Find out what affect the change of concentration in the sucrose solution

Find out what affect the change of concentration in the sucrose solution

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Find out what affect the change of concentration in the sucrose solution
has on the mass of a potato chip.


In this experiment I will be taking five similar potato chips and
putting them into different sucrose solutions (each one with a
different concentration) and observing the effect that each
concentration has on the size of the potato chip.


I am doing this investigation in an endeavour to find out what affect
the change of concentration in the sucrose solution has on the mass of
a potato chip.

Background information

Ø Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially
permeable membrane from an area with high concentration to an area
with low concentration

Ø The opposite of osmosis is active uptake, this is when water moves
from an area with a low concentration to an area with low
concentration. An example of this would be a root hair cell getting
water from its surroundings.

Ø Partially permeable membranes have holes in them. These holes are
the size of just one water molecule.

Ø Water can pass through the membrane in both directions although if
there is a higher concentration of water in the solution rather than
the potato chip, the potato chip will receive water molecules and will
increase in size.

Ø Some membranes in plant and animal cells allow only certain
particles to pass through them. They are partially (or selectively)


I predict that as the concentration of the sucrose solution decreases
the mass of the potato chip will increase. I think this because a
lower sucrose content would mean a higher water content and therefor
as osmosis takes place the water in the solution will move from the
solution to the potato chip and as a result increasing the mass of the
potato chip.

I also predict that the concentration of the solution and the mass of
the potato chip will be directly proportional to each other.


In this investigation I will change the concentration of the solution
and I will be keeping the size of the potato and the temperature of
the solution the same.


Below is the apparatus that I will be using for my investigation.

Ø Stop watch

Ø Cutting tile

Ø Small knife

Ø Measuring cylinder

Ø Distilled water

Ø sucrose

Ø Potatoes

Ø Weighing scale

Ø Potato cutter

Ø Cling film

Ø Ruler


Ø Firstly I will cut five pieces of potato.

Ø Then I will peal the potatoes with the knife.

Ø After this I will measure and weigh them to ensure that they are

Ø Subsequently I will put 40ml of my solution in each of the testubes.

Test tube one will have 10ml of distilled water and 30ml of sucrose.

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Test tube two will have 20ml of distilled water and 20ml of sucrose.

Test tube three will have 30ml of distilled water and 10ml of sucrose.

Test tube four will have 40ml of distilled water and 0ml of sucrose.

Test tub five will have 0ml of distilled water and 40ml of sucrose.

Ø Next I will put 1 potato in each of the test tubes

Ø Finally I will seal the test tubes and place them in a rack for
15hours, after which I will measure the weights and lengths of each
potato chip and then show my findings in a graph and table.

Fair test

To ensure that my investigation is conducted fairly I will be weighing
each potato chip to ensure that all the chips are the same weight, I
will also measure each potato chip to keep them the same size. Also I
will be putting all my potatoes in the same place so that they are
kept at the same temperature and receive the same amount of sunlight.


To ensure that my experiment is conducted safely I will wear goggles
to protect my eyes from any possible hazards. I will also be using a
small blunt knife so as that I do not injure myself.
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