Long overdue Conversation

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Long overdue Conversation

Topic / Scripture : Using the time God gives us; the importance of
family; Mat. 20:6 “About the eleventh hour he went out and found still
others standing around. He asked them, “Why have you been standing
here all day long doing nothing?”

Setting: Anywhere. The audience will assume that this is just a
father having a conversation with his daughter, Could be in the
kitchen, the living room, outside on the porch…anywhere.

Characters: Don – the father. Tender hearted, he’s nervous,
uncomfortable with this conversation, but intent on finally doing this

Scene: Don is sitting on a chair facing the audience, wringing his
hands, looking nervous but determined as he begins this conversation.

Don: This is a little awkward…Just bear with me honey, we need to
talk about some things…

I probably should have done this sooner, but you caught me off
guard…you know?

Yesterday you were playing with Barbies and riding your little pink
bike with the training wheels still on. Then I turned around and you
were going on dates, looking at colleges, wearing that goo on your
face…(sheepishly and a little defensively) I got used to it. J

I sure could have used more time in there somewhere. Another decade
or two.

Okay, so here we go…

Ummm…drugs are bad…don’t use them…they could rot your teeth…no, um,
kill your brain cells…and stuff. You probably shouldn’t smoke
either…yeah, I know I do, but you’re still too young, cigarettes
really will rot your teeth. Plus, your mom really hates how they
smell…so it’s better if you just don’t start.

(At this point he pulls out a crinkled up piece of paper and spends
some time smoothing it out and fidgeting with it, checking it, etc.)

I, uh, wrote a list…J…I didn’t want to forget anything…you know, while
I have momentum going and stuff…

Okay, so here’s the big one…it’s uh…well, this one’s really
important…boys are…uh…boys are great…but, they’re still boys you
know? So you’ve got to be really careful. You’ve got to be smart
honey. You’re so smart, and funny. And you’re really talented and
you’re beautiful. I’m not just saying that because I’m your dad. You
really are. Boys call the house all the time for you. They do! Hey,
I didn’t say we answer it every time, that’s why we have caller ID.
No, I’m just kidding honey…kind-of. Anyway…(looking down at his list
again)…so, you just need to be on your toes. Don’t believe everything
they tell you. And you should probably bring a friend with you on
your dates. Bring several friends. The more the merrier…(chuckles,
but it’s clear he means it).

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(He glances at his list one more time)

So that about covers all the big stuff. But there’s one more thing I
really need to say to you. I guess I want to apologize. I’m so sorry
sweetie. I’m not proud of the way I left things the last time we sat
down to talk. I know you had some really important things to say and
I just wasn’t listening. Your mom and I love you so much and it’s
hard…(choking up a little)…We just don’t agree with some of the
choices you’ve made. I know, I know, it’s your lofe and you need to
make mistakes to learn…but no matter what, It’s our job to keep you
safe and do our best to teach you and… (realizes he’s getting a little
lost in the past conversation and proving his point) but that’s not
the point right now. There’s no excuse for my behavior. I promised
myself that I would never give up on my kids, and when I walked out of
that room…I know I said “I give up”…and I shouldn’t have left things
like that…

I thought I would have more time to fix this…time to make you
understand, to get things back to…(he’s crying now)I never gave up on
you honey, no matter what I said…I never gave up…I hope you hear me
saying that, I wish it wouldn’t have taken so long…

(A long pause as he tries to pull himself together)

(He stands up and gets a bouquet of flowers out from behind the chair
he was sitting on)…I need to get going…but I just wanted to let you
know that I love you…(he places the flowers on the ground in front of
him)…I’m so sorry we didn’t talk sooner…I really thought we had more

…(arranges the flowers just the way he wants them)…I brought you
sunflowers, I couldn’t find any tulips this time, but I’ll keep
looking…I miss you so much, we all do. (he stands up to go and
pantomimes brushing off the head stone)…I gotta go,

I love you…I’ll see you next week sweetie…

(He turns to go, looks back at the flowers, on the ground, and walks
away slowly. Lights out.)

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