Ancient Greece: A Time Of Great Cities And Lives

Ancient Greece: A Time Of Great Cities And Lives

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Ancient Greece: A Time Of Great Cities And Lives

     Ancient Greece was an interesting time and place with huge markets in
which people could sell items of every kind. Strict laws with even stricter
penalties if broken, a place where women were did not have as many rights as
they do today, and along with the most outstanding army in their time. A quote
that goes along with this time is; "I have killed one I have killed two -- the
vampire who said he was youo." - Sylvia Platts.

     Likewise in the Ancient Greeks so called modern civilization, which has
often been compared with the Nazi Germanies ethics of male domination. very
cruel and yet enticing time to be alive.

     "Get your pots and pans..." Compared to today Ancient Greece was a
city far ahead of its time and possibly the time in which people now live. Down
in the streets of there was always someone willing to buy, trade or sell
anything that you had or desired. With Ancient Greeks booming economy it's no
wonder that it attracted almost one quarter of the worlds businesses and various
smiths. These included bronze smiths, tanners and potters. It is no wonder
that Ancient Greece was in its time considered the beginning of the of a new era
that would be recognised as the centre of the worlds economy and was to be home
to more than twice as many shops and people than the city already held.

     Although women in the world today are always talking about women and
their rights and how they deserve to be equal in everything that they do and
receive, it was not a problem to Greeks in their society which has been
described as a place where women's freedom was restricted and their lives were
restricted to that of a slave in some cases but was really no different than a
women's freedom in today's society. In Greece it was a mans world in which a
man could do what he pleased to a certain extent of the law. Which is better
than today due to women's rights movements and decency laws that have been
implemented in the past years. It also would have been interesting to see how
the women really were treated instead of from books and and assignments.

     Along with all of the amazing feats that Greeks accomplished it is of no
surprise that they had one of the strongest and most feared armies in all of the
world in its time. Of all the battles and wars that the Ancient Greeks army had

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engaged in there was always a plan of attack, just like in today's armies.
Today's armies might have even adapted some of their strategies from the Greeks.
It is also fascinating on how they praised war heros like Hector and Achilles
both from the Trojan War.

     Ancient Greece, a place with markets in which people could sell items of
every kind, strict laws with even stricter penalties if broken, a place where
women were did not have as many rights as they do today, and along with the most
outstanding army in their time. What a great place to live where everyone even
the poor had food to eat, water to drink, people to protect them while they
slept and plenty of wonders to behold from the great architecture right down to
the shops and smiths at every turn. Ancient Greece, what an interesting time of
great cities and lives.
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