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I have selected a nursery because there is high demand in the UK as well that there is a reasonable amount of profit



I intend to employ on 3 to 4 employees along with my self and cater
for approximately 12-20 kids once the business has established itself
then I may decide to expand and cater for more children.


I have selected a nursery because there is high demand in the UK as
well that there is a reasonable amount of profit, which can be made if
the business is planned out correctly. One of the main reasons why
demand is so high is that more women then ever before are going to
work, and therefore day nurseries provide a suitable environment for
their children to be looked after in.


One of the main reasons why demand is so high is that more women then
ever before are going to work, and therefore day nurseries provide a
suitable environment for their children to be looked after in.


Since my business is basically a service that is a day nursery hence
there is no production involved it is the services, which I provide to
my customers. I offer milk to the kids, if any of the kid needs milk I
will be offering them, then there will be a rest room in which those
kids who are tired can sleep in that room, the third service which I
offer is playing, I will be having a room in which all the toys will
be there all the kids can play there, my childminders will play with
them, and the fourth service is giving the kids basic education.


For my business to be successful it is very important that it should
make profit , so at the end of one year I will be making a profit of
£2454 which shows that my business is going to do well, its just the
starting as and when my nursery becomes popular among the people I
thing it will be doing well and making more profit.


As mentioned in financial and production plan I will be looking to
obtain a loan of £5000 from the bank. If the bank rejects my
application, then I will consider getting a sleeping partner so that I
can apply again for lower amount. I could also find a partner and then
half the investment. This is because currently I have personal savings
of £3500 and could use £2500 of this to open my business with my
partner. When discussing the plan with my father, he agreed to help

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whenever he could so the last report to raise finance would before
him. This is because he has good credit rating with the bank and can
obtain a loan for my business.



ADDRESS Uxbridge Road, Ealing W 13

LEGAL STATUS Private Limited Company

Its advantages are:

· Limited liability will be there.

· Control is maintained.

· Easy to get finance.

· Less risk is there.


Have 4 staff and I will be the head. The timings
will be from 8 am till 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

START DATE 1st January 2005

MISSION STATEMENT “Jingle Bells Limited will be having
a committed staff”.

Will be attending needs of the customers.

Will have a good service.

SHORT TERM OBJECTIVE Jingle Bells will within the first twelve
months of working:

· Increase profit by taking in more children in the nursery, and
making a profit of £ 5000.

· My breakeven will be 573bookings in one year

· Achieve enough bookings.

· Will have 3 full time well trained staff.

LONG TERM OBJECTIVE Jingle Bells will within the first three
years in Nursery:

§ Establish the business name and reputation.

§ Increase profitability to 15% by achieving more bookings.

§ Achieve a market share of 10%.

§ Expand the business by opening another branch if there is reasonable

§ Employ 2 more additional staff.



Market-The UK children’s day nurseries market had worth 2.7 billion in
2003. Like the broader childcare sector, the children’s nurseries
market has grown rapidly in the last 10 years, and is now more than
seven times the size than at the end of 1980s. Increasing demand for
nursery services and general childcare from working mothers has driven
market expansion. The key factors driving demand include delayed
family formation, increased female work participation, and a shift in
preferences from parents towards childcare and early year’s education.
Private individuals in the UK spent an estimated 2.2 billion on
children’s day care services in 2003.

Market Size

A total of 12,075 children’s day nurseries in the UK provided 537,450
places for children between 0 and 5 years in January 2004. Average
occupancy for the UK was 85%. Nursery sector capacity has more than
quadrupled between 1990 and 2004, concentrated solely in the
independent sector at a time when local authority provision has been
decreasing, though it has started to grow again.

All this shows that there is a high demand for nurseries One of the
main reasons why demand is so high is that more women then ever before
are going to work, and therefore day nurseries provide a suitable
environment for their children to be looked after in. The parents of
children will be working people and will be basically upper and middle
class parents, some of them will be part time and some will be full

The research which I have done for market and about childminders is
attached in the appendix 2.

Customers-After analysing the children’s day care market I have come
to know that the children from the age o to 5 can attend private day
nurseries. This is because when children reach the age of 3 in these
nurseries they are then taught the national curriculum.

However, volunteer day nurseries can only provide for children the
age’s 0 to 3 this is because they do not teach the children the
national curriculum and therefore the children attend nursery and
reception in a primary school.

Parents who want their children to attend a nursery want to have easy
access and do not want to travel too far in the morning to drop their
kids off. Hence the following has to be considered. The target
customers for my nursery will be parents who have got kids aged
between 0 and 5 years because they will be the ones who will be
willing to put their kids into my nursery. The people will be those
who will be having good incomes so that they are able to pay for their
kid who will be studying in my nursery and also who will be having
good status, they will be basically middle and upper class people who
will be bringing their children in my nursery.

Residential Market-this means that most parents would not use the
nursery if it was more than 5 miles away from their house .As well as
that I have to look at the average income in my area, which I tend to
open my nursery in Ealing and see if the parents can pay the
anticipated fees. Futher more how high is the demand in Ealing for
private day nurseries and how likely is it for the parents to
substitute a day nursery for nanny child minder?

Commuting Market-made up of people who will drive past or the nursery
when they are going to work. This is so that it will be convenient for
the parents to drop their children off in the morning and pick them up
in the evening. Finally what are the major transport link near the
nursery i.e. bus stop train station.

2001 Ealing borough Census results showed me

* Ealing total population 300948

* Average age in Ealing is 35.6 years old

* More people aged under 16 than 1991

* Ethnicity in Ealing 41.3%

* 31.7% households do not have access to a car or a van.

When looking at results above I can see that Ealing is very densely
populated when compared to other areas in West London. This is good
thing for my business because there is a larger market to target .An
average age for resident living in Ealing is 35.6, this is lower than
the countries average and therefore it could lead to younger parents
and younger children furthermore the number of under 16 years old has
increased in Ealing and hence there will be more children who may be
suitable for the nursery.

London itself is very multicultural society. However; Ealing itself
has ethnicity of 41.3%, this means that when marketing my service I
will have to launch a marketing campaign that will attract all
ethnicities and cultures. Finally more than 30% of the households do
not have access to personal transport i.e. car or van therefore the
location of the nursery must have transport links .For instance based
near a bus stop or densely populated housing area.

Now I will loot at employment figures and an average income to decide
what rate I could charge my customers. Furthermore I will then look at
my competitor’s price and see what the difference between the two is.

Employment in Ealing

Employment By Industrial Sector, 2002 – Ealing, West London, London
and GB.


West Ldn.



Total No.





Agriculture, hunting and forestry












Mining and quarrying












Electricity / Gas / Water supply












Wholesale/retail trade; repair, etc






Hotels and Restaurants






Transport / Storage / Communication






Financial Intermediation






Real estate, renting, business activities






Public Admin/ Defence/ Social security












Health and Social work






Other community/ Social Personal Service












x=Confidential data - cannot be released

Source: Annual Business Inquiry, Nomis, ONS © Crown Copyright Reserved

Analysis of table

There are nearly 117000 employees in Ealing who either full time or
part time jobs. The most popular form of employment in Ealing is in
business services. (23.4%) This then closely followed by the retail
and wholesale sector (21.9%). In Great Britain15.5% of employment is
in the business services sector hence there is a difference of nearly
8% when compared to Ealing.

There are 12 boroughs in London and only three have higher employment
percentage in retail and wholesale trade than Ealing. This is a good
sign because it means Ealing is not doing to badly on employment.
However, property prices are very high and therefore it means some
people can buy a house and must rent. Furthermore this leads them to
have less money to spend and it could result in my nursery having to
reduce rates considerably.


E1 Questionnaires-For my Primary Research I got the questionnaires
filled, as they are an effective method and allow the business to ask
specific questions from the customers. It can then see what the
response of the customer was before making any judgement. The
questions I designed are specifically related to my service. I got my
questionnaires filled from Ealing high street as my nursery will be in
Ealing only, went to different people and firstly asked them if they
have a kid who is between 0-3 years if they said yes then only I asked
them to fill the questionnaires. The questionnaires and the graphs are
attached in Appendix 3.

Analysis of Questionnaire-

My questionnaire was based on people who had children aged 0 to 5.
Hence everybody who answered the questions had a child between that
age group. If the candidate did not then their questionnaire was
cancelled, as they were not a suitable for the research I was looking

From the people I questioned 45% said they would need a private
nursery 5 days a week, so there is a demand for it.

55% of the people would prefer a better changing facilities and other
snacks, along with this having a safe environment is the most
important quality for the parents followed by keeping child safe and

At present the parents mostly used the services of Asquith court
followed by Saplings.

Most parents said they would require the services of the nursery in

I received a 80% response from parents that they would be interested
in sending their children to a day nursery. The other 20% did not want
their children to attend a private nursery. So overall I can use this
as a big positive because there seems to be high level of interest.

18% of people said that they did not have access to their own
transport. I have to keep this in mind when situating my nursery. This
is so that it should have reasonable transports links, or be
accessible for customers.

80% of the candidates were in full time employment. The remaining 20%
were unemployed or in part time employment. This seems good because if
the number of full time employees increased then it will mean that
more people will need some one to look after their children.

80% of the candidates said they would prefer a day nursery than a
nanny to look after their children. Once again I can use this to my
benefit because the majority would use my service instead of a nanny.

85% of the candidates said they could recommend a friend or a relative
who may be interested in sending their child to a day nursery. This
also sounded well because if customers recommend my service to others
it will mean a higher turnover and possibly more profit for the

I received an overwhelming response from candidates saying that
sending children to day nursery was one of the best methods to
introduce children to the concept of learning. A small minority did
not agree with us.

9%of the candidates said they would be willing to pay between £0-100
per week for their children to attend a day nursery. However 21% said
they would be willing to pay £101-200 and 70% of people are willing to
pay £201+, so I will be keeping my price as £201, since 70% of people
agree to this price.

Now that I have completed my questionnaire and have analysed it, I
believe that there would be demand for my service and that I should go
ahead with opening a nursery. However social and political topics in
the future could have a great influence to my business.

Face to face Interviews-For my primary research I also had
face-to-face interviews with the customers as I thought it is a useful
method to interact with the public, and find out their views of a
nursery in their area.


E1 For secondary research I used the following sources, which were
quite helpful for my business.

Newspapers-With the help of financial times I was able to learn about
the economy as well about the competitors.

Government-I was able to get information from ONS (Office for National
Statistics), DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) that was quite
helpful as it gave me information about employment in Ealing.

Internet-I used this source as it’s a invaluable research tool and was
able to get useful information about the market and its competitors.

Books-I used this source, as I was able to get ideas on topics such
as: designing a plan, legal implications, and recruitment.

Pest Analysis on Day Nurseries

C1 The pest analysis may sound very strange however many businesses
carry it out to find out what external factors can affect the
business. The Pest analysis stands for:

Ø Political

Ø Economic

Ø Social

Ø Technological

Political-There are many political factors that can affect the market
of a day nurseries. This is because external factors such as war or
terrorist attacks can cause paranoia amongst the public and they can
loose faith in the services being offered to them. What’s more is that
there are many legal factors that can affect the recruitment for
employees. Currently today an employee at private day nursery must
have several qualification or must have taken certain courses from
them to be legally qualified.

There are several employment polices in the UK which I must follow to
operate legitimately. For instance employment regulations such as the
Sex Discrimination Act are followed worldwide. However different
countries have their own age and minimum wage regulations. I must not
break any of these laws otherwise I could face legal action. The
current government is introducing subsidised childcare costs/benefits

I should follow those subsidies only.

Economic-Currently, the UK’S economy is battling its way out of an
economic recession. Therefore with the rate of a family’s income and
the state of economy will greatly determine how much I can charge per
child. The rate of inflation will also affect the rate I charge
because if prices go up then it will mean that I have to increase how
much I charge.

The amount of import and export will affect the amount of wealth
leaving and entering the UK.Therefore if there is unbalance it will
affect my business and how much I charge.

At the moment an average salary for nursery worker is based in the
region 12 to 15 thousand pounds. If there were a shortage of workers
or the pay went up then it would mean that I would have to pay more to
a worker and possibly charge customers extra.

Social-There are many social factors that can affect the looking after
of children. This is because recent topics such as paedophilia and
child abuse may put of some people from putting their children in day
nurseries because they may lose faith.

Some workers who haven’t got the legal qualifications must not be
recruited if discovered it could become a major media topic and
possibly dent the market heavily.

Recently parents have been advised to spend more time with their
children at young age and do basic learning activities. Parents who
don’t have time will be more eager to send their children to a day
nursery so that they can don’t miss out on their learning.

Furthermore research (Harralambos and Holborn Sociology themes and
perspectives fifth edition) has proved that more women single parents
are going to work than ever before. As well as that generally more
women are going to work than ever before. Therefore their children
would require a place to be looked after in. Finally family values
have changed dramatically, in previous years most family’s had a
strong bond and these days some families don’t have a strong enough
bond. For instance strong bonds grandchildren being looked after by
their grandparents .Yet these days this is not always the case hence
parents have to find other alternatives.

The research about the social trends is in Appendix 4.

Population Growth

Since around 1650, the world human population has grown massively, at
an increasing rate until recently, from some size of the order of 500
million, to over 6 billion now.

Demographic Transition

In the ‘industrialised’ or ‘developed’ world, during this period of
growth, national populations have largely completed going through what
is called the ‘demographic

Transition’. The UK population is projected to increase from 59.6
million in 2003 to 65.7 million in 2031. Population growth is expected
to continue beyond that date, peaking around 2050 at nearly 67 million
and then gradually starting to fall. All this shows that with the
increase in population there will be increase in the number of kids
hence more people will be sending their kids to nurseries.

All the research, which I have done, based on demographic policies,
trends in birth, change in family size, population movements is in
Appendix 4


Technological-The technological factors can be the invention of new
toys if any new toys or any equipment is being introduced then the
nursery has to adopt that because no parent would want there child to
be using old fashioned toys or equipment.


Day Nurseries are more in demand than ever before. Therefore many
small firms have seen a gap in the market and have tried to expand.

Below is a list of all the major private day nurseries: as you can see
that the market leader is ‘Asquith Court’. It occupies 60 nurseries in
1999 and its main rival is Kinderquest who has 38 nurseries. Busy bees
are another name to watch out for because it has 23 nurseries yet
expanding regularly.

There is a market for new comers such as:

Saplings: 3 Nurseries

Kindercare: 2 Nurseries

The Birrell Collection: 5 Nurseries.

These new comers have relatively small market share. Although demand
is high and therefore they too could expand a lot more.

Chart for Competitor Analysis

Jingle Bells

Asquith Court


Busy Bees






Service Quality


Very Good


Very Good


8 am- 6 pm

8am – 6pm

8 am – 6 pm

8 am – 6 pm
















Special offers





All of the nurseries listed above occupy children aged from 0-5
because they all teach by the National Curriculum and are inspected by


C1 The target customers for my nursery will be parents who have got
kids aged between 0 and 5 years because they will be the ones who will
be willing to put their kids into my nursery. The children will be
basically from upper class and middle class parents who will be coming
in my nursery as the rates, which I have, are reasonable which both
these class of parents can pay.


C1 As after doing my questionnaires I can see that there is likely
demand for my

A1 service as all the questionnaires I have got filled are from
candidates who have

Kids aged between 0 and 5 years.


C1 Expected Turnover for the first 12 months is £2654 based on 573

A2 Sales break-even figures

£37046 (Total Overheads)

_______________________ X 100 = 82,324

45% (Gross Profit Margin%)



Ø “Jingle Bells Limited will be having a committed staff ”.

Ø Will be attending needs of the customers.

Ø Will have a good service.

To produce a business plan for a new product or service. This business
plan includes:

Ø A market analysis for the product or service.

Ø A marketing plan.

Ø A production and quality assurance plan.

Ø A financial plan, including a spreadsheet or similar document
produced using IT.

Ø An evaluation of all components of the plan.

Marketing Objectives

Marketing objectives are very important for every business as they
reflect and contribute to the achievement of the overall business
objectives hence my business objectives are:

Jingle Bells will within the first three years in Nursery:

Ø Establish the business name and reputation.

Ø Increase profitability to 15% by achieving more bookings.

Ø Achieve a market share of 10%.

Ø Expand the business by opening another branch if there is reasonable

Ø Employ 2 more additional staff.

Where are we now?

After conducting my market research I have come to a conclusion that
there is reasonable demand for the type of business I am planning to
open. This is because in my questionnaire I have managed to establish
the fact that parents both single and married parents are willing to
send there to a private day nursery.

The market itself is in the growth stage and has not yet matured. This
is useful towards my business because it shows that there is a larger
chance for the business to be successful than it would be when
entering a matured market.

I found out in my market research that Salaries in London were higher
than anywhere else in the country; once again this meant that more
people could afford to pay rates, which I am going to charge.

My market research also showed me that small and medium sized
businesses could also be targeted because some employees may have to
limit their hours of work so that they can look after their children.
However, they may extend their hours of work if they sent their
children to my private day nursery.

The major competitors in my market are: Asquith Court, Busy Bees and
Princess. They can be found on my list of competitors, which I found
when conducting my market research. I will try to look at how they do
things and which methods they use and then use the best ones for my

Finally I have discovered the major political economic social and
technological factors that affect my business when operating
successfully. What ‘s more is that there are some factors which I have
no control and therefore advance precautions may be suitable.

Where do we want to be?

Once the business is ready to open, I will want the following to be
achieved in the early stages (1-2yrs)

Ø Establish the business name

Ø Break even

Ø Having a small promotion campaign running in selected areas

Ø Having a stable and strong work force

Ø Increase the number of children to highest ever after 1year

Ø Increase market share

Ø Expand the business by opening another branch if there is reasonable

Once the business has established its name it will mean repeat
business form existing customers and the customers introducing
friends. Futher more a good reputation may also result in competitor’s
customers coming to my nursery.

It ‘s essential for my business to break even otherwise it will result
in bankruptcy, further more the main incentive of the business is to
make a profit and this is only be achieved once the business break
evens and progresses further.

Having small promotion campaign in local areas will result in raising
awareness amongst the public and possibly attract new customers.
Futhermore It will help people remember the business for the future,
if they ever need to use it.

A strong and stable workforce will mean that the children can build
good relationship bond with the workers and not need to readjust
regularly. Futhermore the business will run more efficiently with a
stable work force because staff will be more experienced and have good
relationship with each other.

After a year the business will be well established and the major goal
would be to increase the number of children. This will also result in
increasing market share and possibly making more profit. If there is
an excessive demand then I may also consider expand the business and
opening another branch or alternatively expanding the existing one if
possible. Hopefully this too, will result in a larger market share and
more profit.

How are we going to get there?

Strategy and the four P’S (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

I will have to consider the four P’s when deciding to form a strategy
for my business. This is because the strategy will help me target
certain customers and try to maximise the success of the business.

The four P’s are:

Ø Promotion

Ø Price

Ø Product

Ø Place

These 4P’s are crucial because it’s them that will have a big impact
on the customers. This is because each P will determine to some extent
how much money my business takes in.

E2 Product-My particular product is a service .The service is

C1 children aged between 0to5.Futhermore,once they reach the age of 3
they will

be taught by the national curriculum.

Throughout their stay the children will be developing their
coordination skills and learning the alphabet as well as numbers. Each
child will have a chance to sit down with a member of staff once a
week and have one to one with them. This could range from private
reading to games and discussing problems or issues.

There will be events in the school holidays such as painting and trips
for kid’s aged 3+. As well as those parents who wish to come in at
some point to watch their children learn are most welcome.

I will try to look at teaching methods used by competitors and see
which methods can be useful to me .The nursery will open in the
morning at 7:30 am so that children can be dropped in the morning by
their parents. However the learning itself will start from 9 am .The
nursery will close at 6pm.The long operating hours will allow more
flexibility to parents.

There will be a number of breaks and lunchtime for children to relax;
this is not to say that they are going to be working all day long.
Mainly because they will be taking part in fun and educating
activities. However, lunch times and breaks will allow them to recover
and have rest.

The Product Life Cycle

A product life cycle shows the four stages that all products go
through in their lifetime. However the amount of time they take to get
to each stage and how long they stay there depends on the level of
success they achieve .The four stages of production life cycle are:

Ø Introduction Stage

Ø Growth Stage

Ø Maturity Stage

Ø Decline Stage


The introduction stage is when a product is newly introduced to the
market and wants potential customers to hear about it. It tries to
raise awareness by focusing mainly on the four P’s (Product, Pricing,
Distribution, Promotion). My business has already passed from the
growth stage as there are a number of day nurseries which people are
aware of hence my nursery will be new in the market but people already
know about it.


The growth stage is when the product has made an impact on the market
and is building customers regularly. It now looks forward to the
maturity stage. My business is on the growth stage because it has made
a impact on the market but it still has to build up customers.


The maturity stage is when the product has reached its peak. However
now it looks to remain there with high and regular sales with existing
customers. My business is at the growth stage since its new in the
market hence it will need time to come to the maturity stage.


The decline stage is when the products demand falls and is not wanted
by many. At times the product might be taken of the market due to poor
rate of success. Since my business is new hence it’s at the growth
stage so after 6 months only I can say where does my business stand.


Flowchart: Preparation: Day Nurseries Market


The day Nursery market is reached the growth period and has not yet by
far matured; this is because demand for day nurseries is growing
rapidly day-by-day. Mainly because more single parents and women are
going to work hence they need a place for their children to be looked
after in. Furthermore there is a shortage in some parts of the UK for
day nurseries. It’s passed through the introduction period because day
nurseries are chosen over nannies today as I found out in my market
research; because children can learn and play at the same time.

I will look around my local area and see where the most suitable
location would be to base my day nursery. What’s more is that day
nurseries face indirectcompetion from Crèches. For instance some
offices, gyms and leisure places have special areas to look after
children while the parents can be alone.

On the whole I still believe that the Nursery still has few years to
go until it can mature, as well as that if events such as sexual
harassment or poor learning for children take place in a day nurseries
then it could mean it will face decline period.

SWOT Analysis

This method is used to find Strengths, Weekness, Opportunities and
Threats within my business. Futhermore I can see which areas are doing
well and where improvements can be made. It also allows me to hunt for
nay opportunities that may be around.

Strengths-The fact that I have drawn up a business plan for my
business will allow me to form a base for all the different aspects
that I may come across when planning my business. What’s more is that
the market research that I have conducted will help me greatly, due to
the fact that I will have a better understanding of the market and the
hazards that lie in it as well as the opportunities. I have a good
understanding regarding other areas of business that I have learnt in
my other units; this too should be very helpful .My market is in the
growth section in the product life cycle, therefore I may come across
more opportunities and chances of success than I would if my market
was matured.

Weaknesses-With any new businesses there are areas, which will affect
the rate of success. For instance entering the new market is always
difficult and can sometimes result in business not establishing them
properly and possibly going bankrupt. It will take time for me to gain
a reasonable amount of customers because some aspects of the
promotional campaign may not be as successful. The competitors whom I
am competing against will hold a strong share in the market hence it
will be complex to compete against them directly in the early stages
of the business. Therefore my main objective would be to establish the
business and breakeven.

Opportunities-As mentioned before, my market has not yet matured and
so it will be easier to find or attract customers than it would be in
a matured or declining market. More women and single parents going out
to work which would also allow me to explore the market and possibly
gain more customers. Furthermore I can approach employers or employees
and make them aware about the service that I provide which could be
useful in the future.

Threats-New businesses face the threat of not covering their costs and
can sometimes dig themselves deep holes. I will be cautious regarding
this issue and therefore will only go ahead with the business if there
is a reasonable chance of success. In addition to this my competitors
will also be a threat to the business. Current affairs such as child
abuse and pedophilia may put people off from sending their children to
day nurseries.

In conclusion to the SWOT analysis above I can conclude on the fact
that there will be a considerable amount of threats and weaknesses,
which I must also make sure that the strengths and opportunities are
maximized to make the business stronger.

Ansoff Matrix

Ansoffs Matrix revolves around four different catrgories. Each
category tells the business what should be its next move. This is
because the four stages: market Penetration, Product Development,
Market Development and Diversification lead the business to another

Market Penetration-is selling a larger quantity to the existing
customers of the business. This is not applicable to my business as my
business is selling the current product to the new customers.

Product Development-is introducing new products to the business
existing customers. This is also not applicable to my business as my
business is selling the existing product to the new customers.

Market Development-is selling the current products to new customers. I
will be starting a new product hence I will be selling an existing
service but to new customers

Diversification-is going to a new market and selling new products.
This is also not applicable to my business as my business is the
current product to new customers.

A diagram to show Ansoffs Matrix:


I will be starting a new product hence I will be selling an existing
service but to new customers. This is known as market development.
Although I could vary certain aspects of the service in the future
(Product Development).If business becomes a success then I may move on
to penetrate the market by reducing the price and trying to expand and
increasing the number of children.Futhermore I may choose to diversify
in another market if my current market fails, or I see a gap in
another market.

Distribution & Place - Goods and services are often available in many
E2 places depending on the demand by the consumers. My particular
service is

C1 going to be based in areas of west London. This is because my

research (questionnaire) resulted in a promising response.

The site itself will be split up into different areas. For instance a
play area for the ids, learning area, lunchtime break area, toilets
and seating area and fire exit.

To add to that flooring will be carpet and the nursery itself will
have brightly coloured walls so that it appeals to the children.

The seating area will have cushions on which the children can sit on
and there will be area in the kitchen, which will accommodate any food
or drink bought in by the children. However, the children will be
provided with food and drink from us.

Price –In most products, price is the key influence of purchase.
Private Day E2 Nurseries are seen as higher class of early learning
with a cost. Families who

C1 are on low income may not be able to afford it. However, I will try
to charge

A2 below my competitor’s rates and try to encourage more
people to put there

children in my Day Nursery.

Some day nurseries charge per week and I will start off doing the same
however, if need to be I may charge per session and make sure that the
highest quality is offered to both the parents and children. In result
the business will build up a good reputation, this. Once the business
has regular customer then I may become more flexible during holiday

The amount I charge will also depend on the number of kids there are
to a worker. This is because if there are only one or two kids to a
worker, then the price for each kid will be high. However, if there
are four to six kids to a worker, then the price will be much lower.
Another factor for price is, the equipment children use to build there
learning and coordination skills. This is because if each child has
his/her own mini computer then the rates charged will be higher than
if they use just books and toys.

Overall I feel that I can charge just below my competitor’s rates
(market penetration) because the market researched has proved that
this type of market is in the growth period, therefore there is
reasonable demand for the service I am going to provide.

Promotion-Without promotion not many people will hear the service I am
E2 offering. Therefore it’s absolutely essential that I choose the
best methods to

C1 promote the business and the business name. However, I must
consider the

cost and justify it against the effect it will have on the business.
For instance it will be pointless to do random leaflets, mainly
because most people will not be interested in the service being
offered .I must also remember that as the opening date is coming
closer, much more money is pumped into marketing since I would want
people to hear the business. Hear are some of the methods that are
available to me.

Television-The adverts are a very useful method because it will give
me a chance to show the internal view of the nursery. However, I will
not be using this method because it will cost too much and not be
effective enough. This is because the advert will be seen nationally,
however my business is based in West London, and those who see advert
in other areas such as Manchester will not be able to use the service
as they live to far away.

Internet-This method has become common in the last few years. This is
because in the previous years not many people used the
Internet.However, when advertising on the Internet will use graphics
of toys and bright colours to make it attractive as well as have an
e-mail link and telephone number for booking or enquires. A website is
often cheap to set up and extremely useful. Therefore I will consider
this to be one of the main marketing tools to promote the business.

Newspapers and Magazines-In the early stages of the business I may
consider advertising in pregnancy magazines or women’s health
magazines. This is because as my market research proved earlier on
that more women are going out to work than ever before. Therefore
their children require a place to be looked after in. Overall I think
I will use this method at some stage.

Radio-adverts are useful when they are to the point and get the
message across to the listener. I will not be using this in the early
stages of the business, however, I could use this method once I carry
out extra market research and discover what radio stations my
potential customers listen to.

Billboards and Posters-Are one of the slightly cheaper methods. The
two are very similar however billboards are much bigger and eye
cathching.the method is useful because a picture can be shown of the
service, which is one offer. Nevertheless if it doesn’t appeal to the
public then it will be a waste of money and time. Therefore it’s
critical that the poster and billboards are designed carefully. The
location of the posters and billboards will have great impact on the
response. This is because if they are not in an eye-catching location
then not as many people will see them.

Leaflets-Are going to be one of the major tools and I am going to use
to promote my service this is because, I will get leaflets put through
the doors in the local area as well as being given to young and middle
aged women in high streets. The method itself is cheap and cost









Local Newspaper





28 days



Once in the monthly issue







28 days


Total Cost


Explanation- I am going to advertise in local newspaper for 1 month so
everyday I am going to give a advert about my nursery, the second
media which I am going to use is to advertise in women health and
pregnancy magazine, since they come out every month hence one month
before my nursery starts I am going to advertise in these magazines,
the third media is to give out leaflets in west London basically in
Ealing because my nursery is in west Ealing so if I give out leaflets
in that area then the people will be aware about my nursery. I am also
going to have my nurseries website in which all the details will be
there so any one who wants to access it can do so and find out the
details which they want, this is going to cost me # 2000, hence my
total cost for advertising will be £ 5000.

The research of the costs of advertising in different media I have
attached in Appendix 5.



E3 Front Aspect View Uxbridge Road Han well W7




*1200 SQFT*




A first and second floor suite of offices situated on the Uxbridge
Road opposite the Clock Restaurant. The premises have been recently
decorated and also benefit from new fitted carpet. Ideal for
any-professional business such as a solictors. Available immediately.

£10,000 Per Annum

Uxbridge Road, Ealing W13

Own entrance, stairs to first floor.

First Floor

Office 1

Size: 300 sqft.

Front aspect

Kitchen: fully fitted

Second Floor

Office 2

Size: 400 sqft.

Rear aspect

Office 3

Size: 400 sqft

Rear aspect

Office 4

Size: 400 sqft.

Rear aspect

Terms: Lease via Negotiation

Outgoings £300 per month to cover utilities and business rates.

Site Location (Land)

The above is a reasonable location for me to base my private
children’s day nursery because it’s ideally located and can
accommodate 12-20 children. This figure was discovered in my market
research. I believe 12-20 children will be enough to cover costs and
make my business a success. Futhermore it’s based on Uxbridge road and
therefore there are vital bus links. What’s more is that there is a
free car park opposite my selected premises.

The premises rent is £10,000 per annum and rates are £300 a month to
cover utilities and business rates.

£10,000 divided by 12 equals £833

Therefore each month rent will be £833 and £300 rates so in total it
will be £1133 a month.

The plan of my premises is in Appendix 6.


E3 There will be several pieces of equipment, which I would
need to purchase

A2 before the nursery is opened. I will have an opening budget of
£3000 to spend

on toys for the children. The toys will be purchased for all ranges. I
have visited the Early Learning Centre website ( and
have ordered a catalogue as well as printing a few samples which are
in appendix 2.To add to that I have registered with the ELC and will
obtain 10% discount for each purchase I make from them. All the toys
bought will be used to educate and develop coordination skills. This
is because my market research proved that parents would want their
children to learn these skills when attending a private nursery.

I will also need to purchase sitting equipment for the kids as well as
small desks where they can draw and learn to write on. Futhermore I
must buy reasonable stationary such as coloured pencils and paper that
children can use while learning and having fun.

For staff I have to buy seating and admin equipment so that they can
work as efficiently as possible. Finally there must be seating in the
main reception for the visitors. The seating for the adults and staff
plus equipment can be bought from office world which is in appendix 2
.The equipment for the kids will have to be bought from different
place such as ELC.Overall, I believe £800 should be enough to cover
the costs.

However, I will have to allocate another £600 to purchase a computer
for the nursery that will keep details of all the children and
emergency contact details. Futhermore, these details will be backed up
on paper in a separate file. The computer can be ordered through Dell
at (

The premises is fully carpeted, and the kitchen is fully refurbished
therefore this will save me money, however, to make the nursery look
nicer I will have a few posters and some flowers at the reception and
some showpieces. I believe I will need £100 to cover these costs. The
show/decorative pieces can be purchased from normal high street shops
like Woolworth’s.


E3 My particular service is not actually delivered to the
customer such as

takeaway would do or a pizza shop. Instead customers will have to come
to my service. I will allow £5000 to a local promotional campaign
involving leaflets being given out that will help people become aware
of it.


Inputs Transformation Process Output

Customer Satisfaction

Word of Mouth


Long Term Survival



Man Hours (Labour)





Customer Service

No. of bookings

Gross Takings


Service Process










Efficiency Doing
things right=Effiency

(Minimum input for maximum output)

Effectiveness Doing the right things = Effectiveness

The diagram above shows the Service Delivery of my day nursery, its
starts with inputs which includes the premises, it will have some
space where the stock will be kept such as all daily stuff, it will
also include the man hours that is the labour, will also have cash and
capital that is the money coming by my customers, will also include
all the information which the customers require such as prospectus
which will include all the details and will also have details about
the customers service, the next box includes the service process that
is all the services which my nursery provides to its customers, the
first will be customers satisfaction which is that my staff will make
sure that all the customer needs should be satisfied and what all
changes which the customers want should be done so that the customers
do not have any problems, the third box includes the output that is
the number of bookings I will be having in my nursery and then finding
out how much profit is my nursery making which will show whether my
nursery is doing well, if not then I have to find out what more can be
done so that my nursery does well, the final box includes the outcome
that is are the customers satisfied with the service which my nursery
provides if not then have to make sure what all the customer wants and
do accordingly.

First Floor

[IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE] Reception Receptionist
Phone Bookings Arrival



Second Floor

[IMAGE][IMAGE]Room for 0-3 year kids Room for 3-5 year kids
Room for break and lunch times

First Floor:

Office one: will be the main reception area where parents /guardians
can come to drop and pick up their children. There will be a
receptionist sitting in the reception and a phone will be kept so that
she can make appointments with the parents for the bookings and also
if any parent wants a prospectus or wants to ask any information they
can ask from the receptionist. When the parents come to drop their
kids they will drop them in the receptionist and one of the staff will
be taking them to their rooms from their only. Furthermore there will
be seats that parents can use to sit on if they wish to wait for a
small period. There will be kitchen, which will be used by the staff.

Second Floor:

Will have a room for children aged 0-3 years old and the learning
activities will take place in this area, it will also have room for
children aged 3-5 years old and the learning activities will take
place in this area. This will also have a room which will be the
largest area in the premises and will be used for break and lunch
times as well as there will be a small area where children can leave
their coats and bags in the morning or lunch boxes.


E3 In my nursery there will be 4 employees including me, I will
be the head who

will be in charge of everything then there will be one assistant
manager who will assist me in the work and there will be two more
assistants who will take care of the kids.

The general rule is that 1 adult can be allocated to a maximum of
kids. However, in my nursery I will have 1 adult to 4 kids (batch
production due to age group). Therefore at first I will have four
employees and see if I need to recruit more or reduce the hours of
existing ones. Four children to 1 employee is reasonable as I feel the
children will be given more attention and will benefit than they would
if it were 1 employee to six children.

Each employee will be paid an hourly wage of £6.50phr.This is a
competitive rate because an average employee in a nursery in Ealing is
paid £6 to £8 an hour as I found out in my market research .If an
employee works full time then they will earn:

Ø 40hr times £6.50= £250

Ø £250 times 4 employees= £1000 a week.



E3 Since I am doing a service so there will not be anything else apart
from milk

C1 that will be delivered to me, I will be getting milk every
morning at 8 am in

A2 order to feed the kids, I have to make sure the milk should be
delivered at.

time every morning


E3 The premises will be divided as the following:

First Floor:

Office one: will be the main reception area where parents /guardians
can come to drop and pick up their children. Furthermore there will be
seats that parents can use to sit on if they wish to wait for a small

The Kitchen: will have normal kitchen utensils and a lock on the door
to prevent children from opening it.

WC: will be fitted in so that children and staff can use it.

Second Floor:

Office two: will be for children aged 0-3 years old and the learning
activities will take place in this area.

Office three: will be for children aged 3-5 years old and the learning
activities will take place in this area.

Office four: is the largest area in the premises and will be used for
break and lunch times as well as there will be a small area where
children can leave their coats and bags in the morning or lunch boxes.

Insurance and Security

Text Box: Public Liability £375.00
Employers’ Liability £300.00
Tools & Goods in Transit £475.00
Subtotal £1,150.00
7.5% Online Discount £86.26
Discounted Total £1,063.74
Insurance Premium Tax £53.18
Total £1,116.92

The Premises must have insurance and be secure at all times. I will
have to have annual insurance policy so that I am fully insured.
Futhermore I will have a security alarm so that the police can be
called when intruders break into the nursery.

Below is a quote from an insurance company:

Call 0808 100 8238 for your free no-obligation survey (
this is the number I called to obtain a quote from ADT to find out how
much I will be charged. They said: that they will charge me £300 to
install the alarm and £1.98pence per day, thereafter for monitoring

So total = £1.98 times 365= £722.70p per year.



E3 I have to make sure the parents have been provided with good
service and the

children are taken good care of then only my business will expand as
by giving good service the parents will be happy and will recommend
their friends and relatives to bring their children to my nursery as
the children are taken good care of.


The staff, which I recruit, should be well qualified so that they can
take good care of the children and what all needs to be done should be
done correctly so that the parents are happy with the services which
my nursery provides, n they should not complain about anything.


Have to make sure that all the things should be done well, the
children should be taken care of properly so that the parents feel
happy about it. The services are provided well to the parents and also
make sure the staff looks after the children properly at all times.

I will have three major points of sale. The first one is
parents/guardians coming to reception and paying for their children to
come to the nursery. The second one is to go on line and book via
email. Finally third option is to phone up the nursery and book the
children in. All these methods will have a batch production linked
with them. This is because their will be two separate age groups 0to3
and 3 to5.


There are several regulations and laws that my business must follow
when recruiting employees from my nursery. The four basic work acts

Ø The Race Relations Act 1976

Ø The Sex Discrimination Act 1975

Ø The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Ø The Equal Pay Act 1970

The Race Relation Act 1976

My business must comply with this act in three different ways this is
because they are three different types of discrimination that can take
place. Direct discrimination takes place when one person is treated
more favourably then someone else. Indirect discrimination takes place
when it seems that everyone is being treated the same however when
looking closely it shows that a certain group is not treated the same.
Finally Victimization occurs when an employee who has supported
another employee that has been discriminated by being a witness in
hearing is discriminated. My business must make sure that this does
not happen by paying close attention and each employee is given the
chance to comment if they feel that any sort of discrimination is
taking or has taken place.

The Sex Discrimination Act 1975

This act is one of the oldest ones that have been introduced. It was
enforced so no sexual discrimination can take place. My business
believes in equal opportunities and therefore no discrimination must
take place against staff regarding their sex. My business’s belief’s
are that each and every staff member disregarding their sex must be
treated the same. Once again I must make sure that none of this takes
place. Employees can put a case forward if they feel any activity,
which has taken place, does not comply within the act.

The Equal Act 1970

This is the oldest act out of the four. It was introduced due to women
being discriminated for doing the same jobs as men but being paid
less. My business makes sure that this does not happen because it pays
both men and women the same hourly rate for the same job.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This act was introduced to protect those with disabilities or a
physical disadvantage, which they may be suffering from. For instance
employees on a wheelchair will not be able to look after small
children or move around continuously.

The Other Regulations are that:

Ø Employees must have completed a full First Aid work

Ø Have no criminal conviction against children.

Ø Be prepared to be inspected by OFSTED, both the employees and the

Ø Be registered with national authorities.

Health And Safety

Employees will be given clear talk on Health and Safety when employed.
They will be given specific instructions in emergency situations. They
will also be told that they must keep the premises clean (including
kitchen) and suitable for children. As well as that, they must make
sure that there are no dangerous objects that can pose a threat to
children or themselves.

If the employees do not oblige the above then I will be held
responsible. Therefore they will either be told to oblige these or not

Other factors to be considered are:

Ø Basic Food Hygiene

Suitable for childminders and nursery and school staff, recognised by
OFSTED, RIPH certified, this “online” course is split into bite-sized
modules that can be completed in your own time from your own PC.

Ø Maternity Practitioner

Suitable for experienced carers wishing to progress into Maternity
Nannying who have previously had newborn experience or nannies wishing
to gain some newborn skills.

Ø Child Protection

Suitable for nursery staff, teachers and childminders this course

Ø Recognising and Preventing Childhood Illnesses

Suitable for parents and all carers, this 2-hour workshop provides
information on common aliments, signs and symptoms.

Ø Managing Challenging Behaviour

Suitable for nursery staff, teachers and childminders will help you
find more appropriate and enjoyable ways to manage young children.

Ø Sleep Management

Suitable for parents and all carers, this workshop enables you to have
general understanding of common sleep problems and how to prevent

Ø Baby Massage

Suitable for parents and all carers, this two hour practical workshop
teaches you general massage techniques for soothing childhood ailments
and assisting you to bond and relax with your new addition.

Information on legislation, signs and symptoms, policies and




Office Rent 1133


Fixtures and Fittings 2500


TV, Video 3000

Other items in play room 1000


Staff seating, Admin

Equipment and seating in the reception 800

Computer 600

Telephones 250

Stationary 300



Flowers and Showpieces 100


Total 14683


Explanation of Resources Needed

I would be needing money for all the resources which I will require in
order to run my nursery so listed above are the resources which I will
need starting with premises since I have taken a place on rent so I
will be paying my rent monthly which will be £1133 per month, then I
will require some equipments for my office hence have listed that such
as toys, TV , video, then in order to make people aware of my
business I will have to do some promotion so I will be spending £5000
on doing promotion like advertising in newspapers , magazines and also
I will be wanting some decorating stuff so for that I will be spending

Financial Plan

Now that I have carried out my market research, compiled my marketing
plan and have concluded my production plan. I will now go on to my
financial plan, which consists of five different areas.

Ø Cash Flow Forecast

Ø Balance Sheet

Ø Trading Account

Ø Profit and Loss Account

Ø Appropriation Account

Ø Breakeven

Summary of Costs and Expenses

When conducting my market research I discovered that I should
accommodate between 12 to 20 children a week .My market research
showed me that I should charge in the region of £150 to £250 per week.
This rate will include the children attending the nursery full time
(five days a week 9am to 6pm). What’s more is that the nursery will
feed the children.

Initially I will charge £150 per child so that the business can
breakeven not struggle to find customers if I was charging £200 to
£250.I hope to have 12 children signed on through promotion before the
nursery opens.

£150 multiplied by 12 children= £1800 per week and £200 per month. The
business will have a opening balance of £500 from my personal savings
so that it can over come any small financial difficulties it may face
during its opening.

The rent for the business premises is £833 a month plus there are
rates of £300 a month, so in total it will be £1133 a month.

The other expenses are based on a stationary (e.g. paper pens
pencils), children’s food. These will vary compared to the number of
children I have attending the nursery. This is because more children
will result in higher expenses. Overall I hope to have more children
in the holiday periods (e.g. summer).

Each staff will be paid £250(£6.50 an hour) a week and will work 40
hours. The nursery is open 45 hours a week and each day consists of 9
hours. So staff will be working 8 hours a day with a 1-hour lunch
break. Overall I wish to have 4 employees and me.

4 employees= £1000 a week wages or £4000 a month. Personally I wish to
draw £1000 to £1200 a month and possibly more during busy periods. I
will have a monthly loan repayment of £250.

Finally I will also have a business account over draft limit of £1500
a month from the bank. Therefore if need be, I can brow £1500 a month
to cover expenses.



E4 The following page will consist of my cash flow forecast, which I

A2 designed for 1 year. Each area of the Cash flow forecast has
been explained

above. The main purpose of this cash flow forecast is to help me judge
the amount of cash that would be flowing through the business and
which areas I may need to focus on more e.g.(reduce costs)furthermore
it can help me observe other areas such as sales and targets that are
set at the beginning of the year. Finally the main incentive being
that the business does face a financial crisis.


Explanation Cash Flow

The main purpose of this cash flow forecast is to help me judge the
amount of cash that would be flowing through the business and which
areas I may need to focus on more e.g.(reduce costs)furthermore it can
help me observe other areas such as sales and targets that are set at
the beginning of the year. Each month there is a different amount as
sometimes there will be more spending and somewhere there will be
less, apart from the rates, rent and loan rest everything keeps
increasing or decreasing because the rent is fixed and also the loan
which I have taken from the bank. Inorder to start my business I need
a loan hence I will be taking £3000 from the bank as loan and then
will be paying back £ 250 each month for 12 months, It is very
essential for me to take loan from the bank as I need money to start
my business, hence I will be paying back the bank each month. I need
money in the starting only hence will be taking loan in the beginning
and then as my business starts then I will be getting money as and
when I will be having bookings. Overall I believe that my business
does have a successful cash flow forecast, however, I must remember
that it’s only a forecast and there may be situations that I may have
not considered which I will discuss later on.








Flowers & Show
pieces 100








Monthly 48000




Explanation of Annual Budgets

In order to have a successful business I have to allocate a budget for
my business hence above I have made a annual budget for my business
for example how much I will be spending on promotion, how much I will
be paying my staff, monthly rent and also have allocated some amount
for expenses all this is for one year.

Calculation of capital, sales and expenditure budget is in Appendix 5



This will help look at how much profit or loss the business makes at
the end of the year. This type of account has three parts linked to
it, which are:

Ø Trading Account

Ø Profit and Loss Account

Ø Appropriation Account


The trading account looks at the amount of revenue and overheads that
have taken place .The profit and loss account looks at the net figure
from the two; it could be either positive or negative number. Finally
the appropriation tax looks at the things like corporation tax.
Although I haven’t actually started to trade my business, I cannot
have an accurate profit and loss account. Therefore the results are
based from my cash flow forecast.


This is the final part of the part of the profit and loss account .It
takes in to consideration all the taxation and the figure left at the
end shows the net profit made by the business. This profit can then be
used by the business in a number of ways. Such as giving employees
bonus or saving the profit for any financial crisis that the business
may go through in the future.









RENT 9996

RATES 3600



LOAN 3000





Explanation of Profit and Loss A/c

The Profit and Loss account is very important for all the businesses
as it tells you where does your business stand so it is very important
for my business in order to find out at the end of one year how did my
business do in one year and also where does my business stand if you
have made profit then it shows that the business is doing well but if
it’s a loss then have to think about what all needs to be done so that
the business does not make any loss. I have calculated my profit and
loss at the end of one year my income from clients comes to£88200 and
I get £ 500 as additional income so my total income comes to £88700
and after taken out all the expenses I make a profit of £2654 and if I
take out tax which is £ 200 then I am left with £2454 as my profit
which shows that my business is going to do well.



A business uses a balance sheet to show where its revenue is coming
from and where it’s going .the balance sheet must balance so that the
Inland Revenue can see that the business is paying the right amount of
tax and not hiding income. My balance sheet will show where my revenue
comes from and where it is spent.
























(CA-CL) 1571












Explanation of Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is very important for all the business’s as we can see
at the end of each year where does our business stand hence I have
also made a balance sheet to see where does my business stand, after
calculating all the things my net assets and my capital comes out to
be equal which shows that my business is going to do well.



Every single business wants to breakeven at least and then go on to
make a profit. The breakeven chart shows the business how much it has
to sell for it too breakeven (cover it costs). It considers the both
the fixed and variable costs. For my particular business the breakeven
chart will show me how many children I must accommodate each week so
that I could cover my costs.

This is the equation used to find the breakeven point:

Per Unit

I am going to charge £150 per week to accommodate each child. I will
allow £5 expenses a week for each kid for things such as refreshments.
Therefore the contribution will be £145.

Price –Variable Cost=Contribution

Fixed Cost

_________ = Breakeven


£150-£5= £145


______ = 573 Bookings


573 divided by 52 weeks =11 Kids/Week.

Total Cost = Fixed cost + Variable cost

= 83026+5=83031/52= 1597

Total Sales = 150 x 11kids=1650

Fixed cost = 83026/52=1596

This means I have to look after 573 kids each year for my business to
breakeven. Alternatively I have to look after 11 children a week. This
seems achievable because my market research showed me that I could
accommodate 12-20 children a week.


Explanation of my Break-Even

A2 I have made a graph above showing my Breakeven that is where
the sales and

the total costs meet is my break even after calculating I have found
out that I will be looking after 11 children a week which is quite
good and it will be easier for my staff to look after these children,
as and when the number of children will increase then I will increase
the number of staff.



E4 As mentioned in financial and production plan I will be looking to
obtain a

A2 loan of £5000 from the bank. If the bank rejects my application,
then I will

consider getting a sleeping partner so that I can apply again for
lower amount. I could also find a partner and then half the
investment. This is because currently I have personal savings of £3500
and could use £2500 of this to open my business with my partner. When
discussing the plan with my father, he agreed to help whenever he
could so the last report to raise finance would be him. This is
because he has good credit rating with the bank and can obtain a loan
for my business. I will also require finance for paying my staff and
also to pay for the equipments.


In order to monitor my finance I will be having a junior clerk who
will be monitoring my accounts at the end of each year to see whether
I have done my accounts properly and if there are any mistakes been
made then he can rectify them. I will check my cash flow regularly and
also my budgets in order to locate any financial crisis in future and
be prepared for it.


The assets, which are there for security, will be fixture and fittings
and equipment that comes to a total of £8000, all this amount will be
security for my business, which is quite good as if any problem comes
then I can use these assets.


SERVICE 1 – The fourth service will be providing the kids the basic

SERVICE 2 –the second service which I will be giving to the kids is
having a room for them to sleep , all those kids who will be there the
whole day will be wanting to rest as they will be tired playing whole
day , hence whenever any kid is tired then the childminder can make
them sleep in that room.

SERVICE 3-The third service which I will offer is I will be having a
separate play room in which there will be plenty of toys with which
the kids can play the childminders are going to assist them.

SERVICE 4- The service which I will be offering will be giving milk to
the kids, whenever any kid is hungry or they want milk then I will be
giving them milk


SENIOR STAFF- The senior staff will be the assistant manager who is
going to assist me in the work of the nursery; she will be a qualified
and experienced childcare professional and will hold a recognised
childcare qualification including NNEB, PPA, BTec, and NVQ,this staff
will be doing more of work and will be the second person after me.

OTHER STAFF-The other staff will include 2 more people who are going
to have these qualifications as my assistant manager and they will
look after the kids in the nursery, like feeding the kids or playing
with them.



E5 This project will be successful because it is based on
market research as I did

primary research that is I got the questionnaires filled from my
potential customers which showed that there is demand for my business
, I did some secondary research like with the help of financial times
I was able to learn about the economy as well about the competitors, I
was also able to get information from the ONS(Office for National
Statistics) which was quite helpful as it gave me information about
employment in Ealing. I also used the internet to do my research as
it’s a valuable research tool and was able to get useful information
about the market and its competitors; I also used books as I was able
to get ideas on topics such as designing a plan, legal implications
and recruitment.


C2 Although my business has yet not started to trade, I can look at

Ø Cash Flow Forecast

Ø Balance Sheet

Ø Trading Account

Ø Profit and Loss Account

Ø Appropriation Account

Ø Breakeven

Ø Financial Ratios

And say that it will be worth me going ahead with my business plan so
that I can start up my private children’s day nursery. This is because
my market research in marketing plan helped me develop a cash flow
forecast. Although there are one or two periods when my business may
have a negative cash flow, I can overcome this problem with my
overdraft which I have available from the bank. To add that I have
included all the expenses and staff wages .My personal drawings/wages
will depend on the amount of trade that takes place. This is because
in busy periods I will draw out more from the business and draw less
when it’s not so busy. In December I have considered giving my
employees a Christmas bonus. This is shown on the cash flow forecast
because each employee receives a £250 bonus, there are four employees
so in total its £1000 extra for me to pay out. Hence the wage bill for
that month is £5000 and not £4000.Finally my cash flow forecast also
includes my loan repayment to the bank. Overall I believe that my
business does have a successful cash flow forecast, however, I must
remember that it’s only a forecast and there may be situations that I
may have not considered which I will discuss later on.

When looking at balance sheet initially I have a positive figure for
my net current assets and also my net assets and my capital employed
match with each other However, the main reason being that my
particular type of business does not hold much stock. Hence I will not
own as much assets as another business would. The two major things my
business owns is fixture and fittings as well as the equipment. There
will also be a small amount of food and stationary equipment as my
current assets, which is used by employees and to feed the children.
Nevertheless I have an overdraft limit with the bank, which I would
use when I require a small financial boost. The overall figure for
total assets is positive so once again this proves to me that it’s
worth going ahead with my financial plan.

The Trading account, Profit and Loss account and Appropriation account
all interrelate with each other. The Trading account for my business
shows that the total income (from cash flow forecast and marketing
plan) is much larger than cost of sales. Nevertheless we must also
consider other costs such as: rent, rates and utility expenses. The
profit and loss account provided me with a positive figure once the
expenses were taken away from the total income. From then on I had a
net profit figure before tax. The appropriation of the account
deducted the amount of tax and finally I was left with net profit of
£2564 so once again it seems that the business can be a success and
its worth going ahead with the plan.

My break-even analysis showed me that I need to look after an average
of 12 children a week so that I can cover my expenses and break even.
As mentioned before the figure directly interrelates with my market
research findings. This is because my market research gives me a
reasonable demand for the service I am going to provide. If I have an
increase in customers then I will consider employing more employees.
Alternatively if the business is going through a rough patch then I
will reduce the hours for each employee.

The six different financial ratios that I have carried out for my
business have showed me the following:

Current Ratio-has showed me that the business owns more assets then
its liabilities (current ratio 1.73). Although my particular type of
business does not hold much stock but the major assests are fixtures
and fittings as well as equipment. We must also put the cash in the

Acid Test Ratio-shows that the business can do well because this time
stock was excluded hence the end result being 1.50.If the result was
under 1 then there may have been some doubts with going ahead with the
business plan.

Gearing Ratio-shows that the business is 90% dependent on external
finance. However this will only be for the first year because the loan
I have taken out will be paid to the bank and the business should be
able to support it and not rely on the external source of finance.

Returns on Capital Employed Ratio-will definitely encourage investors
to invest within the business. This is because my figure of 48% shows
there is an extremely high return. However we must consider that the
business only needs £5000 to get started off, an then the following
year I may just spend £2000 to upgrade the equipment.

Net Profit Margin Ratio- proves that a 2.9% margin is available for my
chosen type of business. It’s a reasonable net profit margin because
the calculations include the deduction of all the overheads such as
rates and rents, wages as well as other expenses. Alternatively if the
net profit margin was in the region of 0-1.5%. Then I may reconsider
my decision of opening my business.

Gross Profit Margin Ratio-shows that the business has a 45% margin.
However, rent and other overheads bring the margin down. Nevertheless,
there is still a reasonable amount left over, which has encouraged me
to go ahead with my plan.

Obstacles that my business may face

With any business before and after its starts to trade there are
surprises and obstacles, which it may face. Sometimes they are
beneficial to the business while at other times they are harmful to a
business. I will be looking at obstacles, which will either halt the
opening of the business and those, which will affect the business once
it has started to trade in a negative way.

Sources of Finance-As mentioned in financial and production plan I
will be looking to obtain a loan of £5000 from the bank. If the bank
rejects my application, then I will consider getting a sleeping
partner so that I can apply again for lower amount. I could also find
a partner and then half the investment. This is because currently I
have personal savings of £3500 and could use £2500 of this to open my
business with my partner. When discussing the plan with my father, he
agreed to help whenever he could so the last report to raise finance
would before him. This is because he has good credit rating with the
bank and can obtain a loan for my business.

Not Enough Customers-My market research showed me that there is a
reasonable demand for my particular type of service, because it’s
still in the growth stage in the

Product life cycle. However, I am not guaranteed a certain amount of
customers because there are several factors that can effect people
using my service. Futhermore only research showed me that there was
demand. I will only find out for sure the level of demand once I start
to trade. The solution for low turnout is pumping more into promotion
and making people hear about my service as well as the value for money
they will receive if they buy into my service. I will not be lowering
prices instantly because if I lower them instantly then it will be
very hard in the future to rise prices back up.

Marketing Campaign Fails-If the marketing campaign fails then I will
look at my existing methods used (leaflets and questionnaires) and see
how effective they were. It may just be that I haven’t targeted the
right type of people at the right place. Alternatively I may have to
adapt to new methods such as door-to-door sales.

Employee Leaves-If an employee decides to leave then I will have to
recruit another one. This could be very easy, because I may get a good
response by advertising in the local paper. Alternatively I may not
receive a good response hence I will have to reconsider the
advertisement methods. I could go to a local job agency or to one,
which specialises in child day care jobs.

Dissatisfied Customer-There will be times when a customer may not be
happy about the service, which I am providing. Therefore I will train
each staff to handle this situation by taking the customer into a
quite place and listen to what his/her complain is. I will look at the
complain and try to do my best to avoid it happening in the future.
Futhermore when the business starts to trade three months in. I may
consider giving a questionnaire to the customers to find out what they
think of my business.

New Local Competitor-At the moment there are not nay major local
competitors, therefore, someone may decide to open another day nursery
near to my premises. I will then have to look at holding to on my
existing customers and maximise the level of service. To add that I
could launch another marketing campaign while the new business is
setting up and lower my prices for short period so that more people
hear about my business.

Market Forces-I will not have any control or influences on market
forces. Therefore I will have to adapt to market forces. For instance
if the child day care market is going through a rough patch, then the
businesses main objective will be to survive and break even.



E6 In order to plan if my business will be successful or not I
did primary research

and also I did secondary research both these researches helped me a
lot. I also went to the banks and got their business plan by the help
of which I was able to do my assignment. I also used the Internet to
do my research by the help of which I was able to find out about my


C4 In order to plan if my business will be successful or not I
did primary research

A3 in which I got the questionnaires filled from my potential
customers to find

out whether there is a market for my business or not and those
questionnaires helped me a lot as I was able to find out what are the
needs of my customers and then planned my business accordingly. I also
did secondary research by the help of which I was able to find about
my competitors and whether there is a demand for my business, both the
primary and secondary research helped me a lot. For my secondary
research financial times helped me a lot as I was able to learn about
the economy as well about the competitors, I was also able to get
information from the ONS (Office for National Statistics) which was
quite helpful as it gave me information about employment in Ealing. I
also used the Internet to do my research as it’s a valuable research
tool and was able to get useful information about the market and its
competitors; I also used books, as I was able to get ideas on topics
such as designing a plan, legal implications and recruitment. I also
went to the banks and got their business plan by the help of which I
was able to get ideas for my business. I also have prepared my self
for smooth running of the business and made arrangements for
alternatives in case of problems such as short of staff, lack of
finances, marketing etc.


C4 In order to make my business a success I used all the sources I
could use but as

much as we do still we need more to do so that our business is a
success. Hence I could have done more research in depth and found out
more about my services and done the alternative changes. In case a
staff is not there then I will be prepared to have a alternative staff
to take over the class so that the smooth running of the business can
be maintained. If on the basis of the cash flow forecast there is
short of finance in future then I can arrange an overdraft facility
with my bank so that every day running of business is not affected.
All the rules keep changing for nurseries hence the research, which I
did, was done before starting my business, but the rules keep changing
so now there may be some things, which I have not included in my




C3 The term liquidity means the speed or ease in which the businesses
assets can

be turned into cash without suffering any major capital loss. In my
business context the only major assets will have, are the equipment
for the children and staff. This is because unlike some business does
not hold large sums of stock other than stationary and food for the
children. Therefore this will mean owing fewer assets. Furthermore the
business owning minimal stock will mean that less cash will be tied up
in the business.

Now I will look at Current Ratio. This will show me the relationship
between the current assets and the current liabilities.

Formula: Current Assets


Current Liabilities

December: £3704/£2133=1.73

Most business aim to have a current ratio of 1.5 to 2.This is so that
they have enough cash to run the business and cover its costs.
However, businesses don’t want to hold on too much cash because they
will get taxed heavily or the cash can be invested in other areas to
make more money. However, when looking at my businesses current ratio
we can see its 1.73.This seems very good because it shows my business
owns more than it owes, nevertheless my business does not hold to much
cash otherwise I will get taxed heavily.

The Acid Test Ratio- looks similar to the current ratio, although this
time stock is excluded.

Formula: Current Assets-Stock


Current Liabilities

December: £3704-£500/£2133=1.50

In this case the acid test ratio is reasonable because stock is
excluded from the calculation and hence it makes the outcome a lot
better, mainly because my business does not hold much stock. Therefore
we can see that the business is

doing well and can over its costs. Unlike the current ratio equation
above shows that the business is holding on too much stock.

The Gearing Ratio- shows where the business raises its capital from
and how it’s funded.

Formula: Loan Capital + Preference Share Capital

_________________________________ X 100

Total Capital (Loan Preference +Equity

£5000/5500 x 100=90%

From the figure above we can see that the business is funded 90% by
external capital. However, this will not be the case as time goes on.
This is because the £5000 loan taken out by me is for the equipment
that will be used by the kids and staff. Therefore, once the loan is
paid back by me then the business will fund itself independently due
to the fact that there will be no shareholders and no loan repayments
to the bank. Nevertheless, there may be times when I may need to raise
capital for different purposes (e.g. expansion, or financial crisis).

The Return on Capital Employed Ratio -shows how much one can make if
they invest in the business

Formula: Profit on ordinary activities before tax and interest

__________________________________________ X 100

Capital employed


The calculation above shows that for every pound invested, you’ll make
£0.48p on top so therefore this means that many people will want to
invest in the business due to the high returns, however the main
reason for this high return is because the business only needs £5000
to be started of, where in some cases thousands of pounds need to be
invested for a business to open.

The Net Profit Margin Ratio -shows the business how well it’s covering
its expenses and going on to make a profit. If a business has low
expenses and high turnover then the higher net profit margin will be.

Formula: Net Profit before Tax

_________________ X 100


£2654 + £88700 x 100 = 2.9%

A 2.9% net profit margin seems very reasonable because it means that
every pound invested will mean that I make 2.9p (3 pence) profit after
all the expenses except tax. So once again this seems very reasonable
and many investors will be encouraged to invest in the business.

The Gross Profit Margin Ratio- shows the amount of profit made on
sales turnover. The gross profit margin does not look after other

Formula: Gross Profit

_________ X 100


£3970/£8820 x 100 = 45.0%

This is an extremely good gross profit margin because it means that an
investor will receive nearly 1-1/2 times on their initial investment.
However, other things to consider are expenses, rents and rates etc.
Which will affect the netprofit. As well as that a high net profit
will result in higher taxation. Therefore the final net profit after
tax will be much lower to the initial gross profit.

Now that I have constructed my business plan I will look back at areas
where I feel I have done well and areas that could be adapted next
time round. As mentioned at the beginning of my plan had three ways of
constructing my business plan:

Ø Form a plan from a bank.

Ø Follow teacher’s instructions.

Ø Create my own one.

I used ideas from a banks business plan and followed the teacher’s
instructions to create my own one. I believe this suited me best
because if I followed a step-by-step guide then my business plan would
not have my own input and I wouldn’t have a good enough understanding
of my business plan. Futhermore this method allowed the plan to be
more flexible and relevant to my particular type of business. This is
because each business plan must directly be related to a business and
not just a summary of different businesses. I structured my business
plan in a way so that I can understand all the different aspects
involved both internally and externally to my business. However, if I
followed a step-by-step guide then I would have not been able to do
this. Finally I was able to communicate with the teacher with a lot
more confidence because I knew my business plan inside out.

The disadvantages from constructing this business plan are the

This was my first time that I had constructed a business plan;
therefore, I was inexperienced and created common mistakes. To add to
that my project is just a plan and there will be no real cash involved
so this might have decreased the intensity at which the plan was put
together in. Although my primary research showed me that there was a
demand for my particular type of business, I could not expand to great
lengths. The main reason being; time constraints and not having money
to employ people to carry out my market research. Therefore I had to
go out myself and carry it out. It was difficult to find a reasonable
site at first, but when I visited a few estate agents it became
clearer to me and eventually found a suitable site at

I used several sources of information and some were useful than
others. For instance some Internet sources had the exact data (local
labour market information: while other sites had
irrelevant information. I visited

Busy Bee Crèche in Hounslow and learnt a lot more about the equipment
and layout needed to start up a private children’s day nursery.

One major positive aspect of my business is that there is very little
money tied up in stock, Futhermore the initial investment of £5000
should be enough to get the business started and then following years
I will only need to spend £2000/3000 to upgrade existing equipment. In
my financial plan I said I would need a £5000 loan to get started.
This is because some businesses needed large amounts of start up cash
to start trading.

If I were to reconstruct my plan then I would go about it a similar
fashion, but make a few changes. For instance I would research my
market much more intensively which will allow me to produce a much
more detailed plan. What’s more is that I may discover new things
about my business/market, which may encourage or even discourage me
from going ahead with my plan. I would also concentrate much more on
promotion. And draw a budget for the promotion activities. This is
because in my plan I did not look at promotion in too much detail.
Therefore next time I would concentrate more on the layout of
posters/flyers/leaflets/questionnaires. Finally I would consider
researching a lot more about my area where I am going to trade. This
is because I have looked at west London in detail but have not
researched Hanwell in great detail.

Overall I believe that my business plan is good enough to obtain loan
from a bank. This is because my market research showed me that there
is a gap in the market and a good chance of my business succeeding .As
mentioned before I do not need a large amount of capital so once again
this should make my business proposition to the bank even stronger.
The fact that I have not a built up credit rating with the bank may
affect my chances of getting a loan. Nevertheless, I can emphasise the
fact that my businesses unique and demand levels are high. Finally I
believe that I can go on to succeed with my business and possibly
expand in the future. Alternatively if my market is declining then I
may diversify into another market.


A1 I have described above the various techniques that I have
adopted regarding

my marketing production and finance apart from those mentioned above.


I could have for my marketing research got more questionnaires filled
which would have given me details in depth about my competitors and
also whether there is a demand for my business.


For my production, which is basically my services, which I offer to my
customers, now I offer two services first one is to feed milk to the
kids and the second one is to have a separate room for the kids where
they can sleep. But other alternatives can be that I could have
offered them a transport facility that is we could have picked and
dropped their kids, which could have been an added value for my
customers, another service can be that I could have offered snacks to
the kids.


For the financial part the alternative can be now I have taken loan
from the bank but instead I could have taken loan either from a family
friend or a relative. This would have reduced the pressure of paying
back the loan with interest on fixed intervals.

If any problem occurred in my business then it would affect my whole
business that is it will affect the marketing plan, production plan
and also financial plan for which then I would be looking for
alternatives to solve the problem and bring back things to normal


Busy Bees Crèche based in Hounslow

Castle Estate Agents

Early learning store Ealing Broadway

Mention Books
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