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Utopian School

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Utopian School

My Utopian School

If I was able to create my own school, and was able to select every student, every staff member, all members of the faculty, class sizes, curriculum, and everything and everyone that has to do with effectively running the school, then I believe that the utopian school would consist of the following. I believe that the students that would be enrolled in the school would have to all be of the same or around the same abilities and intelligence, I believe that if students are around other students that are at about the same level, it is easier for them to learn and score better. If all the students are slow learning, then they can be taught at the same rate, and the same goes for students with higher learning abilities. The faculty would have members from different backgrounds so that the students can learn different life experiences. Curriculum would be the same throughout all grades, all first grade would be the same, and so on, all the way up until fifth. Class sizes would be smaller, so that the teachers can give more attention to every student, and every class would have kids who are all about the same intelligence and learning rates. Support staff would also be qualified to teach the children, not just assist. They would be able to assist the children just like the teachers do.

There wouldn’t actually have to be any specific groupings within the class, because every class would only consist of children that are all at the same level, so there would be no seperation, and the kids would not feel bad about being slower, and being separated from the “smart kids.” I would do my very best to make absolutely sure that the entire facility would be one-hundred percent clean, I think that a clean school would make it easier for students to learn, instead of trying to learn in filth. I would try to raise money with events and fundraisers to keep the school clean and a positive learning environment. As far as materials and equipment go, I would use the best materials and the highest grade equipment so that my students could use them to get the best education possible. I believe that all of these attributes would make the perfect school, every single student would be able to get a proper amount of attention and they would be able to use modern technology and have people that actually care about the students and their education, and what they are going to do with their future.

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If students are shown that people care about them and their needs, they will be more eager to learn, and want to learn more, it will interest them, and they will want to do better. If they have all of the access to the resources that I would want to provide them with, then I feel that they will want to learn, and make something out of their lives.
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