This essay describes how I have worked towards and performed four

This essay describes how I have worked towards and performed four

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This essay describes how I have worked towards and performed four
pieces of practical work using all three art forms. (Drama, dance,
music, and a final piece that is a mixture of all three arts

Performance studies

This essay describes how I have worked towards and performed four
pieces of practical work using all three art forms. (Drama, dance,
music, and a final piece that is a mixture of all three arts). Each
piece must be three minutes long and we have around two months to
improvise, rehearse and perform the four pieces. We were given five
‘key words’ to follow as a sort of guide line for our pieces. There
was a different set of guide lines for each art form. These consist
of… Music – rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, texture. Dance – motif,
action, relationships, dynamics, space. Drama – dialogue,1
characterisation, physicality, proxemics, tension. These fifteen rules
do interconnect between the arts which I will explain during this

We started our performance studies classes by learning about and
experimenting with improvisation as well as learning about the five
rules for each of the arts. We then began to look for the five rules
in our dance / musical / drama pieces. We experimented with the five
rules in our improvised pieces and all so broke down each of the rules
to find out exactly what they can cover.

Now we split ourselves in to groups and began to experiment using
improvisation for the final performance.2 In dance we sat as a group
and planned out linking moves that used all of our five rules, and
then put them together by improvising links. In drama we used
improvisation to create scenes and improvised the scenes endings, and
the drama in them. We also improvised characters for these parts, and
once we found something that we liked we would enhance it through
rehearsal and write a script. In music we used improvisation to begin
to create musical pieces. We created and re-created compositions until
we could find a sound that would suit the mood we were aiming3 to
achieve. In the mixed piece we had to firstly sit and discuss our
options and we decided to base it around a theme. Our theme was on
circles and squares, creating a piece about the trapped ness of a
single person, using the shapes as representatives of the person’s

We did hit some problems during the creations of these pieces. In
dance we had a lot of people dropping out of the coarse so our group
ended up as a double act. But still we managed to capture all the five

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essences with a certain level of grace. We4 used cannon in our piece.
When rehearsing it in front of the class we learnt that we needed to
improve direction in our piece and to make it ‘less robotic’. So,
taking these words in to account, We improved on our direction and
added some more ‘rounded’ expressions. In drama our group and piece
ideas changed quite a lot. The ideas were constantly changed because
of group members leaving the course. We started with a piece about a
school child and teacher having an affair; but due to absences our
groups were all swapped around and we started on a new piece5 about
faith. This piece involved to people wanting to fall in love but
‘fait’ kept getting in there way. The fait being two different people,
one good working towards getting the couple together, and the second
working to keep the pair apart. This idea was not ready in time for
the performance as it was far more technical than we had anticipated
and it was difficult to direct due to the fact that there was a lot of
people in our group. In music our group was once more unsettled but we
managed to create and rehearse a purely instrumental6 musical piece
with vocals and a piano. For our mixed piece there was no changes, and
even though it was the last piece that we started, it was the most
well organised as everyone took it in turns to speak and a bond
between the group was made where we all trusted each other.

We soon began to realise that in ways our set five rules were
interconnected even though they were completely different art forms.
Dialogue had a link to both rhythm and melody, harmony to
relationships, characterisation to our timbre, and our dynamics to our
texture. We all so7 figured that motif in dance was quite like an
ostinato in music as it is a repeated pattern in both. These are rules
spread across all three different art forms and yet within our pieces
they interconnected.

Within rehearsals of our dance piece (when we had finally decided on a
piece) we separated the piece in to three parts. A motif ‘A’ that was
to last around a minute. A motif ‘B’ where we decided we would do the
opposite feel to motif ‘A’. E.g. Motif ‘A’ is happy and fast then
motif ‘B’ would be sad and slow. Motif ‘B’ would all so last a minute.
And8 then finally a motif ‘C’ or ‘2nd A’ this was where we returned to
motif ‘A’ and changed it from an introduction to an ending of our
piece. This was all so a minute. We did our motif ‘C’ by reversing our
fast happy movement in motif ‘A’ so we could finish at the same points
that we began. Our music piece greatly interconnected with this as we
used the same technique. In our music piece we all so decided to do
three different motifs with the last one being the same as the first,
and the second being the opposite of both. We started with an9
ostinato that was quick and done both on piano and vocally with piano
chords being played over the top of the ostinato. The second piece
(motif ‘B’) was then much more depressive and played in a minor key.
In the drama, after not being able to do the ‘fait’ performance we
quickly went back to improvisation trying to create a simple yet
effective scenario with time to rehearse and develop it. With the
mixed piece we divided it once more in to three using the same
technique. We had decided by this point that if we stuck to the same
performance10 pattern we would be able to cover more of our five rules
as we had already discovered the link between them all. We rehearsed
this piece as motif ‘A’ being the circle where the central person felt
trapped. Using the people that made up the circle as the stressors in
his life. Motif ‘B’ was showing the musical happiness of all peoples
lives in a square with a dance routine. Through both motifs we used
ostinato’s in this one it was rhythmical clapping and in the first one
it was chanting. The piece finishes on motif ‘A’ once more building a
tension but this time without the happy release of motif ‘B’.

In the drama11 piece I feel we would have done better if the group did
not change so regularly and if we had a bigger rehearsal studio. It
needed more scripting and organisation. More time would not have gone
a miss either. In the dance piece We would have done better with a
bigger group which we could not get due to so many people dropping
out. This all so meant we could have done with more time as we hit so
many ruts due to absences. In the musical piece the same improvements
all so apply. But in the mixed piece we12 were given less time but it
was far better organised as all members attended rehearsals regularly
and we were provided with more space in which to practise. During the
planning all so there were no arguments as we took it in turns to give
our views and ideas before we began to rehearse.
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