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America - Argumentitive Essay

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Argumentative Essay
“That Australia Should Resist American Influence” - Against

For over 50 years now, the United States of America have been a source of inspiration for the people of our great nation. We watch their TV shows, listen to their music, eat their food, and this is all before we leave for work in the morning! Like it or not, America has had a positive influence on Australia, and their is no reasonable explanation to support an abandonment of it. Sure, people may choose to argue that Australia is a country that can stand on it’s own two feet and make it’s way up the world’s political, social and economic scale on it’s own, that is a childish fantasy. To resist American influence is in no way possible or even feasible.

We have an extremely high import rate from America. Where would we be without our weekly dose of ‘Friends’ or ‘Chicago Hope’? What childhood wouldn’t be complete without memories of Coca-Cola and bubble gum? It is not just the petty things we ferry in that we can thank America for. Where would our small business community be if it weren’t for American franchises such as ‘Dominoes’ and ‘Baskin Robbins’? Where would out large businesses be without the aid of computer technology, which was so kindly invented by Mr. Bill Gates? If we stand back for a moment and take a long hard look at the things we make use of every day, wouldn’t it be fair to say that at least 80% of them have American foundations? To give these up at the drop of a hat, so we can demonstrate our originality is ludicrous. We would have the world laughing in our faces, due to our naiveté. It is a nice thought to be completely independent, but there is no chance of it happening in the near future. But, for arguments sake, let’s just say we did, where would we be?

Australia has had moments of brilliance, but on a whole, we are fairly quiet folk. When we have had the pleasure of being the center of attention, it is usually because we have made some fangle-dangle movie that takes the mickey out of ourselves.

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This is usually achieved by playing on that exaggerated and highly misleading Australian stereotype. If we were to declare out autonomy, would this our basis of economic support? I certainly hope not. We do not have the advanced technology to support the growing number of businesses and companies that we hold at present. We could always rely on our farming capabilities, however, with our harsh and erratic weather conditions, the success of our crops are questionable.
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