The ICT systems of Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

The ICT systems of Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

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Describing the ICT systems of EDS

The organisation, which I will be describing on how they use ICT is
called EDS, EDS is situated in Milton Keynes. EDS was founded and set
up in 1962 and it is the leading global information technology
services company. EDS stands for Electronic Data Systems. EDS has
approximately 137,000 workers in 60 countries and about 12,000 workers
worldwide. This is 200 workers, which work part time, and 11,800
workers who work full time. In this essay I will describe the ICT
hardware they use. EDS use mostly Laptops for their work because it's
easy to move their laptop from company to company and once finished
their work they put it away into a bag for carrying around.

Software application used

Purpose for using the application

Microsoft Excel

For spreadsheets and managing budget and their sales.

Microsoft Access

For making databases

EDS uses a variety of hardware components is based on many hardware
components. They have a variety of input devices, output devices and
some storage devices. For a main processor they only use one processor
which the Intel Pentium. I will describe more in the paragraph below.

First of all they have input devices; these input devices are
Mouse, Keyboard and a Scanner. They use a mouse for controlling
Windows on the PCs and also to guide them on to where they want to go
and what they want to open, to do this you need something which will
show you where you are, this is shown on the PC by a pointer, which
helps you find and see clearly where you are going to and what you are
doing. The mouse is used in the offices connected to the PCs at the
back of the hard drive by using a USB port and on the laptops given by
the organisation, it has a built in mouse so you put your finger on
the small ball or small pad and guide it to where you want it to go.
The mouse they use is a standard Microsoft mouse.

Another input device is the keyboard, which has keys, which you press
and then send a signal to the computer, and then responds by putting
the text or number into the PC so you can see what you done. They use
a keyboard for entering text and numbers into the screens to either
make documents or spreadsheets. The make of their keyboard is just a
normal standard keyboard.

Another input device, which they use, is a scanner. A scanner is a
hardware device that captures images or text and converts them to a

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computer format. First you place an image or text onto a glass window
and underneath it, is a scanning mechanism, which moves back and forth
to scan what you placed on top of the glass window, and displays it on
your PC. They use a scanner because to scan important pictures, which
they will need for typing up something or for helping them with their
documents. To connect this to the back of their hard drives they use
serial ports.

Lastly the input device they use are colour screens, they use
these because its clearer to see and to also to give a customer better
image viewing and if they need to see an image then it will be much
clearer for them to see in colour then in black and white. They use
colour screens for their laptops and their desktops.

The main processor they use is Intel Pentium 3, 850 MHz; they use
Pentium 3 on all of their Computers and Laptops because its fast and
also they say it's cheap to buy.

The hardware, which they use for output devices are laser
printers and Fax machines. They use laser printers instead of Inkjet
printers and DeskJet printers because it's really fast at printing
long documents and this helps them a lot because it prints out fast
and they can get more work done in under a minute. It also helps them
because it doesn't use a lot of Ink. They also say it "gives better
quality instead of a DeskJet printer and an Inkjet printer". A laser
printer has many communication ports but the one they use is USB port.

Another output device, which the Organisation uses, is a Fax machine.
The y use a Fax machine because they send visual documents to other
companies, sometimes text too and messages, also not just to send
messages but to receive messages too. To send messages they use a
number, which is linked to the other company's fax machine and once
the message is sent it automatically prints out what the sender wanted
the viewer to see.

Lastly the output device they use is a Photocopier. They use this to
make large quantities of images and text. The photocopier they use
prints out black and white colour. This helps the company because if
their in a meeting then each person can get a copy of it and see for

This company uses storage devices to save and open work. The storage
devices they use are a 3½ floppy disk, CD-recordable and
CD-rewritable's. Their computers have a lot of memory so they can save
and open work. The memory of their hard drives is 20GB, which they can
save work and softwares. They also have a 256MB RAM and this memory,
applies to all the desktops and laptops they own. They use these
storage devices on their desktops because for faster processing on all
their desktop PC and laptops.

Another storage device they use is a 3½ Floppy Disk. I got a
quote about why they use a 3½ Floppy disk and they said "it's a good
way of storing small Data to the disk and transferring the Data to
another computer". This means that small data of up to 1.44Mb of Data
can be stored on the Floppy Disk and no more or it won't allow it.

Additionally they use a CD-recordable for putting important Data on
the CD and it's a onetime use because if they make something mistake
and it don't work then that's it you can write over it again. However
some customers use CD-rewritable which is a CD you can write over many
times. This helps them because if they finished with the CD then they
erase the information on the CD and put more documents on it. CDs have
a large amount of space so they prefer to use these than a 3½ Floppy

To connect their hardware to their desktops and Laptops they use ports
and cables. The ports they use are mostly USB, PS/2 Ports and leads.
This helps them a lot because they can connect their keyboards and
mouse at the back of their hard drive and other hardware too such a
printer that has its own port and scanner too.

This organisation use programs for making these documents and
special work. The programs they use are all the Microsoft office. They
use Microsoft Access for making Databases, which helps them make
profiles of their EDS customers. This helps them because they can find
a customer's name, address, postcode, and their telephone number

Additionally they use Microsoft Excel for making spreadsheets,
which helps them manage their budgets and sales. Also they say, "It's
a good storage media".

Another program they use is Microsoft Publisher, they use this because
to make newsletters for their company and to make their business
cards. They told me that Microsoft Publisher increases their
productivity and also by reducing time.

In meetings they prepare presentations to show other EDS customers. To
make these presentations they use Microsoft Power Point. This program
helps them a lot because it creates good graphics presentation for
customers to look out.

Last of all they use Microsoft Word to create their documents and
other work, then they send them of to different companies for them to
be looked at.

Finally this company have plans for the future to improve their
productivity. Their plans are to upgrade their hardware to even better
quality hardware and also to upgrade their software to better
software. If these plans take place and work well then this will mean
that it will improve their productivity by simplifying tasks and
getting more work done.
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