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Gerri, The information on the manual is highlighted in yellow.

LabelPro 3.0 for Windows
Welcome to LabelPro 3.0, designed to take full advantage of the Windows 95/Windows NT 4.0 User Interface. LabelPro 3.0 comes with Win32s to allow it to work with Windows 3.1x as well.

New Features in this Version:

1. Start Up Dialog: Helps you decide what task you want to accomplish .

2. Quick Input Assistant. Provides you pre-designed templates that are already linked
with lists. All you do is enter the data and print. For example, an address label
laid out in standard format. Its list contains fields for name, address, city, state
and zip. All you do is enter the data and print.

3. Design Strategy dialog. Allows you to select what list, if any, you want to use with
the design you are about to create.

4. Automatic Quick Step help provides brief instructions for the major dialogs in

5. Full Page Print Preview.

6. Re-designed merge fields dialog is easier to use and features an Undo button, if you
change your mind.

7. Graphics Preview: You can now see a thumbnail of the selected graphic in the Open

8. Vertical text spread. You can now space your text evenly from the top to the bottom
of a text box.

On-line Help

- Context-sensitive Help is available for menu commands by pressing the F1 key.
- QuickSteps are available for most LabelPro dialogs. They are short instructions to
help walk you through basic tasks.
- On-line Help provides comprehensive procedures for LabelPro's tasks as well as a lot
of other information.

Product and Dealer Information
Avery’s Consumer Service Centers provide product information for all Avery products. Call the Consumer Service Center to find where to purchase Avery products.

Avery Technical Support
Avery provides technical support by telephone for Avery software products including LabelPro. Avery support is also available on CompuServe (go avery).
If you have a question about an Avery software product, and you cannot find the answer in the on-line help, call Avery Technical Support.
Before you telephone Avery Technical Support, you should be at your computer with LabelPro running.

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