Changes in Gwinnett County

Changes in Gwinnett County

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          Over time things change. Some things change for the better while other things change for the worse. One thing that’s bound to change though is your environment. Personally I have seen my hometown go through many changes during the eleven years that I have resided in Gwinnett County. A few of the accounts which have changed in my hometown throughout time have been the population including diversity, architecture, and the aspect of the people that grew up with me.

          I first moved to Gwinnett in Nineteen-Ninety Four. At which time I attended elementary school. Now at that time school mostly consisted of African Americans and Caucasians. Now eleven years later you can go back to that same school and now you will see all type of diverse ethnicities in the school such as Bosnians, Haitians, Mexicans, etc. Towns are bound to see new diversities in their area because over time the population will increase. Gwinnett took a drastic increase in population as it was Georgia’s fastest growing County. As you take a look around the community now you can see that there are all different types of ethnic stores and not just Chinese. Now there are Caribbean restaurants as well as Jamaican and Thai. When new cultures move into an area it’s good for the younger population as it teaches them to be more diverse and understand other people.   
     Architecture is a huge role in my hometown. Since Gwinnett was such a hot County at the time growing up meant that it would bring in a lot of architectural work, which it did. When I first moved here the only stores I can remember besides the gas stations were Winn Dixie, Eckerd, and OZ Video. Now Over the time that same area has went through a drastic change. Now Winn Dixie is Save Rite, OZ video is closed. Along with Eckerd are CVS and Walgreens within a half mile. Another example is that in the beginning the only entertainment was Town Center Cinema which is now a dollar movie and Mardi Gras Arcade which is now gone. When you look around now the area includes AMC theaters as well as the construction of two malls, Discover Mills and The Mall of Georgia. What I am trying to point out is with more population comes more development and my town has seen plenty of it.

     The last part of my hometown which has changed is the safety so to speak.

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I remember growing up being able to walk through certain part of town or ride bikes here and there. Now that is a thing of the past for the children growing up in certain areas. Now there is a larger crime rate not to mention that Gwinnett County schools are some of the worst in the state when it comes to disciplinary action. My brother and I went to the same two High Schools which would be Central Gwinnett and Berkmar. I am five years behind my brother so he graduated while I was in eighth grade. The point is though that while he came up through school there was never a history of violence. When I came up throughout high school there were fights everyday and not to mention the gangs. Coming Berkmar students for example would tease or try to fight other students that wore red for the simple fact that it wasn’t their gang color. With that going on in the area now children come up to be raised as though that is the route that they need to follow because they see their peers doing it.

     As I mentioned earlier some things change for the better and some for the worse. It is clear to see that your surroundings never stay the same so you have to adapt as it grows. Change is a necessary part of life seeing as how you need it to grow as a person. Unfortunately for my hometown the negative changes that took place are not things that can be fixed right away. Hopefully the negative aspect of schools wont affect most students , but in turn motivate them to strive for something better.
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