience is the most important and hardest thing to do for a performer. Entertaining a big crowed is never easy but that’s what it’s all about, all audiences are different and you should know how to work everyone. Milking the audience to make them a part of the music, this way they’ll enjoy themselves and so will you.
&#61512; A thing a performer should always do is make eye contact with there audience.
&#61512; incorporating movement into your performance, weather choreographed prior or simply ad-libbed on the spot.
&#61512; putting feeling and emotion in your music (voice or instrument) and in your facial expressions.



The audiences response to a performance is the only true indication of how well or poorly you went, it can lower or heighten confidence very easily and can effect your playing.
&#61512; Having an idea of what the crowd is like before you perform is a good idea, this way you can prepare some strategies to get their full attention.
&#61512; Sometimes bad audiences can’t be helped. Play your best and don’t take what they say or do, to seriously.

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