My Response Phase Portfolio - Hot-Seating, Roleplay, Cross-cutting,

My Response Phase Portfolio - Hot-Seating, Roleplay, Cross-cutting,

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My Response Phase Portfolio - Hot-Seating, Roleplay, Cross-cutting,
and Marking the moment.

My Response Phase Portfolio


When we Hot-seated Johnny we found out a lot of information about the
character. Little things such as "How old are you?" helped. By
Hot-seating we learned that even such things , that matter so little
can help develop a drama. We could also find out personal details that
he probably didn't want anyone else to know. By doing this we could
then decide how to develop the plot and characters. For example,

If I asked Johnny "Where do you live?" and his reply was "By the Sea",
we could produce a scene on the beach. This is just a typical example
of how Hot-seating helps.


When we did a short Roleplay we could see how Johnny acted towards
life, and this allowed to take a sneak at what everyday life is like
for Johnny. We also got to see how he acted towards family and
friends. On rare occasions we might be able to see how Johnny got
himself into this situation. This helped us explore the text because
we could see how he acted and what he does, If there are any problems
and could those problems be solved. For example we might see Johnny in
a pub with a drug gang after him because he owes money. We can now
understand and see how and what life is like for Johnny. We (As an
audience) could then decide whether to deal with the problem or just
let it get out of hand. This is just an typical example of how
Roleplay helps.


When we used Cross-cutting we saw how Johnny got himself into this bad
situation of a drinking problem. This helped because we could see how
others reacted to his drinking problems. For example we found out that
Johnny's parents really did care for him, even though Johnny went
around telling people his family were dead and that they wouldn't care
anyway. We found this strategy helped because we could see what life
was like before and while his problem occurred.

Marking The Moment

We marked the moment when we was developing our first scene in our
drama. The scene was about Johnny in a pub, he was there drowning his
sorrows. However when he thought life couldn't get worse 2 drug
addicts came in asking for their money. Johnny had to tell them that
he didn't have the money and they didn't like it. So they beat him up
and leave him on the pub floor, threatening him before they leave. and
he was being chased up by drug addicts for there moneyText Box: .

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thought this was a very important scene to get across because, he was
not only having a drink problem he was being chased up by drug
addicts. We know now that he takes drugs and has a drinking problem.
So we decided to mark the moment by acting out the scene up to, where
the drug addicts come in. People involved in the drama did some
thought tracking and the ones not involved in the Marking the Moment
turned around and sat down. This then put a lot of tension onto the
drama. Then we all froze and the ones involved in the moment did their
thought tracking. I said out aloud "Man He is going down if he doesn't
give me the money, for the drugs I gave him." However Johnny said "
Why did I let it get this far?". We could then see that Johnny regrets
letting his addiction get out of hand. We could then produce a piece
of drama based on Johnny trying to give up his addiction. This would
be a very good piece of drama to mark the moment with. This helped us
because we could then focus on the moment and decide whether to solve
it or develop it.

Forum Theatre

Sex Addiction

The characters in this scene were;


*Benn's Wife

*Benn's Daughter

*Benn's Girlfriend

The scene was set in a pub. Benn was in a pub with one of his recent
girlfriends because he was about to tell her about what he was doing
there, when his wife and daughter walk in and question him why and
what he was doing with her, when he confesses. The problem we were
exploring was Benn with an sex addiction. He went out on a Friday
night to find women to spend the night with , when his wife and
daughter were at home thinking he was at work. However one night he
goes to the pub with one of his ex's and who turns up but his wife.
Benn then only had one thing to confess and that was his sex
addiction. People stopped the scene and said it could be changed to
help the drama.

A few examples were;

*Why don't you confess by telling them privately and separately and
see how each character reacts.

*Shout out your confession and see how each character reacts.

*Lie and say she is a friend

*Bring in another character called Mike and he can be Benn's ex's

By using Forum Theatre we found out that with everyone's different
ideas put together there are many different ways that characters can
react to. We may also be able to find the best way to perform our
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