Science and the Community

Science and the Community

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Science and the Community

How GSK affects the community in which it is situated.

Gsk may affect the local community which it is situated in many
different ways as most of their employees are not from local community
so the company hardly have an impact on the community.

How many people do GSK employed and the skills they used ?

Gsk employed about 110,000 employees worldwide; with quarter of the
amount doing research and development. In Stevenage there is about
2400 staff of which 70% are laboratory scientist. There are many
different skills used by their employees as they used science in every
aspect of research and development. They uses science technicians for
discovering new drugs which is a high tech process therefore they use
robotics extensively as they are more efficient and effective than
using human technicians.

Most of there scientist interface there experiment with IT systems for
running them, monitoring them and collecting and analysing results.

Basic economic cost

Gsk need money for basic economic cost as they currently spend over £6
million per day doing research worldwide. They also used up a lot of
money developing medicine as at least £50 million and it takes up
10-12 years. However they do benefit from this as they get in profit
for the shareholders and put some money back into research.

The company also have to spend money on environment health and safety.
They have Capital investment projects include projects related to
designing, sitting and installing systems related to wastewater
treatment. In 2003, there was a sharp decrease in capital investment
to conclusion of a major wastewater treatment plant expansion and
upgrade project at one of their large primary manufacturing sites.

Their Capital investment of their Environment Health and Safety
projects was totalled £10.5 million in 2003 a decrease of 43% from
£18.3 million in 2002. One of their primary manufacturing sites
completed a large-scale wastewater treatment upgrade in 2002. This
rationalisation effort and general cost control measures contributed
to the decrease in capital investment.

Transport cost

Gsk supply coaches for Stevenage station for their workers who have to
commute which have cost them a lot of the years because most of their
works does not live locally and most of their staff travel by train
because of the congestion that could be on the A1 at times so these b
people will benefit from the free coach.

Gsk also have to pay their employee and so they give out as they take

The benefit of the science used

Gsk is a world leading research-based pharmaceutical company with a
powerful combination of skills and resources that provides a platform
for delivering strong growth in today's rapidly changing healthcare

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Therefore the benefit of the science used is a part of there mission
to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more,
feel better and live longer.

The ways in which the organisation and its products have impact the
local community?

The organisation and its product impact the local community as the
product develop are prescribe in the local community for people that
are ill so that they could have a better life. There products are
develop and pack so that they could be use by everyone not for only
people how can afford to purchase but people who are in need of it.
Local business also sells their products so that they can make money.

The environmental impact on the community

At GSK there are almost zero environmental effects on the local
community this is due to their waste management programme. At
Stevenage there is mostly research done so there isn’t much waste.

GlaxoSmithKline operations emit a lot of air pollutants such as:

- Carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide
- Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

These air pollutants comes from the energy that they use to power
their processes and to heat, cool and light their facilities, CO2
generated from some manufacturing operations and CO2 generated by the
fuels that power the vehicles and aircraft they use to transport their
products and people. These air pollutants also come from released in
the course of manufacturing their metered dose inhalers, used in
refrigeration equipment in some of their manufacturing facilities and
released when patients use our metered dose inhalers.

These affect climate (global warming), deplete the ozone layer,
generate smog and create acid rain. Additionally, some of these
substances when released into the air can cause a variety of health
impacts because of the way they react with other substances in the
air. Therefore Gsk tries to avoid these problems by setting up their
waste management programmes.

Gsk get rid of their waste products by recycling waste paper. They
incinerated glass to burn off chemicals and then they are recycled.
They also used the heavy metal containing chemicals so any heavy metal
waste is sent to a specialist waste disposal company.

Gsk waste management is very good as almost all waste is incinerated
on the site at 1200 degrees which prevents dioxin formation and this
allows a clean exhaust of stacks.

The economic impact on the community

As GlaxoSmithKline is one of the biggest employers in a community
therefore it as a very large impact in terms of local spending,
housing and employment for a lot of routine jobs which they used
graduates which are recruit nation-wide there fore this is a
considerable impact on the transport of the local community. They have
a few economical impacts on the community as most of their workers
have to commute. Probably 50% of the contract staff lives locally most
of the staff live about 25miles radius from Stevenage.

Routine jobs

The routine jobs at gsk are mainly done by about 200 people from
Stevenage. The graduates are the scientists, researchers and more. As
many of these people or not from the local community so it does not
really have an impact on the community because what they earn is not
use to develop the community but is used to develop some where else.
However the few that are employed local have a little impact as they
will spend there money in the community.


Most of the graduates at gsk are not from the local community. As
they get paid more they have a large impact, but not on the local
community because they commute they go back out to spend their money
so the local community does not benefit from their workers.

The socially impact on the community

Charity work

Glaxo Smith Kline's community investment programmes are focussed on
the following areas: disease programmes, regional initiatives,
education, employee involvement, product donations and corporate
memberships. They have a small budget to support local events and
charities; however their main goal is to support science education in
school schemes where as gsk employee works in partnership with an
organisation. They do different charities which are mainly national as
they sponsored many different charities were they donate products. GSK
has made a donation of £148,000 to fund a three-year programme aimed
at increasing volunteering opportunities for participation in projects
concerned with the conservation of the UK's natural resources. This
donation will enable Earth watch to increase the number of volunteer
places for its 'Discovery Projects' from 150 to 500 and increase
public understanding of science-based conservation.

Work experience

Gsk provides work experience for children of age sixteen and over.
This programme is support the development of young people's knowledge,
understanding, technical and personal skills, with a particular focus
on science. Through the programme, GSK works in partnership with
schools, publishers, academia and government in order to promote and
develop young people's interest and confidence in science. The main
aims of GSK’s science education programme are to develop young
people’s knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to make
sound decisions about the science-related issues they meet in every
day life, and to ensure young people are equipped and motivated to
choose a career in science. They do this by supporting initiatives
that give science context and enhance science teaching. This benefit
to the local community as schools in the community will get a chance
to be involved in these programmes and it will help the community to
have more employees for gsk.

Volunteering clinical trails

They have many volunteering for clinical trails locally so this will
have an impact on the local community as they get a chance to be
involved in the company work. However as these people will have to be
healthy to do clinical trails so it may not help many people to get
involve as many people could be ill.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of the economically, socially
and environmentally problem on the local community?


- GsK have a very good waste management programme

- They support charity

- They develop drugs and medicines to treat the ill and they basically
give people the chance to live longer and have a better life.

- The work experience is a huge advantage as the community get a
chance to be involve in the business and get to know more about the
science used.

- Charity for the local community is also an advantage as it benefits
people from the community.

- Routine jobs for local community

- They have their own canteen for food so does no depend on the local


- The local community does not really benefit from the company because
the money paid out by the company is not really spend in the community
as most of their workers are from various different places.

- It is a big disadvantage for the local community because not many
people are employed local so local businesses do not benefit much.

- The transport for people commuting is a disadvantage for the local
community as they don’t get use of it as they are either not employed
or live close enough.

- The local community shops does not get much benefit from the company
as they have own canteen.

- The local community graduates does not benefit from the company as
many of their scientist commute.
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