The local labour market

The local labour market

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The local labour market

Whilst looking into the local labour market, I have decided to study
some of the figures from the national statistics and look into how WPA
would use them if they needed to recruit new employees both locally
and nationally.

Resident population and age

The resident population of west Somerset, as measured in the 2001
census, was 35,075, of which 47 percent were male and 53 percent were

The majority of the population in west Somerset are aged 30 to 59 with
38.3 percent of the population being in this age group. This is
slightly less than the percentage of 41.5 percent in the age group of
30 to 59 in England and Wales. .6 percent of people in west Somerset
and aged 16 to 19 compared to 4.9 percent of people in England and
Wales. There is a very minimal difference, therefore if WPA wanted 16
to 19 year olds as they have just finished school and may be going
into full time or part time work, west Somerset has almost the same
percentage of this age group.

If WPA wanted school leavers they could look locally and have the same
number of people on average from that age group.

Health and provision of care

In west Somerset, 64.7 percent of people asked said they would
describe their health as good, this is only slightly less than the
percentage of people in England and Wales with 68.6 percent. In west
Somerset however 25.5 percent of people would describe their health as
fairly good this is higher than the national average of 22.2 percent.

West Somerset had a higher percentage of people who had a long-term
illness with 22.3 percent, the national average is 18.2 percent.

If WPA were to use this information they could see that 90.2 percent
of people in West Somerset said they had good or fairly good health,
but 90.8 percent of people as a national average said they had good or
fairly good health, this tells WPA that people living in Somerset have
good health so they would have a very large selection of people living
in Somerset who have a good or fairly good health to choose from, they
could therefore attempt to recruit locally then if they are
unsuccessful they can then recruit nationally where there is only 0.6
percent more people who said they had good or fairly good health.

Economic activity – unemployment

Unemployment rates are lower with 2.9percent in West Somerset compared
to a national average of 3.4 percent. This means that there may not be
a large selection of qualified people in the West Somerset area so WPA

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may have to recruit nationally.

There is a very high percentage of retired people in West Somerset
with 22.2 percent, the national average is nearly 10 percent less with
13.6 percent. Using this information if WPA wanted to keep there
employees for a longer time it would benefit them to move to another
area as people generally retire younger in West Somerset.

The employment rates as a national average are decreasing, in the time
period shown on graph A the employment rate in Jun-Aug 2002 begins at
nearly 5.5 percent and has decreased to 4.7 percent recorded in the
time period of Jun-Aug 2004. Graph B shows that on average 74.7
percent of people are employed at the working age, this evidently
tells WPA that there is less people unemployed in the West Somerset,
this could mean that WPA are likely to have to recruit nationally as
there is a large unemployment rate, however in West Somerset there is
56.4 percent of people employed which is less than the national
average, this means less people may not have the relevant education
and experience therefore WPA may need to recruit nationally if the
needs of education and experience are high to fill the vacancy.

Students and qualifications

WPA would need to consider what skills and qualifications they are
looking for and whether there will be any suitable candidates in the
local area. Using these graphs I can see that Taunton Deane has less
people without qualifications as a percentage than in England and
Wales as a whole. However, Taunton Deane has a small percentage of
3.9 percent of the total population in Taunton Deane who are full time
students and school children; the national average is 5.1 percent. If
WPA were to use these graphs they could recruit locally as there is
less of the population who have no qualifications, Taunton Deane has
quite a high amount of students so WPA could take these on after
finishing there education allowing them to go into full time work. If
there is enough people with the required skills and qualifications
then WPA will not need to recruit nationally.

Pay levels: Average gross weekly earnings

I’ll put the graph in on Monday as I cannot find it on the internet
but it’s saved on my college computer!

By looking at pay levels and trends WPA can look at the levels of pay
throughout the country and get to a suitable pay level above or level
with others. Future predictions can also be made, future pay rises
can be looked at to attract to attract the more qualified and suitable
person for the open position.

From looking at the data of the gross weekly earnings WPA can see what
level of pay they would need to pay if they wanted to attract people
from London, it would need to be higher than it would be currently in
the south west as London have a higher pay level on average, it’s the
highest pay level in the united kingdom, to attract males from London
WPA will have to pay £667.70 on average for a full time male. If WPA
wanted to attract females from London they would have to pay £483.10
on average, London is also the highest payer for females in the United

From this graph of the weekly average earnings WPA can benefit from
this as the south West pay the 5th lowest pay level for full time
males and the 4th lowest pay in England for full time females, it
tells WPA they will benefit from staying in the South West where the
pay is lower, however if they moved to one of the lower paying areas
they would benefit more, the South west id the average pay.

WPA can also use this data to get their pay levels above others and
become a company more people want to work for. If thy made there pay
levels higher they are more likely to get more applicants for the

Gender pay gap

WPA would need to ensure that both males and females are paid equally,
from this graph I can see that the gender pay narrowed slightly
between 2003 and 2004 to its lowest value since records began. Women's
median hourly pay was 85.7 percent of men's, compared with the 85.4
percent recorded in April 2003. The median hourly rate for men went up
4.9 percent to £11.04, while the rate for women increased by 5.3
percent to £9.46.

WPA can use this information to select a fair pay level for everyone,
whether they are male or female, WPA can promote that they pay
equally, by doing this they are more likely to get more applicants for
the job as there is clearly a difference in pay for different sexes on
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