Canada's Appealing Brand Identity

Canada's Appealing Brand Identity

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The image of Canada is not as favorable internationally as it should be. Therefore, developing an appealing brand identity has become an important part of attracting international investment to Canada, since its image is more prone to misconception while US has a strong brand image that does not require much active promotion internationally. Thus, Canada needs the help of a branding strategy to improve on a broader scale internationally.

One of the problems Canada faces in establishing its brand identity is proximity to the USA. Moreover, Canada is not recognized yet as an economy fired by information technology, fuelled by telecommunications, and fortified by the fifth largest aerospace industry in the world. Brand Canada has a weak image in Japan. A recent survey in Japan revealed that Canada was perceived as a dull and “ stodgy” country, with only 3% of respondents indicating that Canada was a source of high technology. (Marketing 495).

At first, the outdated view of Canada has to be changed in the international business community. Worldwide, they should publish and do some institutional advertising about all the updated news of Canada. They can also do some testimonial in term of telling all the benefit of investing money in Canada. Likewise, they can also send some booklet about Canada to various central industries through worldwide. Therefore, after knowing the opportunity of all the benefits, they might be curious to invest in near future.

In my point of view, they should publish facilities of doing business in Canada as front page in the newspaper. In terms of advertising, they can choose media or newspaper, as well as computer media. The main purpose is to lead them aware of that for the fifth consecutive time, Canada has emerged as the most cost-competitive country in KPMG's Competitive Alternatives international business cost study. In 2004, Canada was ranked as the lowest-cost G7 country in which to do business. (Website). They must know that doing business in Canada is clearly a winning proposition for investors and for the people of this country.

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The 2004 results show Canada holding a 9-percent cost advantage relative to the United States. Canada is also singled out for having significant labour cost advantages relative to the US. In addition, Canada has the best corporate income tax rates for research and development operations and one of the lowest corporate income tax rates for manufacturing operations. Similarly, Canada offers the lowest costs for electricity and some of the lowest costs for industrial land and construction, office leasing and telecommunications. (Website).

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