Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication

2.     This example is showing that the two teen-aged girls are verbally communicating. This is all that can be accomplished by the use of a telephone. The two girls can not see each other there-fore it is near to completely impossible to make hand jesters or other forms of non-verbal communication maybe making it difficult to fully understand their feelings about the event.
3.     This is an example of total non-verbal communication. There are no words being expressed by the teacher in any verbal form. The student is just reading them off of her computer. By using this method the student may not grasp all of the information given 100%.
4.     My personal favorite, the ever famous ?COME AND EAT!!!!? I don?t believe it is one of the best approaches at a method of verbal communication. In my eighteen years of experience nothing has accomplished in getting my attention better then the dinner yell. It is a straight forward verbal communicating method that is universally understood.

Communication purposes

     I like to communicate with people, more then the average person. Part of that reason is because it is part of my job. As a restaurant manager I must familiarize myself with the customers. It is my job to be a representative of the company. I must act hospitable and greet all of the customers with a smile.
     I smile when I greet the customers and welcome them with open arms. These methods of communicating are a select handful that I do each day. I use hand gestures when I direct others and myself. I try to limit the hand gestures but it just comes natural to me. I was told by my speech teacher a few years back that it adds character and depth to my speeches.
     I believe that I communicate well and I get my point across to others when it is needed. In my line of work, like I said, I communicate a lot.

Non-Verbal Communication: Non-Verbal communication is a arrangement of physical gestures from hand movements to eye motions. Any form of communicating without the use of words.

1.     thumbs up
2.     smile
3.     frown
4.     sticking out your tongue
5.     screaming
6.     laughing
7.     grunting
8.     waving arms
9.     rolling your eyes
10.     sighing

Eye Contact

Eye contact has been around just as long as all forms of communication. Without eye contact you could not understand what someone was trying to tell you. Eye contact is used to look at the communicator or to communicate all on its own. Ancient philosophers believed that all the power in the world rests inn the eyes of people.

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Eyes are a strong attention getter.
     Your dog can even communicate with you just by using his eyes. You know when he is sad, when he is hungry and when he is happy.

     Some people have been immortalized by their eyes. On of the more recent figures is ?The Rock?, I know a wrestler may not be a historical figure like Ben Franklin and George Washington but we all know who ?The Rock? is because of his infamous stare.]
     As for the ancient philosophers I believe that they were right, because how would we be able to see all forms of communicating without the power to see.

1.     Gangsta, 1990?s-current, talking like a straight up G, from the LBC, Wit Ya Homies.
2.     Early nineties Rocker, 89-93, Go rent Wayne?s world
3.      Valley Girl, 80?s, ?like? was adapted into today?s language, but it was a form of California girl talk.

1.     Brenda, Tracy and myself: school work. Hand motions, eye movement. None.
2.      April, Sandee, Myself: A water pipe broke to the ice machine. April and Sandee running around like the world was going to end, I was confused to why they were so worked up because of such a small problem, they did not understand what I was trying to say so I just fixed the problem.
3.     Dayna and myself: Relationship, huffing and puffing and anger grunts(from her), she refused to think that I work just as hard as she does, she said her life was bad because she is the only one carrying their weight in our relationship, a lot of miscommunication.

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