A Holiday Deconstruction

A Holiday Deconstruction

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A Holiday Deconstruction

     Everyone looks forward to holiday entertainment. Jordan has faithfully kept the tradition of mounting a holiday show for the entertainment of the student body, staff, and students parents. Notice how “communityâ€? does not follow “staff.â€?
     Anyway, after watching the show A Holiday Celebration I was appalled by the misuse of Christmas themes. So many things were wrong with the show. First off, the Ghetto Holiday Skit: it’s starts off as a predictably funny opening between two half-witted burglars who take too long too enter the damn house, and when they do, they have the audacity to continue (discussing) or alluding the window. What completely destined a potentially comical skit was the sexual insinuation that shamelessly demoted those with an alternate lifestyle to objects of derision if anyone with a social conscious saw the skit; they had to notice the aforementioned.
     Secondly, the Santa Claus bit: Okay, I will give you this: we all need comedy in our lives. However, do we need comedy at the expense of other? Ask yourself this, how did overweight people feel about being made fun of? “Damn these childrenâ€? Do we need children to be damned more than they already are. I mean, what is wrong with this? We grow up believing St. Nick exists but do we need to also believe that he is a drunk who holds grudges against kids? Think about it.
     Third, the models: lack of professionalism on their part. Who models their own style? (Own clothes) But hey, at least they incorporated “bigâ€? people.
     The two main problems with the show or any Jordan shows is the lack of diversity. Jordan is a tapestry of diverse cultures, yet only one is predominantly represented onstage. If you’re intelligent, you might figure which group of people! If we preach diversity, lets practice it, please. The other problem is the gospel singing.

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How much of this Christian singing can a school of many religions take? Come on’ sing something else! Not everyone is a Christian! It can be very sickening for other people. Once again, diversity. This show was less than eclectic & the only part of the show that provided any kind of relief was the jazz & concert bands. This holiday deconstruction gets:
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