I am going to research how supermarkets use ICT to have an impact on

I am going to research how supermarkets use ICT to have an impact on

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I am going to research how supermarkets use ICT to have an impact on

Unit 12: Impact on Society

My chosen area is a supermarket. I am going to research how
supermarkets use ICT to have an impact on society.

Since the introduction of ICT in supermarkets, everything has become
much more efficient. Supermarkets have improved tremendously by using
the following things in stores:

· Online Shopping



· Credit Cards

· Loyalty Cards

· Cash Back

Question 1:

Ways in which ICT is used in a supermarket are:

Ø Online Shopping

Online shopping is a way in which ICT is used in supermarkets. It
enables the shopper to be able to buy things online. This is a quick
and easy method of purchasing goods and therefore has an impact on

[IMAGE]This affects me because is somebody in my family is unable to
go to the supermarket for some reason, we just order the products
online. We do this because we find it easy and also we find it helpful
as products can be delivered to our home.

This affects the community because more and more people will shop
online because it is very simple therefore the supermarket will have
more customers and therefore they will have bigger profits. If
somebody is poorly, they can buy their shopping online. People can
compare prices of products online and you can shop at any time you

All the main supermarkets use online shopping. For example, Tesco and
Asda. These websites allow customers to browse through all the
products and they also allow the customer to compare prices of
products with other supermarket prices so that you can buy the
cheapest one without having to go onto other websites.

Ø EPOS (Electronic point of sales)

EPOS is an electronic system, which enables the supermarket to
automatically deduct stock from the stock level. This also enables
people to buy things quickly. People working on the checkout do not
have to check for any price labels. They just scan the barcode, which
gives them the price and automatically deducts the product off the

EPOS has an affect on me because it makes it easier and faster to scan
products therefore I can be served a lot quicker.

This affects the community as well because if they are happy with the
service then they will keep coming back for more products. Also,
supermarkets are putting local shops out of business because most
people are going to supermarkets to buy their shopping. This is
because the corner shops are not able to compete with supermarkets.
Also, nobody is ordering milk from milkmen anymore because they just
go and buy milk from a supermarket once a week.

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Also, using EPOS makes
everything a lot more efficient.

Ø Loyalty card

Yet another way in which ICT is used in supermarkets is for loyalty
cards. An example of a loyalty card is the tesco club card. This
enables the person to receive points when they purchase things and
every month they receive tokens, which they can spend on other things
like nappies and petrol etc. A loyalty card is a card, which has your
personal details on it. It is swiped through the till and points are
put onto your card.

This affects my family because some of my family members are holders
of loyalty cards at Tesco and when they receives tokens, they use them
for the products that they want to buy, e.g. petrol. This saves them a
small amount of money, which can later add up.

This affects the community as well because it means that more and more
people will go shopping at supermarkets and buy more products so that
they can receive more points, which will get them more tokens so that
they can receive discounts on certain products.

Ø EFTPOS (Electronic funds transfer point of sales)

ICT is also used in supermarkets for EFTPOS. This is when money is
automatically transferred from the credit card holder’s account to the
supermarket account. This has an impact on the society because it
enables people to pay with credit or debit cards.

This has an affect on my family because it means that when my dad goes
shopping, he does not have to carry cash around with him but he can
simply shop with his credit card. This makes it a lot easier to shop,
as you don’t have to wait for change etc. This improves the service
rate, as more people will be served quickly.

This has an affect on community because if people prefer to carry
credit cards rather than cash, they will shop at supermarkets because
they can use their credit cards there as well as at corner shops but
shopping at supermarkets has more advantages. E.g. more efficient

Ø Cash back

Cash back is when the supermarket gives you money back, which is also
taken from your account.

This affects my family because when my brother shops with his credit
card and he doesn’t have any cash, he can simply receive cash back.

This also has an affect on the community because it will save people
time if they can simply get money from their account from their
supermarket rather than having to go to the bank. This will improve
the number of customers because more and more people will shop there.


The advantages and disadvantages of having ICT in supermarkets.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having ICT in

Advantages of using online shopping are that:

* It is easy because you can shop from home.

* It is quick.

Disadvantages of using online shopping are that:

* You do not always get the goods that you want

* The goods take a longer time to receive

* You do not get enough exercise.

* Big vans are used for deliveries, which may increase pollution.

* Deliveries can cost money.

Advantages of EPOS:

* Efficient

* Stock is always available

* Don’t hold too much stock.

Disadvantages of EPOS:

* The equipment is expensive

* If wires are broken, all information can be lost.

* System can go down

Advantages of Loyalty Cards:

* They will increase the number of customers.

* You can receive tokens.

* You will get discounts on other products.

Disadvantages of Loyalty cards:

* The supermarket benefits more than the customer.

* There are too many available. Everyone does it

* The supermarket can target your information and send you vouchers
for certain products even though those products may be cheaper

Advantages of EFTPOS:

* You can pay with a credit card

* You can pay with a debit card

* You do not have to carry cash around

* Money is automatically transferred from your account.

* You can withdraw money from your account from your supermarket
using cash back.

Disadvantages of EFTPOS:

* Mistakes can be made

* Fraud (stolen credit cards)

* Funds can be delayed.

How have supermarkets improved since ICT was introduced?

Since ICT was introduced in supermarkets everything has become better.
For example, stock is always at the right level and people can buy
goods faster because all products are bar-coded. Also, they have more
customers and sell more goods. They also can automatically set up
special offers and send leaflets to owners of loyalty cards etc.

Question 3

The effects of ICT on working practices:

ICT has changed the type of work that people do on the shop floor.
They are still required to stack shelves but they do not have to price
up items because of barcodes. At the POS items are scanned in, prices
are not typed in.

Stock is automatically re-ordered once it gets to a certain level –
this saves time

If self-servicing tills do take off, this will probably mean that less
people will be required to work in the supermarket. With more people
using the internet, more people will have to work on “internet farms”
where they have to pick products for online shoppers.

ICT makes the whole supermarket process – from ordering stock to
serving the customer, much quicker and efficient. Savings created by
this can be passed onto the customer. This means that customers are
less likely to order their milk from the milkman or to get groceries
from the corner shop – all of these businesses are therefore becoming
a thing of the past.

The effects of ICT on the environment:

Using Ict has an effect on the environment as well. This is because
more and more people buy things online; therefore when it is delivered
in big lorries, more pollution is caused.

Also, the environment is damaged when computers are thrown away. This
is because computers are hard to dispose of.

The environment is damaged because a lot pf paper is wasted. This is
by printing receipts and producing free carrier bags. People do not
bother to recycle these things therefore trees and the environment are

Also, a lot of electricity is used by lights, which are usually on
twenty-four hours a day. Also, having a lot of computers uses up a lot
of electricity. This also has an impact on the environment.


Another way in which ICT impacts the production is because of JIT.
This is Just In Time. It means that the supermarket orders stock just
when it is needed and basically on time. This is so that certain stock
does not go over the limit. E.g. if it is not selling much, then they
will not need to order any more. Production needs to be faster and
more efficient because of EPOS.

The availability of information:

Since ICT was introduced in supermarkets, information has become a lot
more available. This is because if you go to a supermarket website,
e.g. Tesco, you can find out the prices of products from other
supermarkets and then decide which one is cheapest. Loyalty cards also
make information more available but they make it available for the
supermarket. This is because the supermarkets can find out all your
details and what products you buy etc.

Question 4:

The ways in which data legislation takes place in supermarkets is:

Data protection Act 1998

Health and Safety at work 1974

Health and safety regulation Act 1992

Data protection act 1998:

The data protection act is an act set out by the government that
states that people’s personal data cannot be given out without their
consent. Data cannot be given to a third party person. Personal data,
which I processed on the computer, has to be notified with a
commissioner and goes on a register. People have rights about their
data. These rights must be protected and respected in accordance with
the data protection act. Staff must be trained to follow policies set
by the data protection act. There is a total of 8 policies. All data
has to be treated lawfully and fairly. Data can only be held in the
original context and for the original purpose.

If somebody breaks the rules of the data protection act, they can be
taken to court.

In supermarkets, the data protection act is used because when people
apply for a loyalty card, they have to fill in their details and they
would want their personal details kept safe private and confidential
so that others cannot misuse them.

Future Uses of ICT in supermarkets:

In future Ict may be used in supermakets for self scanning. This will
mean that people will no longer need to be employed to work on the

Another use for ict in supermarkets in the future may be that more and
more pople will do online shopping as more and more supermarkts are
having their own websites for online shopping.

Ict may also be used for extra surveillance (CCTV) cameras etc.


I got most of my information from:

* Teachers

* Books

* Internet


Applications of ICT

This book was very helpful to me because it tells you all about how
ICT is used in supermarkets. I used this information in my
presentation and my report. It helped me with things like EPOS etc.


My ICT subject teacher gave me al the information I needed to know to
do this work. Although she didn’t tell me exactly what to write, she
gave me guidance when I was struggling.



§I used the information off here for my slides about how ICT is used
in supermarkets and for information about prices etc. This website did
not help me with things like EPOS so I used a book for that instead.


I used the information off this for my slides about how Ict is used
in asda.


I searched for ways in which ICT is used in supermarkets. I also used
it for images, which I used in my presentation.


These WebPages were very useful to me whilst I was doing my
presentation because I got my information and pictures from these
search engines. The information I gathered from these search engines
was used in almost all areas of my work.

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