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Guiding Light Fan Fiction

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Guiding Light Fan Fiction

Abby goes to the park because she and Rick had a little fight, and she needed some air. She is in the park sitting under a tree minding her own business. She is just sitting there and doesn't hear the two men fighting behind her. She doesn't even hear one of the men pull out a gun. However she coincidentally turns around and sees one man shoot the other. She quickly gets up and runs home, catching only a quick glance of the man. The murderer sees her run away and quickly runs the other way, being careful not to slow down. He gets into his car and drives off.

Throughout the month, Abby keeps seeing the murder in her dreams and even thinks she sees the murderer. She can't remember his face, but she can tell that he is about the same size as Rick and has lighter hair. That's all. Rick tries to get Abby to go to a therapist to see if it would help jog her memory, and could help Frank and Levy solve the murder. She reluctantly goes but doesn't realize that she's being followed. The murderer has been following her and she hasn't realized it. While Abby is at Cedars, the murderer notices a picture of Rick Bauer, but doesn't realize that he's Abby's husband.

When Abby leaves the hospital, the murderer follows her home. When she arrives, the door is locked and she has forgotten her key. She knocks at the door and Rick comes out and kisses her. The murderer now knows that her husband is a doctor at Cedars.

The murderer decides to fake an accident. He ends up in the hands of Dr. Rick Bauer while at Cedars. There we find out his name, Calvin Manns. He and Rick start to become good buddies; and on the day that Calvin is released from the hospital Rick invites him home for supper, but little does Rick realize that because Blake was called to be with her mother, and Ross was nowhere to be found, Abby agreed to watch the boys, not realizing that Rick was also inviting a guest; and neither of them realizing just 'who' that guest would be.

Calvin is a little hesitant at first, but decides to go because he believes that Abby can't remember anything, based on comments Rick had made.

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Abby was still going to the therapist and Rick never even mentioned that Abby was hearing-impaired, so that also was in Calvin's favor, knowing she didn't hear the victim shout out his name before he died.

After supper, everything was going just fine, until Abby and Rick were cleaning up and brought some glasses into the kitchen area. Abby had a vision, she knew who the murderer was, she dropped the glasses she was holding, and while Rick was saying things like....."Abby, are you sure?"........"Are you sure he's the one?"......."Honey, just stay calm!"......Calvin knew something was up and he grabbed Kevin and fled to the only place he knew that was secret. Rick had told him that Cedars had a basement that no one used because it was so dusty and no one had time to clean it.

Calvin ran to the hospital and found Lillian behind the desk. He asked her if she had a key to the basement. She said that she did and Calvin explained that his friend, Rick, was at home and needed some papers. Lillian went to the basement with him, and while she was unlocking the door, Calvin knocked her unconcious. He was very fortunate that there was an old playpen down there that was still sturdy, so he placed Kevin in it.

Calvin knew he had lost connection to the outside world, because the cops would be looking everywhere. He found a back stairwell, where his cell phone would have good reception and went there to call his only friend, Adam Dutton. Adam had been staying at the home of Phillip and Harley Spaulding. He had no home and was dating Susan, so since Harley wanted the best for her daughter, she agreed to allow Adam to stay for awhile. Of course, Adam never realized who Calvin actually had down in the basement, until he heard Kevin cry out in the background. Adam recognized Kevin's voice because he had spent alot of time with, and grown very attached to, both Kevin and Jason when Blake brought them over to Harley's.

Adam didn't want anything to happen to Kevin, so he continued to help Calvin, but at the same time, he was helping the police. Frank was ready to go into the basement, but Adam stopped him saying that someone might get hurt. Adam explained that Calvin doesn't have a conscience, and said that he would go down and get Kevin; but to distract Calvin, Rick would need to call him on his cell phone. Rick did so and as planned, Calvin walked to the stairwell, and closed the door.

Bravely, Adam went down the stairs and opened the door with a bobby pin that Susan had given him. First, he untied Lillian and she went and grabbed Kevin out of the playpen. They ran up the stairs, but before Adam could get out the door, Calvin came back in to the room. He took out his gun and shot Adam in the back and then escaped out the back window. No one saw him leave.

Rick and Frank, along with the rest of the police department, came down as soon as they heard the shot. They quickly grabbed Adam and took him up stairs. Frank found journal notes that Calvin left behind. Several said that he would get even with the Bauers because of Abby, who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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