Sainsbury’s Human Resources Management

Sainsbury’s Human Resources Management

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I am going to explain is how the human resources department in
Sainsbury’s recruit employees

The functional areas at J Sainsbury’s are:-

· Human resources
· Finance
· Administration
· Production
· Marketing And Sales
· Customer Service

Each functional area operates to support Sainsbury’s aims and
objectives and a range of activities goes on in each one.

How the functional areas interact with one another is important. For
Sainsbury’s to be efficient and effective there has to be close links
within different function areas, especially when their activities are

Functional areas are important to Sainsbury’s as if there was no such
thing, the business itself would fall apart. Here is a diagram to show
how this would happen:-

Human Resources:

The first functional area of J Sainsbury I will be covering is Human
resources. Human resources look after and employ the employees who
work for Sainsbury’s. Human Resources regard staff as the most
important resource for a successful business. If the employees are not
motivated and only do the minimum work that is required, then all the
products and services that’s Sainsbury’s offer would not make the
business successful. If the employees are keen to do their best, are
well trained and committed to the aims of Sainsbury’s, then
Sainsbury’s will be successful. This is why the human resources
department is so important.

The Activities Of Human Resources Function:

To fulfil its purpose, human resources staff are involved in certain
activities. These include:-

* Recruitment and dismissal of staff
* Training and promotion of staff
* Monitoring good working conditions
* Health and safety
* Employee organisations and trade unions

The first section I am going to explain is how the human resources
department in Sainsbury’s recruit employees.

Recruiting applicants:

This department in human resources is responsible for hiring new staff
for J Sainsbury. The cost of hiring staff is expensive and if they
make a mistake in employing the wrong staff that could cost them even
more. The first stage is to identify the vacancy that is needed, e.g.
new manager, new shelf stacker etc. After human resources have chosen
their job vacancy they start to draw up a person specification of what
is needed from the applicant e.g. essential skills, knowledge,
qualities etc. They then need to decide which type of staff they would
like. The different types are:-

* Seasonal staff- working at a time when the business is busy in a
seasonal time, e.g. Christmas

* Temporary staff- working for a certain period of time set by the
recruitment department to which if they think that an employee is
good enough they might keep on.

* Part time- only works a short amount of times/hours but is still

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* Full time- works for the business permanently on a contract that
would last approx about a year or two, in which they cannot leave
the business, the employee works the full hours and shifts.

* Permanent staff- Same as Full time but doesn’t have as much
flexible hours and will sometimes get paid more.

Then they will make a job description, this will include:-

* Job title
* Pay
* Brief description etc.

The next main thing to do is to advertise for potential applicants.
The applicants can apply using one of these sources so they have a
chance being drawn up for the shortlist to be interviewed.

* Job centres
* Recruitment agencies
* Local/National press papers
* Stores/Posters
* Connexions
* The Internet
* Employment Agencies

After the applicants have filled out an application form and sent out
their CV’s to the recruitment department they have to draw up a
shortlist to see which applicants they would like to interview. The
recruitment department decide this by the quality of their CV’s and
application forms (sometimes the department will often ask for
references off a previous employer for a background check). Now the
applicants that stand out from the rest and meet the job specification
are called back for an interview by a human resources interviewer. The
human resources department use these ways to interview applicants:-

* One-stage interviews, carried out by human resources staff.

* Two stage interviews, the first carried out by human resources
staff, the second carried out by the manager of the new employee.

* Panel interviews

The interviewers are trained so that they know how to question
applicants and what type of questions to ask. The recruitment
department make the applicants take English and maths test, this
mostly happens in the second part of interviewing the applicants.
After all interviews for potential employees has taken place, the
department picks out their favourite candidates that they think and
know will do the best compared to the rest, they ask the candidates
for their references off previous employers, or if they didn’t have a
job they would get it off their referees e.g. (Teachers). They will
often ask for two referee’s names and address’s so they can get more
of a clear picture of who they would be employing but this is often
for short listed candidates only.

Once the department has chosen the selected candidates who are
successful in getting a job, the department write a ‘Letter of
appointment’ to them, this mainly says to them that they have got the
job to work at the department they are specialised in or given. This
will also tell them where there nearest training location is so they
van be trained up and ready for work. Training includes Sainsbury’s
methods of working, healthy and safety issues and special routines
e.g. fire drills. The more learning they do in the training the more
motivated they are for the job and maybe the trainees may even learn
new skills which then they may be eligible for a promotion at the
first stage. The recruitment department take training very seriously,
if the candidate was to miss one session for a reason such as ‘being
ill’ they will sack that person straight away before they have even
finished training.

This is the procedure in less detail of what happens in the
recruitment department in human resources:-


(At the end of this document there is an enclosed Sainsbury’s
recruitment/application form)


Human resources are keen to retain (keep) good staff. They do not want
all their good staff to head off to any of Sainsbury’s’ competition
out there. They have do retention department as it saves them the cost
of hiring and retraining someone else. All staff need to be motivated
to keep going and do the best quality of work they can do. Human
resources do this by using these motivators:

* Interesting work
* Having responsibility
* Being praised for doing a good job
* Being able to achieve
* Personal growth
* Opportunities for advancement

All these points are concerned with the content of the job and the
opportunities for undertaking more challenging work. Human resources
want to attract and retain good quality staff.

How Human Resources Retain Good Staff:-

Human resources offer quite a few good reasons for staff to retain at
Sainsbury’s here are the reasons why:-

· Pay competitive rates- they offer good paying rates which most of
the other leading competitors such as Tesco and Asda cannot keep up
with or offer the same/better rates than their rivals. They will also
review pay at least every 6 months or so with their staff.

· Good working environment- they have one of the best working
environments on offer comparing to their leading rivals. They are
committed to providing a safe, healthy working environment where all
their colleagues feel valued, respected and able to contribute to the

· Good facilities- they offer the best staff disabilities programs and
have introduced working environments that just concern them, so they
know they are getting the best they can achieve. They do try not to
hire to many disabled applicants as they have fewer abilities than the
rest but they do not believe in prejudice. They have some of the best
computer systems in the whole of the industry which are being
monitored by a company called Accenture they also run their tills etc.
Also having good, clean staff toilets and a nice and fresh canteen can
boost the employees working performance and create a good working

· Promotions and bonuses- If and employee is really working hard and
the best they can, they are offered either a bonus or a promotion (A
way for the employee to know he/she is doing well). A promotion is
moving up to a higher rank of staff, e.g. if you are a deputy head and
you are promoted to head that is what a promotion can be. A bonus can
be described as a pay rise for a period of time or a one off big
payment for working extra (overtime), working hard or just staying on
at a busy time of the year for the business, e.g. Christmas.

· Benefits, holidays and sick pay- If a employee is sick or unwell for
1 to 3 days then the human resources department will pay them ‘sick
pay’ for not being at work, if it is longer than three days they will
want to investigate and see if the employee is not telling tales to
human resources to try and get sick pay. Human resources give their
employees around 3-4 week holidays throughout 1 year which is pretty
good as most businesses offer 1-2 week holidays or even no holiday
breaks. Benefits are a unique thing to Sainsbury’s. (Also called
reward schemes) They give the employees discounts at all their stores
with little cards like nectar but just made for them to use. They do
offer more benefits to their employees with their other services too,
like low APR on Sainsbury’s bank cards and discounts in Sainsbury’s

Retention is produced by many different things the following diagram
shows the types of ways how retention keep their good quality staff.

This is the way human resources get the best quality staff which
attracts customers, which increases sales, which makes profits and
makes Sainsbury’s the number one business against their competition.
Without the Retention or Recruiting methods Sainsbury’s would have a
very hard job getting staff and getting any loyal customers.
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