Welcome to the Underground

Welcome to the Underground

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Welcome to the Underground

While America sleeps safely at night, safe and secure in their world, there is another world taking place, a menacing and wild world. Right beneath their noses, taking place in their super markets, in empty warehouses, abandoned buildings, parks, and at roller skating rinks. Many will never know or hear about this world, for it may be safer not to know. For if one knows, he may be tempted to want to experience this world. Just indulging one night has been known to alter many lives. For once you go to the underground, there is no turning back.

We walked towards the castle, drawn like magnets, already sensing the buzz of activity that lay inside. My friends were overly excited from the many energy drinks they had consumed earlier, so as to give them ultimate performance. My friend explained to me that a man named John Bishop built this castle single handedly, with little help from his family in 1963 and that every year he would add something new to it. It was nestled in the foothills of Pueblo, Colorado. As we walked closer the butterflies in my stomach flapped faster and more vigorously.

The moon was shining brightly over our heads; the time about midnight, and still our journey had just begun. There were people frolicking everywhere; people of all ages, mostly teenagers though. They were dancing, hugging each other and running around zestfully. Most were dressed in Baggy jeans. One girl wearing a see-through plastic skirt with her pink daisy underwear displayed for all to view. Others had on doctor's masks, were carrying glow sticks, and some even had pacifiers in their. I looked at myself, jeans and a T-shirt. "I don't think I'm dressed right." I whispered to my friend, a so-called Rave expert. "Don't worry babe, nobody is going to care." He replied.

Everyone seemed to know everyone else, except for myself. I knew no one.
We were now nearing the entrance to the castle, each grasping our tickets as if they were the golden ticket in Willy Wonka. I handed my ticket to the doorman, which was exchanged for a half hearted pat down by the security guard. I stepped into the world of the rave.

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I wondered what I had gotten myself into. People were moving everywhere at a high speed, flying around like bee's in a hive. They were all in some kind of musical trance. Hypnotized by the shaman, like vibrations coming from the speakers. The music was so loud that I could not even think. I was forced to move my body to the hypnotic sounds of the techno based, digitally oriented sounds as I walked with my friends through the block of people, only visible from the soft glow the hunders of lasers were giving off..

People were break dancing on the floor, men and women were massaging each others bodies, many people were giving hugs to people they've never even met and everyone was smiling. I walked around the corner as a smiling blonde girl ran into me, and then proceeded to give me a hug. She asked if I was having a good time and then she said the words P.L.U.R. (later I found out it stands for peace, love, unity and respect). I suddenly find myself separated from my friends. I am alone in this new world.

I find my feet moving my body without telling them where to go. I am grabbed by a scruffy looking guy that screams to me be above the music, "Don't I know you?" I have never seen this man in my life before. He grabbed me by the arm, and introduced me to all of his friends. They all started dancing, so I decided to dance with them. As we dance at the same rhythm our vibes all connect; I don't even know their names.

A cute guy, with orange spiky hair and a lip ring makes his way behind me and starts to massage my back as I dance to the music. He seems to know what he is doing; relieving all the tension I didn't even know I had built up. My muscles relax completely. One of his friends offers me a drink of his water. I graciously accepted as I continued to dance the night away, realizing I have not seen my friends since we first walked in. I excuse myself from my new friends and go looking for the ones I came with.
I walked through the maze of people, realizing for the first time just how hot it was inside and there and how sweaty I had become. I walked outside. The fresh air invigorated my insides. Realizing it was now dawn, I turned back around to go back inside and continue the search for my friends. As if on cue, behold, there were my friends, gazing upon the heavenly sunrise before us. At that instant I realized why all these people had come. It was a place where they could be themselves, let go, have fun and meet new friends. It was a peaceful place were stereo-types were left at home and people from every background could come together and dance in harmony.

Where else could you see a "gangster" sucking on a pacifier? The whole night was full of love, hugging, and back massages. Everyone was smiling and enjoying every second of this euphoria. I left that morning with a feeling of joy and understanding. I had a new sense of peace of mind, unity for my fellow human kind, love for those around me and respect for this thing called a rave.
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