William Golding’s article Why Boys Become Vicious

William Golding’s article Why Boys Become Vicious

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     William Golding’s article, “Why Boys Become Vicious” is a descriptive account of the negative behavior some boys posses. It describes several instances where boy’s behavior can be extremely violent and cruel. In his article Golding also gives reasons for some of these actions and attempts to determine whether deep seeded cruelty is something people are born with, or if it is something people collect throughout their lives. He supports these two possibilities with conditions that could cause issues to arise in boys.

The question that is most important to me is whether people are born with evil inside of them and are waiting for something to expose it. If every person has this cruelty concealed inside of them and certain conditions could reveal it then it would be much more concerning than a person being treated poorly and acquiring viciousness because of it. If everybody could be treated in average to good conditions it would be much less of an issue compared to people born with cruelty inside of them.

William Golding implies that peoples reasons for evil, regardless of whether they were born with cruelty or their situation brought it out is greatly affected by the way they are treated by parents, social situation, fear, and chaos. Fear can be brought out by not having parents, or having parents treat them badly. The issue at stake is children and their upbringing or current situation, effecting and more so flawing their behavior.

People often act in strange ways to certain things. Fear and Chaos can lead to cruelty and violence referring to ones instincts. Children who are confused, scared or have a sudden loss of civility are often led to violence. Boys that are treated poorly by parents may at times channel this fear or anger into other people. Without civility in every day life people will no matter the circumstances go wrong, children in the same case are more easily misled and can be turned away from everything that they good in their lives and turn this fear into aggression. When fear in several children is multiplied by the number of children together, such as the situation that was present in the novel Lord of the Flies the acts that they commit can be much more violent and cruel.

Children can be led to cruelty and violence because of fear, chaos and many other instances.

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These actions can be brought about by instinct or children can be affected throughout life causing them to commit cruel acts. Whether the questions need be decided one way rather than another it is still evident that children can at times and will go wrong. If someday the question of people concealing evil inside of them is answered it will hopefully shed light onto the situation. Then, People will find goodness inside of them and rather than being cruel to others can prevent further instances from occurring by being thoughtful and loving parents.
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