File management and standard ways of working Home: Computer Science :

File management and standard ways of working Home: Computer Science :

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File management and standard ways of working Home: Computer Science :
File management and standard ways of working : File management and
standard ways of working

File management and standard ways of working

Keep information secure, e.g. from theft, loss, viruses, fire

You should keep information secured from theft on hard disc
failures; you can also keep your information safe from viruses that
can wipe all your files off the computer.

The way to keep the information safe is to have a BACK-UP file. A
back-up file is a file that has all saved work on it and can be saved
under a different name in a different folder or can be saved onto a
disc. A floppy disc can also transfer up to 1.44 megabytes of data
between computers. You can use hard discs for back-ups because the
surface of the disc stores data digitally, CD-ROMs are read only
optical discs, DVD’s can hold up to 17 gigabytes of data, Magnetic
Tapes are the most common used for back-up devices and Zip or Jaz disc
the common removable media all these be used as back-up devices.

We do back-ups so that any lost information that is important we can
have a mirror copy of the document saved somewhere else so that
nothing will happen to it. The backups should be used with passwords,

I think backup are helpful because if the computer had a power failure
and I haven’t saved my work then it means I would have to do all the
again, which means it would take longer then what it would have been
if I had saved it in the fist place.

Protect confidentiality, e.g. prevent unauthorised access to documents
or records

To protect documents from confidentiality you can use the three main
types of data security and they are:

* Physical security

* Access security

* Data security

To protect data using physical security you should follow the 7
SAD-FLAB rules to stay safe with confidentiality and they are:

1. Serial number

2. Alarms

3. Doors

4. Fire protection

5. Lock

6. Avoid

7. Blinds.

You can use these to protect the hardware because if anything happens
you have to spend money on a new hard which is expensive. You can
limit the amount of access to any important data by using usernames,
passwords and firewalls to stop anyone from hacking into files that
don’t have the right to access it.

To protect data from access security you should limit a person’s use
of the network. With this security all authorised users should be
given usernames and passwords. This is to stop people from hacking
into data bases.

To protect data using data security files can be password protected to

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protect the data. So only people who use that data have to use a
password to view and amend data.

With computer security comes drawbacks and they are:-

*Environm ental security

* Procedural security

* Human security

* Electronic security

You can get more computer data threats: - lighting, power outages,
bombs etcÂ…all these come happen by environmental threats, also threats
from Procedural security which should have firewalls, Anti-viruses
programs and encryption (CODing) to be put in place to protect data
where ever you keep the data apart from on the computer.

For human threats the limits that should be taken is to limit the
amount of access to any data that should have, usernames, passwords
and firewalls on to stop anyone from hacking into files that they
donÂ’t illegally have access to.

Respect copyright, e.g. not using the work of others without

You should respect copyright because you could find something from the
internet and copy and paste that work someone else has done and use it
as though you have done all the work yourself. The places you [IMAGE]would
find the copyright act are:-

* Books

* Web pages

* Internet

* Documents

You should have permission to copy work that other people have done if
it is a piece of work you need for a proper reason or you have the
right from the person who wrote it in the first place.

Save work regularly and use different filenames

You should save your work regularly because if anything
happens to your computer and you haven’t saved your work then it means
you have to re-type the work you have been doing before the problem
happened. Lost information can be a nightmare to re-do because if you
have written a long piece of work or something then you have do it all
over again.

You should save work under different file names because when you go to
open up your work up, you know what folder it is in and what the name
of the document you need is called. If you know what the name of the
document is and what folder it is in you will soon be able to call
that work up that is need faster, than having to look at though your
folders and every piece of work you have to find out what it is you

Keep dated backup copies of files in another location

You should keep backup copies in other locations to prevent them from
being destroyed, as you would have lost the main and the back up
copies of the document you have been doing. By keeping dated backup
copies of files in other locations, if anything did go wrong you will
have the back up document spare to work from instead.

Manage your work effectively, e.g. use appropriate filenames and

By using appropriate filenames when saving your work, you will have
effectively put it into a different location. Most operating systems
such as Windows XP, divide a backing storage device up into
directories. A directory can also be known as a ROOT DIRECTORY. You
can have as many directories as you like in your Root Directory, and
can also call them what you like, as long as you know what the name of
the document.

Work safely, e.g. use the correct position for the monitor and chair,

Avoid trailing cables, and take regular breaks

The point of looking at working safely is to do with the Health and
safety act. This act tells you what you should have like; a
comfortable working position because it’s important to avoid physical
stress, eye strain and safety hazards. These can be achieved through:-

- Comfortable seating.

- Suitable desk and VDU position.

- Brief rest periods (rest from the computer).

- Avoiding long sessions of continuous VDU work.

- Surrounding area that includes near and distant object upon which
eyes may focus.

- Layout of cables and equipment (to avoid tripping).

- Insulation of cables (from electrical supplies).

When you are setting up or using the ICT systems, users must be able
to work safely. To do this they must ensure that:-

- Cables do not cause an obstacle hazard.

. Cables and connectors are safe electrically.

- Consumables are replaces correctly.

Physical working environment and position (ergonomics) is

The following health problems that have been identified as having a
link to prolonged use of computers in traditional office setting are:-

* Repetitive strain injury (RSI).

* Headache.

* Backache.

* Skin rashes.

* Eye strain.

When setting you the position you should observe the following

* Your eyes should be at a 15 angle to the centre of the

* Your feet should rest flat on the floor.

* Your PC desk should be comfortable height for typing so that the
lower parts of your arms are parallel to the floor.

Take account of relevant legislation and codes of practice

You should take in account of relevant legislation and code of
practice by insuring that you have the health and safety act, the data
Protection act, Regulation of Investigatory Power Act 2000, computer
misuse act 1990 and Copyright, Design and patents act in place because
it can cause problems in the long run. For example:-

Computer Misuse Act 1990

This act was passed in order to deal with relatively new crimes of
hacking, computer fraud and computer viruses. These types of crimes
will increase and become more dangerous as we depend computer.

Data Protection Act

There are 8 principles in the data protection act. They are:-

* Data must not be processed unless there is a specific lawful reason
to do so.

* Data must only be obtained and then used for specified purposes.

* Data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the
specified use.

* Data must be accurate and where relevant kept up to data.

* Data should not be kept longer than is necessary for the specified

* Data processing should meet the legal rights of data subjects.

* Data holders should protect the data against loss, theft or

* Data should not be transferred around, except to certain other
European countries.

Copyright, Design and patents act

This act makes the copying of computer software, or software piracy, a
criminal offence.

The act covers the following activities:-

- Stealing software

- Using illegally copied software and manuals

- Running purchased software on two or more machines at the same time,
without an appropriate licence bought from the software supplier.

The Regulation of Investigatory power act 2000

The Regulation of Investigatory power act 2000 is also called RIPA for
short. The RIPA allows the government to access a person’s electronic
communications in a very unrestricted manner. Though infringing in the
privacy of their Correspondence in a manner many would not tolerate
regarding their postal communications.

The act is:-

- Enables the government to demand that an ISP provides access to a
customer’s communications with out them knowing.

- Enables mass surveillance of communications in transit.

Enables the government to demand ISP’s fit the equipment to
facilitate surveillance.

Enables to demand that someone hands over keys to protected

- Allows government to monitor people’s internet activities.

- Prevents the existence of interception warrants and any data
collected with them from being revealed in court.

Health and Safety

This act relates to what I have said on page 4 under

Work safely, e.g. use the correct position for the monitor and chair,

Avoid trailing cables, and take regular breaks.
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