Families NOT the Source of All Evil

Families NOT the Source of All Evil

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Families NOT the Source of All Evil

     According to Barbara Ehrenreich in “Are Families Dangerous?,” families are the most dangerous place to be, because of several reasons. First, for women the most unsafe place to be is inside her own home. This is because the people who love you the most are the ones who abuse and murder their loved ones. According to Charles Fourier, “the family is the barrier to human progress,” which leads me to believe that Ehrenreich is trying to portray the family as a downside to our society instead of a positive aspect of our lives. Subsequently, there is no such thing as the “functional” family, each and every family needs counseling and policies to provide guidance. Families cause damage to children because of a constant attack on one’s self esteem. Most importantly, according to Ehrenreich families are the source of violence within our world, she believes if we would disband our families our world would be a much improved living environment.
     The article I discussed was, “Are families dangerous?,” by Barbara Ehrenreich. This article gave copious reasons for what the family does to destroy ones self esteem or even ones physical well being. Ehrenreich stated numerous facts that supported her view upon the American family. She used two human sources, one being Charles Fourier (French Philosopher) and a British anthropologist by the name of Edmund Leach. Both of these men agreed that the family was the source of all evil within our society. She also used specific court cases that indicated domestic violence within the home. Each of these cases are widely known to Americans, due to the media coverage on each case. Allowing her to illustrate the numerous occasions domestic violence has occurred within in society.
     When my group discussed the facts that she brought forward within the article we each came to the conclusion that families are NOT the source of all evil in this world. Although, she cited an abundance of sources, we all believe families are what makes a child a proper and well-caring human being.

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To counter what she stated, we referred to the fact that most children who grow up in foster homes are not successful in the “real world” of society. Children are unable to develop people skills or relationships with co-workers, which in turn causes them to have no job or motivation for living at all! We each understood that no family is perfect, however, a family is what shapes a child into an adult and is able to help enrich their life with love and
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