The Client by John Grisham    

The Client by John Grisham    

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The main character of my book was Mark Sway. Mark Sway is a bad little eleven year old boy with a huge burden on his hands. Mark smokes ciggaretes, uses foul language, and picks on his little brother, Ricky. Mark grew up in a trailer, with an abusive father, a mother who is hardly around, and his little brother Ricky who annoys him plenty. Mark was a very strong character who did not take anything from anyone! The trouble Mark ran into with Jerome Clifford only made him stronger. All he cared about was protecting his little brother, and his mother. Jerome Clifford was a heavy set man, who was trying to commit suicide, because of a dangerous secret he knew. Mark and his younger brother Ricky, stumbled upon Jerome one day, as he was trying to commit suicide. Jerome revealed the dangerous secret to Mark, which made Mark a major target of the mafia. Mark was pushed around and overlooked, but as soon as people found out Mark knew this dangerous secret, they all wanted a piece of him. Mark knew he was in trouble so he did t! he only thing he knew possible, which was get a lawyer. The lawyers' name was Reggie Love, a woman. Mark despised Reggie at first, knowing that a woman was not capable of fullfilling his needs, like a man could. Then something happened where Reggie grew on him, he got more used too her, and he found himself telling her personal things, spending tons of time with her, and starting to care for her. She was like the mother figure he never had. Mark and Reggie were in the tangle of mess together. Mark realized through the whole ordeal he could not do everything by himself, he also realized how vulnerable he was by being independent. Mark and Reggie became bestest friends, right up to the point where he would have to leave into the witness protection program.

I liked the way Mark was so rowdy, and uncontrollable. He was so young, yet so smart and mature. He knew how to protect himself, and he knew the importance of his family members and friends, and how important it was too protect them. No matter what the mafia did to Mark, he made sure his family was safe first, than he took care of himself.

 I could not really find anything I did not like about Mark, I did not like at the end how he had to relocate into the witness protection program.

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Which meant he would no longer be allowed to see or communicate with his new found friend, Reggie. It really hurt me when they had to seperate, because even though they were not related, it was like she was losing her son, and he was losing his mother. It was a difficult moment for both of them, I am sure.

 I would compare myself to Reggie Love. She is a very intelligent lawyer, who uses her smarts too outwit even the brainiest. She cares very much for her clients, especially Mark. She was very willing to give up her own life to help Mark out, because he meant so much too her. That is exactly how I am, my friends and family mean the world too me, and I would give anything to help them out! I am different in the way that I do not think I would have had all the courage and strength she did throughout the book. I mean, I just highly doubt I would have been able to hang on for that long. 6) The main plot of the book is about a eleven year old boy named Mark Sway, who uncovers a deathly secret about the mafia. He confides everything into his female lawyer, Reggie love. Together they work to uncover the full truth, and put the bad guys away, permanently. 7) The two opposing forces are good vs. evil. Mark is trying to do the right thing, which is protect his family by concealing the dark secret, and the mafia is trying to kill him for knowing the secret, which could incriminate them if he let it out. 8) A: First, Mark is sucked into the plot, leading him into the mafia's world of lies, and murder. B: Second, Mark witnesses the suicide of Jerome Clifford, making it easier for his face to be plastered onto the front page of every newspaper. C: Third, the mafia finds out Mark really was with Jerome when he commited suicide, and that Jerome did, in fact tell Mark the secret behind the mafia, making Mark a target throughout the book. D: Mark does not tell the truth to the F.B.I., which makes them very upset, so Mark gets a lawyer to back him up all the way, and uncover the truth, before it is too late. E: Mark and Reggie look for the dead body theirselves, while being chased by the mafia. 9) The book really could not have ended any other way. Mark had to leave to go into the witness protection program, to escape the violence from the mafia. It was the only way he would be protected. The only other way was if the mafia did get a hold of Mark, and killed him and than hunted his family down and murdered them too, but in some way the police and Reggie would have figured it out and incriminated them in some way. 10) New Orleans is where the story takes place. You can tell this because they talk about the heat, all of the crowds, the drunks, and they have accents, and talk different. 11) Sights: people, blood, guns, hospitals, media. Sounds: gunshots, shouting, foul language, fighting. Smells: blood, death, air, sweat, fear, ciggarette smoke. Tastes: blood, dirt, hospital food, fear. Textures: the ground, bedsheets, steel of weapons. 12) John Grisham, a.k.a. Master of Suspense, has done it once more! The Client is a powerful novel, a story based upon a boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The story takes place in New Orleans, present time, where the Mafia is a big thing in New Orleans. Mark Sway and his little brother Ricky are in the woods smoking a ciggarette, when all of a sudden Mark's life completely changes. John Grisham takes us into Marks' traumatic experiences and helps us understand his position and reasoning for things. As far as weak points go, I could not find a disappointing moment in the book at all, it grips ahold of you and will not let go, until you feel the fear inside of you bubble, and the hot breath of the mafia on your neck. After writing so many books you'd figure Mr. Grisham would be out of ideas, but The Client is another best seller. With its "edge of the seat" story plot, gripping effects, attention grabbing scenes, there is no way you can just stop turning the page! s! The characters in this story have such extreme detail, that you feel as if you have known these people all of your life, and the way Grisham writes his books, makes you feel as if you are right inside the plot itself! I give both thumbs up too John Grisham for doing it once again!
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