Making a Website for a Company

Making a Website for a Company

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Making a Website for a Company

Making a website for a specific company we have chosen using ICT


For our coursework we are making a website for a specific company we
have chosen. The company I have chosen is 'Hair Associates'. We are
making websites for the company, which is an effective way of
advertising a company world-wide, for anyone to see at anytime. As the
authorities at 'Hair Associates' have not okayed the website I'm
making, the website will not be presented on the Internet.

It will be aimed at the customers mainly but could be used for other
purposes, possibly for another company to compare the two companies,
or if someone would want to work at 'Hair Associates'.

The main objective of the website is going to be that customers can
access the website and find any information they want. If they wanted
to speak to an individual person, they could have another way of
contacting them i.e. through email or through phoning to speak to an
employee personally.

In the website there won't be any online shopping facilities, as we
cannot process that information. This website is going to be about
eight pages long, in these pages there will be; three links to
external sites, a chat room and many other things. The information on
the website, although not going to be produced onto the Internet, will
be factual and accurate.

My objectives are:

- Contents bar on each page

- Title bars on the pages

- Internal links on every page

All of these will be easy to use whether you are a novice or an expert
on the computer. Having these objectives should make the Website easy
to access the information wanted by the customer whenever they want.

We are making websites, which are a good source of advertising
nowadays with everyone using the Internet. It is also a better
resource for customers as they can keep coming back to the site at
their convenience. Also it isn't wasting paper or harming the
environment by producing lots of leaflets that will get thrown away or
lost. If the customer would like the information on paper we can send
it to them via e-mail or post, or they can print it out themselves.

The website may contain some advertising for the hair salons around
the country and the products they sell. There won't be any other form
of advertising this is because we don't have permission to do so

from 'Hair Associates' or the company that we will produce the
advertising for.

We may provide some service for the customer though it could be:

- Free updated information sent to the customer

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Related Searches

- Discounts for the customer

- Free consultations from a specialist

- Competitions

- Gift ideas as presents (gift vouchers)

The whole website will be to do with the salon 'Hair Associates' and
be based on information from this company. They will be treated as a
client who asked for a website to be produced for them. Therefore
producing information from the actual company. This site can have an
external link to their official site.

Making a website may be a better type of advertising as all age groups
can access the site, and the customer wouldn't even have to leave the
comfort of their home to find out any information they want about
'Hair Associates'.

Other types of advertising include the sending of flyers, campaigns,
television, radio, and posters at bus stops or on billboards.

These are good ideas but sending out flyers you would have to get the
addresses of people, and 'junk mail' is normally thrown away when
received through the post. Campaigns would be good but wouldn't hold
product information, but could direct people to the website.
Television is a good form of advertising but you would only have a
short period of time to put across your message, it is also a very
expensive medium. Radio isn't a very good form of advertising for my
website, as it would need visual aids for the advertisement. Posters
would be a good form of advertisement but again wouldn't be able to
hold much information and stay appealing to the average person walking
past the poster, but it can also direct people to the website like the

Overall the website seems a good way to inform people with up to date
information about 'Hair Associates'; it will provide modern images
giving all the necessary information and can be easily updated as
required for the customer's convenience.


The diagram below is to show the layout for all my pages and what
order they will be put in.

Appropriate hardware that is going to be needed for the website will
be in four categories:



Input devices that will be used are; Internet modem, internet modem,
Front Page Express, Digital camera, scanner, mouse and a keyboard.

Output devices that are going to be used are; Screen, printer,
speakers, headphones and a motor.

Backing storage devices that will be used are; CD ROM's, floppy
disk's, and the hard drive.

To run FrontPage Express 2002 the system requirements are a computer
running Microsoft Windows® XP Professional with a Pentium III
processor and 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM. The minimum requirements
needed are a computer with Pentium 133 megahertz (MHz) or higher
processor; Pentium III recommended. RAM requirements for FrontPage
2002 depend upon the operating system used, plus an additional 8-MB of
RAM for FrontPage.

Microsoft Windows 98, or Windows 98 Second Edition
24 megabytes (MB) of RAM

Windows Me, or Microsoft Windows NT®
32 MB of RAM

Windows 2000 Professional
64 MB of RAM

Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP Home Edition
128 MB of RAM or higher recommended (64 MB minimum supported; may
limit performance and some features)

Hard disk space requirements will vary depending on configuration;
custom installation choices may require more or less. Listed below is
the minimum hard disk requirement for FrontPage:

165 MB of available hard disk space with 115 MB on the hard disk where
the operating system is installed.

An additional 115-MB is required on the hard disk where the operating
system is installed. Customers without Windows XP, Windows 2000,
Windows Me, or Office 2000 Service Release 1 (SR-1) will require an
extra 50 MB of hard disk space for System Files Update.

Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution monitor with 256 colours.

CD-ROM drive and as operating systems; Windows 98, Windows 98 Second
Edition, Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), Windows NT 4.0 with
Service Pack 6 (SP6) or later, Windows 2000, or Windows XP or later.

(System requirements information came from

Below is a table to show which software will be the most appropriate
for the website's that we are designing:




Easy to use, most computers have it, can insert pictures, tables and

Images are hard to change and move around.


Has specific web designs, JavaScript can be added to source code, can
insert pictures the images are easy to change.

Not everyone has FrontPage, some features can't be viewed in Netscape.


Has a specific web design, easy to insert pictures and change the

Not everyone has Publisher, or even the up-to-date version.

Here is a questionnaire that was asked in the hypothetical situation
that the person was the client for our website:

What would you want the page for?


Who would be your desired audience?

All age ranges, and all types of people.

What would appeal to them?

User friendly, clear, concise and attractive looking site.

How would you want it clear that the page is authorised?

By showing security warnings.

How often would you make it updated?

Every month unless needed more drastically.

Will you want links to other sites?

Only to sites that are allied to the company.

Would you want the logo?

On every page.

Would you want any images?

Yes, but only if they were to do with the subject or were a product on

What factual information would you have?

Events, opening hours, what the company is about, stores etc.

Would you have feedback for the website?

Yes, email for customers and could receive newsletters.

What would you want the page to have to attract the customers?

I would want the site to be clear concise, simplistic but still
attractive to all types of customers.

Would you provide free services?

Yes, only to do with more advertising or to bring in more customers.

Would you let the site act as a 'launchpad' site?

Yes, but not exclusively and for new products.

The information that I'll be using in my website will be factual and
from Hair Associates and Vidal Sassoon themselves. The images are from and . Some of the images that are
to do with the salons are scanned in and put onto the site is directly
from a Hair Associate salon.

Back up files will be stored on floppy disks and the hard drive of the
schools computer system.

It's important to use the security features in FrontPage, which will
prevent unauthorised access e.g. Computer hackers changing features on
the website or accessing details of subscribers or visitors to the
website without their permission.


I chose this frame for most of my pages as it has space for a contents
bar down the side, which will make the site easy to use and easy to
find the page that the customer wants to get to. This has a title bar
that will also make the page easy to read and clear for the customer,
which is what's wanted in a website for this company. Also this frame
fits which most of my objectives, being easy to navigate and find
pages, which means the site is user friendly. This will satisfy the
customer and the client that site has been made for.

Fonts I will be using:

Times New Roman

Size 12

Font not very easy to read on a computer, letters have different
width. Common.


Size 14

Clear and stands out well on the computer. Common on most computers.

Accent SF

Size 14

Big, bold letters. Not very easy to read as writing is scratchy. Good
for young audience.

The text that I will use in my site will be Arial as it is clear and
easy to read, and is quite mature style of writing and will suit my
customer age group of 16+.

Text colours I will be using will depend on the background colour of
the page. All of my text will be easy to read and in a contrasting
colour to the back ground like:

Turquoise on black or white on pink or fuchsia on black

These will be good as they are clear unlike these ones:

Dark blue on normal blue or white on turquoise. Also the top colour
will match the backgrounds of my website and go with the theme of the

Here are drawings of what the pages look like with frames and with the
colour scheme:

On the webiste there will be other features such as a mailing list so
all the customers can get feedback from the website or the company
they want. There also will be links to external websites like Hair
Associates official website and Vidal Sassoon. These features will be
made simply by using Front Page Express, which has the means to do
these pages easily.

A summary of my website is as follows:

1st page- Main page that has the Hair associates logo as a background;
making clear to all who come across the page that it is for 'Hair
Associates' this will have a counter on the page which shows the
visitor how many people have visited this site. There will also be a
simple button, which will lead into the actual site with all the
information on it. There may be advertising on this page to make
addition money for the client as they wish to have advertising but
only to companies that are to do with their company and not rival

2nd page- This will be the home page that the visitor gets to see
which will have initial information about the site that the visitor
has entered and have all the links needed for the visitor to skip to
the page that they require.

3rd page- This page is all about the company 'Hair Associates' and
will have information for the customer, also it will have all the
hyperlinks on it as the home page did, making the site easy to
navigate which fulfils the companies specification.

4th page- Hair products, this will shoe some of the products that are
available to by and that get used by the Hair Associates employees in
and out of the salons. There will also be links to other available
products the hyperlinks will be pictures this time that are to do with
the products that are available. If it isn't clear that these pictures
are hyperlinks it says below what you can do to see these specific
products making it clear to the visitor again like the company
specified. This page also has a different frame, which has a separate
bar for the title area.

5th page- This will be of the straigtners which is a page that follows
on from the hair products page. This page also has a different frame,
which has a separate bar for the title area. This page will have a
navigation bar down the side making it easy for the visitor to go back
or forward to any section of the website.

6th page- This also is a follow on page from hair products which will
be about hair dryers. This page also has a different frame, which has
a separate bar for the title area. This page will have a navigation
bar down the side making it easy for the visitor to go back or forward
to any section of the website.

7th page- This is about the curling irons available also with gift
sets which again follows on from the hair products. This page also has
a different frame, which has a separate bar for the title area. This
page will have a navigation bar down the side making it easy for the
visitor to go back or forward to any section of the website.

8th page- This will be the page which shows all the visitors the type
of hairstyles that are available in different categories made easy to
view for visitors convenience. This will have a marquee for the title
indicating the page clearly and bringing a new idea to the site so
that it isn't boring and the same in all of the pages. This page will
have a navigation bar down the side making it easy for the visitor to
go back or forward to any section of the website.

9th page- This would be the first page of all the different hairstyles
which will be the women's short hairstyles. It will include pictures
and more hyperlinks at the bottom of the page to go back to the hair
styles page easier than having to go through the navigation bar which
is also present on the page.

10th page- This will be the same to the last page of women's short
hairstyles but with long women's hairstyles in the pictures. This page
will have a navigation bar down the side making it easy for the
visitor to go back or forward to any section of the website.

11th page- Again it will be like the last two pages but with men's
hairstyles. This page will have a navigation bar down the side making
it easy for the visitor to go back or forward to any section of the

12th page- Once more this page will be the same as the last three but
with celebrity hairstyles. This page will have a navigation bar down
the side making it easy for the visitor to go back or forward to any
section of the website.

13th page- This page is the mailing list which tells visitors what
they can do to be put on the mailing list. Also this has a hyperlink
at the bottom of the page to go back to the home page where the site
starts. It also has a navigation bar down the side making it easy for
the visitor to go back or forward to any section of the website.

Here are printscreens of the actual pages:

Customers view on the website:

I found out that the site was all in perfect order, but the client
would have like a constant background and one that related to 'Hair
Associates' so that people who entered the site would realise that
that was the colour of 'Hair Associates' just as everyone associates
'HSBC' with the colour red and the phone company 'Orange' with the
colour orange. The background for the Vidal Sassoon products was fine,
as it was to do with Vidal Sassoon but the other backgrounds should
have stayed the same throughout the site. Doing this may seem boring
but is how the company wants to be remembered which leaves that colour
(whichever it may be) is the visitors head as 'Hair Associates' so
then if they see that colour again they might automatically think of
Hair Associates which is another form of advertising for the company.
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