Gillian by Laurel Oke Logan

Gillian by Laurel Oke Logan

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Gillian by Laurel Oke Logan


     The book I read was Gillian, written by Laurel Oke Logan. This book is

about a girl who has just graduated from high school and is in the process

of looking for a job.


     Gillian has just graduated from high school.  She is so thrilled to go

to college and can not wait.  Well the day comes when she is to leave for

college.  She and her friends are going to have so much fun.


     As the years pass by she is doing very well in her classes, and before

she knows it, it is time for her to graduate from college.


     After graduation Gillian went home to her parents house.  She was a

little upset because she couldn't find a job and all of her friends had

found jobs.  When Gillian told her father how she felt he told her that

there was a woman who called him to see if she (Gillian) would be able and

willing to work at this camp in Canada in the kitchen.  At first Gillian

was very excited but when she began to think about it the whole idea scared

her to death. Going off to a place outside of the United States where she

had never been and leaving her family behind, she just didn't know if she

could go through with it.


     A few days after debating about going she called the lady and got more

information about it and she decided she would give it a try.  Gillian was

to leave in about five days so her mother and she went to go buy the right

clothes to wear in Canada and some other things she would need.  The day

finally came for Gillian to leave. As Gillian, her family and friends went

to her gate at the airport Gillian began to feel really nervous.  She said

good-bye to her family and friends and then she went off.  The flight to

Canada was very pleasant.


     When Gillian arrived at the camp she met some very interesting people.

Jake was an older man and when Gillian started to get to know everybody and

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everything she got to know Jake.


     Gillian began to explore everywhere around her cabin.  She discovered

that she really loved the forest and the peacefulness in the area where the

camp was located.


     As the months went on she got to know the people better, she found out

that Jake was a Christian and so was her good friend Kyle.  Gillian didn't

really understand the whole idea about Christianity so she began to ask

Jake questions concerning the matter.  Well, in the mean time Randy, this

guy who is interested in Gillian, tried to tell her that Christianity was

all in their heads, but Gillian somehow knew that it wasn't.  A few days

later Gillian became a Christian.  She also found out that Kyle really

liked her and cared about her very much, but Kyle didn't want to get

involved with a non-christian.  When Kyle found out what happened he was

thrilled, especially for her because now she would spend eternal life with



     Kyle had a very good friend that was coming to visit him and it was a

woman.  During this time Kyle and Gillian were spending a lot of time

together.  Randy started getting so jealous of Kyle that he told Gillian

that Kyle and his so called friend were very close.  This really started to

bother Gillian.  Finally she got so sick of Randy telling her all this

stuff she decided to leave camp and forget about Kyle.  When Kyle found out

what Randy had done he and his friend raced down to the airport to catch

Gillian before she would leave.  Kyle caught up with Gillian and told her

that a few years back he had donated one of his kidneys to this girl and

ever since then they have been really good friends.  Gillian began to feel

foolish for the way she had acted towards the whole situation.  She asked

Kyle to forgive her and he did.


     Kyle said to Gillian that he had something very important to ask her,

he pulled out of his pocket a little box and when she opened it he said

"Will you marry me?" and she said "YES!"  So they flew home to tell her

parents and her friends that she was going to be married.  Gillian was so

very happy because she had found a wonderful man who loved her a lot and

she also found Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.


     I really enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who is interested

in romance stories.  It's a very interesting book and it keeps you going

because you never know what will happen next.
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