Evil vs good people

Evil vs good people

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“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

     People look in the face of evil like it does not affect their daily life. Why do people stand aside while evil is in their midst? In this essay, I will show that it is unfortunately common for people to remain quiet while injustice flares up like wildfire. A good person who does nothing to help and improve on the wrongs of man is as guilty as the bad person himself. In my life I have seen time and time again the way people ignore the poor or name call people because of their race, age or ethnicity. Why do kids allow this, is it because they think it is cool when they hear their fellow classmates being made fun of and accused of crime they have not even committed? I have seen, read, and, heard of many coincidences where people let evil triumph over good, but I will first be talking about my life and how I let evil triumph over me. Then I will talk about how people ignored evil in history. After this, I will tie the quote in with what is happening today in the present world.
     Why do I allow evil to triumph over the good of myself? Sometimes I just do not do anything to help those in need. I still remember a few of these stories. Once when I was in seventh grade I knew this one person. He used to wear a turban on his head. People used to do all sorts of terrible things to him, like rip his turban off, call him names such as “nipple head” and “ghandi”, and they even went so far as to call him “Ghandi’s son.” Once I witnessed with my own eyes someone running up and pulling his turban off. His hair fell down like a blanket and everyone started to laugh. No one did anything except sit there and watch, including me. Now that I think of this, I remember how foolish I was to even watch this embarrassing moment. This person is now one of my good friends.
     I just now realized how much evil is flourishing around us. People think America is the land of the free and this is true. But the land of the free can also be capable of such ignorance and stupidity as to ignore evil and think what is wrong is really right.

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We as Americans should be a role model to the world and show them through our actions how to treat each other and how to make peace with the different nations in the world when instead we take sides. One example is the conflict between Palestine and Israel. America chose to take Israel’s side when they should have just let the conflict be. America supplies Israel with the tools they need to kill and abolish the whole Palestinian race. The people of America do realize this is happening, but are either ignorant or just don’t care about what is going on. Also, the holocaust was another very tragic and horrible event in the past. The Jews were being killed for no reason. Hitler, the racist pig, hated all Jews and wanted them all killed. He killed millions of them a day and not one country, even America, did anything to help the Jews from almost certain death, until the Russians defeated the Germans. Another very good example is the way blacks were slaves. Blacks were considered 3 5th of a man in the constitution. Why didn’t anyone realize this was wrong at the times these horrible crimes wee being committed?
     Why do people choose to ignore problems instead of facing reality? A lot of wrong things are going on right now in our own country and in the whole world. When the twin towers fell, the people of America, without properly thinking, pointed their fingers at Muslims and Middle Eastern people. Now people are feeling threatened because of their race, religion, and ethnicity. The good people of America know that this is true but many do nothing to comfort those who are being discriminated against in this country. Also a lot of countries are stingy. People from richer countries are not helping the people from the poorer countries. This shows how people are ignoring people, and therefore, it is a form of evil they choose not to fix. Also in America, crimes are committed but people who witnessed the crimes do not speak out against them. This also shows that people ignore evil.
     I truly think that the reason why people stand aside while evil is in their midst is because the evil does not effect them in any way, shape, or form and therefore they are ignorant about what is going on. History, current events, and daily life all mix in one way or another with the quote, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” Evil is something we all can avoid if we open up our eyes and just realize it is there.

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