WHAT I HAD TO DO: We had to create a program that would read the users

WHAT I HAD TO DO: We had to create a program that would read the users

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WHAT I HAD TO DO: We had to create a program that would read the users
input, process it and display the results. HOW I CREATED THE PROGRAM:
For this tutorial I used lblrpompt, txttemperature, cmdctof, cmdftoc,
and cmdexit.



I have been asked to prepare a personal report that addresses my
approach to learning and provides a reflective account of my
experiences, of carrying out a series of programming activities. The
report that I will be creating is a reflection upon my collective and
collaborative activities, working in a group.



11th to 17th October


We had to interactively design a digital clock program. The program
had to be designed in a way for objects to respond to events.


I used a label to display the system time in, as the requirement was
to program objects to respond to events.

I used a label called lblToday because labels are containers for
programs-generated messages. They have properties such as name,
caption, font etc. I defined my label with the name lblToday so that I
could show the correct date at the time at runtime by typing out the
instruction lblToday.Caption=Time$.

As the time would not change if I displayed the time on form_load I
had to find an object from the tool box which looked like a clock and
then I put it onto my form.

I then changed the interval property to 1000, this was to indicate
1000 milliseconds. I also did this for the default event for the time
object and then displayed the time in my label.


Designing a digital clock program using visual basic was a very
challenging but interesting task for me as I had never come across
using visual basic. At first I found it a bit of a struggle to get
used the program and how to use it appropriately. Even though the
notes that were given were quite clear and when I read them I thought
that creating the program would be easy, however when I put the notes
into practice I found it quite hard. The task was quite confusing
especially the coding and getting it correct, because if there was
even a slight error the program would not run successfully. Another
problem I faced whilst designing this program was that when I put the
timer onto the form and ran the program the timer would not display
correctly. So in order to solve my problems I consulted my group and

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my tutorial teacher.


18th to 24th October


We had to create a program that would read the users input, process it
and display the results.


For this tutorial I used lblrpompt, txttemperature, cmdctof, cmdftoc,
and cmdexit. I also used lblresult for the calculated answer, which
for an input of 0 degress Centigrade, was of the form: “That is 32
degrees Fahrenheit”.

Cmfctof calculated a conversion into farhenheit and cmdtfoc also
calculated a conversion into centigrade. Both cmfctof and cmdftoc
performed their calculations and displayed the results in lblresult.


This was the second programme were given to design using visual basic.
The problems that we encountered were:

* How to convert centigrade to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to
centigrade to give the correct result.

* Also that when the calculation had been calculated how to display
the result in the format of “That is 32”

As a group we overcame these problems by discussing how we should go
about manipulating the given formula. Through our discussions we were
successful as we managed to solve the code for the conversion of
centigrade to Fahrenheit. Making an assumption from our first solution
we adapted it to the Fahrenheit to centigrade solution only to find
the program running smoothly. We also asked for help from the other
members in the class and our tutorial teacher in order for us to
overcome all of our problems.


25th to 31st October


Design a program that would interact with the user by guessing the
users age.


First of all I designed the form by using a label in order for the
computer to display a random number which it would generate through
its container along with a message. For example “Are you 18?”

I used five command buttons and they were as follows:

- For the user to say the guess was correct

- For saying the guess was too high

- For saying the guess was too low

- Exit

- Restart

I put option explicit in the general declarations sections and three
dimensions integers for the guess, and for two other variables to hold
the upper limit of age being considered and the lower limit. I called
these three variables guess, upper and lower.

I then created a subroutine called clear values to set lower to 0,
upper to 99 and generated a random number in the range of 0 to 99. I
thought that the latter number must be stored in guess so I stored it
in guess.

I then created another subroutine called show values to display the
value of guess in the label, in the correct format.

I have used a select case statement to output different messages
depending on the age according to the ranges (i.e 0-15, 16-21, 22-39,
40 and above)

If the guess is too high I have programmed the program in the
subroutine for command too high, I have set the upper to one less
than the generated number (guess), and the guess has been set to (the
integer part) the average of lower and upper.

Also if the guess is too low, the lower has been set to one more than
the guess, a new guess will be calculated from the average of upper
and lower, and the output in the label.


This was the third program given to design from the two that I had
designed I found this the quite difficult to design. As we could not
able the program to generate a random number this was a problem
because the main part of the program was not running smoothly. In
order to solve this we discussed and tested different ways for the
program to generate a random number. Another problem that we
encountered was the restart button although the code was given in the
tutorial notes I found it was a bit tricky to manipulate the code.


1st to 7th November


I had to be able to convert data from one type to another.


I had to create a program which would read the date through three text
boxes. Each text box was used for

Day Month Year

I created a command button called show date; by clicking on this
button the date entered would then be displayed.

Along with the show values button I also included restart and exit
buttons in order to allow the user to enter other dates and also exit
the program.


One of the major problems I encountered whilst designing this program
was coding each of the text box for day, month and year, because when
I would click the show date button only some of the date would come.
So in order to overcome this program as a group we manipulated the
appropriate codes from the tutorial notes and played around with them
until the program was running successfully.


8th to 14th November


I had to create a program which was a game with randomly moving


I created a simple reaction timer game in which the player had a short
time to click on a randomly – placed image before it moved again. I
used the following objects to design the program:

- An image holding a photograph of one of the members in my group.

- Timer with an interval of 2000 milliseconds

- A set of 3 radio buttons, with a frame surrounding them called
“Level of difficulty”

- A restart button

- An exit button

- A “new score” output box to display the player’s score (based on how
many times the player has accurately clicked on the image).

I changed the Form WindowState property to 0-Nomral so that it
wouldn’t maximise the size at runtime.

In the Timer subroutine I wrote instructions to:

- Calculate a new top and Left for the target image, using the RND
function to generate a random number related to the limits of the
Form’s ScaleWidth and ScaleHeight.

- Move the target image to its new position.


Firstly the problem that we stumbled upon when designing this program
was inserting my picture into the program this happened because it was
the wrong type of image so I had to alter the image type. Another
problem that we encountered was with the levels of the game. Level 1
was ok and so was level 2 however we had problems with level two
because the picture was moving at the same pace as level two so we
fixed this by changing the timer interval.

For this assignment I have worked both individually and collectively
in a group of four students. As a group we assisted each other in
planning, problem solving and the critical analysis and synthesis of
ideas for exploring each activity.

Since the tutorials commenced I have undertook to complete a series of
tasks during the tutorial sessions on a week by week basis. Personally
I feel that I have met my objectives by completing the tasks set
successfully due to my excellent attendance and punctuality.

As an individual attending each one of my tutorials on a weekly basis
and on time was of major importance, this was so that I would not
loose any valuable time on working towards my objectives which was to
complete all the tasks on time successfully.

In the future I will apply the same rules to my studies in order to
achieve my objectives, because of my excellent attendance and
punctuality. Not only that but also my time management will be a major
factor, because as a group we made sure that if the task were not
completed in class they would be completed before the next tutorial
commenced the following week. This is why I have been able to hand in
my tasks on time and make sure they are working accurately.
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