Reverend Grandpa in Cold Sassy Tree

Reverend Grandpa in Cold Sassy Tree

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Reverend Grandpa in Cold Sassy Tree  


Cold Sassy Tree   In life, people look for direction.  Everyone in the world needs a helping hand.  Some people turn to one another while others turn to forces, which are of great power.  People turn to great forces such as God.  There are many people who live according to the rules of God, out of the bible or whatever book they consider holy.  So therefore, these people are directed in leading a better life.  In the brilliant novel Cold Sassy Tree, by Olive Ann Burns, Grandpa is such a person.  Whenever Grandpa faces an obstacle, he turns to God. 

            Grandpa turns to God whenever he needs true help.  Grandpa is a type of person who is mild, witty, and very religious.  Grandpa uses religion to solve many of his problems.  At the beginning of the story, Miss Love was the target of gossip.  The whole entire town viewed her as an outsider and couldn’t understand why she married Grandpa, especially after his wife recently died.  After Grandpa elopes, he comes back to the house and finds a group of people mourning the sad death.  He introduces his new bride and then out of no where, Grandpa says, “Lord above, afore this gatherin’ assembled, I ask You to bless the memory of Miss Mattie Lou” (Page 99).  Everyone stood in silence as Grandpa continued the prayer.  Then all of the sudden, people also began to pray along with Grandpa.  This is amazing.  Grandpa used the power of God to divert the feelings of the crowd.  It is very sly of Grandpa to do that.  Later on, Will is talking to Grandpa about his frightening encounter with the train.  Will asks Grandpa if “[he is] alive [because] of God’s will” (Page 97).  Obviously, Grandpa responds with wise words.  He tells Will that “God gave [him] a brain” (Page 97).  This shows that Grandpa believes God doesn’t do everything.  He believes God only does major things.  He isn’t there twenty four hours a day but God gives one certain abilities which help at all times.  Furthermore, Grandpa starts to give Will a sermon.  Grandpa tells him that “[One] don’t git thangs jest by astin’” (Page 98).  This shows that Grandpa is an well-educated man who understands the importance of God.  He doesn’t even waste his time asking for petty little things because he knows that God would not listen.

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  Grandpa is well aware of life and what God can and cannot grant. 

            What makes people want direction?  Why do people look to Heaven for direction?  It is simple.  Whatever makes one comfortable is the right solution for him or her.  Some take the belief in God very seriously.  Some abuse it by asking God for more than he can give.  It is very easy to see why some people such as Grandpa use it to solve problems. 
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