Events Of The Year 1956

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A Year in Time 1956 THE FIFTIES: A period of time between 1948 and 1964. The fifties are more a state of mind than an actual span of years. THE FIFTIES: A time when men were men, and women were women. THE FIFTIES: A time when everyone knew who they were. A time when you went to school, graduated, (or dropped out) got a job, got married and had kids, in that order. THE FIFTIES: A time before the Beatles, hippies, riots in the streets and Vietnam. A time when cars were works of art, and each model year was anxiously awaited. THE FIFTIES: A time when the music and the cars were a Lifestyle. A time when Drive-in's were either a movie or a fast food place. A time before shopping malls and drive-by shootings. The fiftys were good times for all people. Especially the year 1956 were the military stronghold was at its highest of the decade. On January 16th, Secretary of state, John Foster Dull expressed that the united states has been on the brink of war for the last 3 years. The United states was in conflict with the following: Korea, Indochina, and Taiwan. In explaining his diplomatic policies, Dull said,” You have to take chances for peace, just as you must take chances in war.” There were plenty of wars and debates fought, but the biggest one during this time was The Suez War. Which was over the Suez canal. The Suez War Followed the Israeli War of Independence. The British, Americans and French, by mutual agreement, did not supply either the Israelis or the Arabs with significant quantities of armaments. In October 1955, Egypt signed an arms deal with Czechoslovakia, which provided Egypt with very significant quantities of weaponry. The arms deal, combined with continued fedayeen (armed terrorist) raids in southern Israel, convinced Israeli leaders that steps would have to be taken to alleviate the situation and that this would have to be done before Egyptian forces were able to achieve strategic predominance in the area. On July 26, 1956, Egyptian President Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. This gave the British and French -- who had already been selling Israel advanced weapons -- a significant motive for cooperating with an Israeli attack on Nasser. On October 29, 1956, the Israeli Defense Forces attacked Egyptian forces in the Sinai. Israel rapidly defeated the Egyptians, with a loss of just 180 men.

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