The Reform Movement in Education Is it Complete or Does it Still Need Work

The Reform Movement in Education Is it Complete or Does it Still Need Work

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The Reform Movement in Education Is it Complete or Does it Still Need Work

Do you believe the education reform movement is complete, or do you believe it still needs work to be finished? I for one believe it is incomplete because there are still flaws in the education system today. For instance: Some public schools don't offer advanced paced classes. There are many students who have the ability and intelligence to be working in an excelled class and don't belong in normal, almost slow moving classes. These students are the ones who are very involved with school activities, sports, have a part or fulltime job, and get A's in all their classes. Not that these are the only students who belong in the advanced classes, but they definitely should be. Students who get strait A's and aren't involved in anything are also qualified to be enrolled in these classes. In order to be in these challenge classes, some people may have to go to a private school. Not all students can afford to go to a private school, so it's not fair that the classes aren't offered in public schools.

Another flaw in the education system today is that some schools do not get enough funding. I've read of a school that doesn't have toilet paper, soap, or even toilet seats in the bathroom. This school is almost always being backed up with sewage in the bathrooms and in the kitchen where the food is prepared. They have outdated science labs and not nearly enough textbooks. Some of the textbooks which they do have are missing the first 100 pages. They have unsupervised study halls with up to 60 kids and a graduation rate of 55%. There aren't enough teacher aides because the school doesn't have a sufficient amount of money to pay them. Without these aides, the classes which require at least two people to supervise lab experiments are having to learn from only the textbooks.

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The football field has a goal post without a crossbar and the coach has to pay for equipment with his own money and the weight room wreaks of sweat. Schools like these need to be given more money and the schools that have enough money shouldn't get as much. In conclusion, I believe that the government should give more money to the poorer schools and make it required for all public schools to offer advanced classes.
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