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A View From Teh Bridge

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A View from the Bridge - Carbone family and community in scene 1
Eddie is very protective of Catherine. Eddie seems very concerned as to the welfare of Catherine.

"Where you goin' all dressed up?"
"where you goin'?"
"whats going on?"
"I think its too short ain't it?"

Eddie doesn't want Catherine to grow up "you're walking wavy!" He is concerned that she might get sexually assaulted or may be taken advantage of by men. Catherine disapproves of his protectiveness and nearly starts to cry "almost in tears because she disapproves".

There seems to be a link between Catherine and B, Catherine wanted to wait until B was there before she broke her news. It is as if B understands Catherine but Eddie does not. This is shown by the fact the Catherine brakes the news to B. before she tells Eddie. Catherine feels that she can be more open with B than with Eddie.

Eddie thinks that B. is too friendly, he is worried that they might end up sleeping on the floor and their guests might end up having the beds. Eddie wants Catherine to finish school and once again this shows concern for Catherine, but B sides with Catherine, once again it is as if they have an understanding with each other. B knows that Eddie is being too over protective and that they cannot keep Catherine in cotton wool all of her life. Eddie does want the best for Catherine but B realises that she may not get another well-paid job like this one.

Eddie considers Catherine as a little project "I supported you this far I want to support you a little more". As a result Eddie finds it hard to let go of Catherine. This is shown by the fact that is takes Eddie a while to be persuaded by B. that the work is the best thing. Eddie is worried that once Catharine has her job she will get her own place and they will never see her again.

"And then you will come visit on Sundays, then once a month, then Christmas and new years finally"

I get the idea that B understands what Eddie is going through and that there is an understanding between them because of this. After reading the 1st scene that Catherine objects to being wrapped in cotton wool for all of her life, she wants to walk wavy and she want to go out with boys.

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In the 1st scene there is a great emphasis on the loyalty within the community, they tell Catherine of how she should never tell ANYONE that they were sheltering illegal immigrants. The family try to re-enforce this by telling the story of the boy who shopped his relatives who were in the country illegally for money. The reaction of Catherine is to be shocked she thinks that it is a horrible thing to do.

"Ts! So what happened to him"

Eddie is wants to keep his promise to Catherine's mother, because he promised to look after Catherine. This shows loyalty, Eddie wants Catherine to finish school but Catherine does not. Once again B understands both Eddie and Catherine and realises that Eddie is finding it hard to let go and Catherine want to leave Eddies protective shield.

The Carbone family and their community surrounding it are very loyal, however I feel that Eddie is over protective of Catherine and B is the only character who understands what Catherine and Eddie are going through. Eddie does not want to loose Catherine as she grows up.

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