Many Cultures, One Place #2

Many Cultures, One Place #2

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Many Cultures, One Place #2

In modern time, numerous people have the idea that all the countries in the world can be united as one. However, they do not comprehend completely that there exists many differences in terms of political and cultural structures that do not allow countries to act as one. In the article: One Europe, Two Citizens by Pavel Kelly-Tychtl, the author tries to make the audience understand that having numerous countries together acting as one, like the European Union EUROPA - The EU at a glance is not the best way possible to solve the problems that our society has because eventually it will generate more because of the huge gap that these countries have in relation to each other. According to the author of this article, the only purpose that the European Union has is to generate discontent between their citizens and also to affect the political and economical structures that have already been created before by those governments. The structure that the European Union has is not the proper system to enforce around countries in the world because it limits the power of each country depending the characteristics that each of them have.

The European Union is a group of countries that their main purpose is to act as one nation. With this focus on mind, they want to create between these groups of countries the same qualities and characteristics so that they can have the best governmental system ever (Squeezing 22 ) Among the things that the European Union shares in common are: common currency (Euro), borders (it is easier to pass from one country to another), parliament (same laws or rules) Accessing European Union Information, free trade (safe economy), and so on. In present time, this union is composed of fifteen countries. However, the European Union is looking forward that other countries will join them, and they already invited other ten countries to be with them. Many politicians agree that the European Union is an excellent example of how governments should work because it is very well organized (One Europe 30) However, with the ideas given by the author in this paper the audience can clearly see that the only thing that the European Union can produce is differences between people around the world.

There exist a similarity between the European Union and the United States; they both are seen as one place, one nation, and one country.

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Related Searches Many people know that the United States is composed of many types of cultures in all of the fifty states. However, they have managed to find a way to create a balanced government that limits the power of the people in each specific state. Not all the states are equal in size, population, and geography. Because of these facts our principal government found the perfect way to generated equality between each state. How this has been possible? Each government must follow general laws of rules given by the principal government, but there are other types of situations that they must create laws that fit each specific state according to the characteristics that it has. Finally, one of the keys of success that has made the United States works is the common language: English. Even though Spanish has gained a lot of popularity between people in the states, still English is the official language. All these characteristics that the United States has focused on have made them an excellent example of the best way a government should work. Comparing it to the European Union, they have tried to establish a government that unites every single country, but it has not worked properly. Primarily, the main problem that the European Union faces is the language. (World Politics 153) All the fifteen countries of the European Union do not share the same language which makes it a difficult situation when trying to make the population interact with other people from the union. (Which 17) Another important thing that these European countries must face is their history, their past. Comparing it to the United States, they have suffered in their own land and seen the devastating effects that wars generate. Homepage Culture is the most dramatic problem that the countries that belong in the European Union must face. Each of them has been recognized in the world and an individual because of their history, accomplishments, etc. If a person is a citizen of France, it wants to be recognized as French, where he is from, where he lives. If the person eventually moves to another place it will say: “I live in India, but my nationality is French”. Now with the European Union, people will say: “I am from the European Union”. They will feel that they have lost their identity. The European Union, as well the United States have many things in common. However, the background that each country has, language, population, geography, among other things will never allow the European Union to act successfully as one.

The different divisions that the European Union has created are the ones that generated discontent between people. Because each country does not have the same type of culture and geographic characteristics they have faced numerous problems (One Europe 32). These countries do not have the same types of culture, something that is a big impact on people because they do not have a common background that is similar of their culture between them. A large amount of each of the countries population feels that they have lost their identity towards their country because now they are identified as part of a Union and not specifically to their country. Another problem that the European Union faces is the geography of each country. Some of these countries have a better localization than others, something that affects other countries economically and politically. (Squeezing 23) A number of these countries are bigger than other ones, a characteristic that helps them because they have more land, sometimes even more population and territory. This does not help the smaller countries that have less population and even resources. The European Union’s countries also do not share the same language. (One Europe 33) A situation that makes a big impact in their daily life because each country cannot communicate properly with the other countries of the Union, to make certain arrangements or simply to socialize. Finally, the European Union is facing problems with their economy. Some of these countries have numerous resources that they can offer to other places to the world, helping the European Union with the economy creating trade. But there are other countries in the European Union that do not have enough resources to offer and they just unbalance the chain of trade that the European Union has. (World Politics 234) The European Union has a good concept of organization. However, because they have so many differences between them that are the main factors that won’t led them success at this particular system. The most important things that a country must be successful at: communication, government, and economy they have failed to achieve it completely leading them eventually to a complete disaster.

Since the only effect that the European Union contributes to is not helpful, the best thing to do is to eliminate this Union. When something goes wrong there are only two solutions: fix it, or eliminate it. However, the problems that the European Union has cannot be fixed because no one can fix the way a country thinks or behave; it is very hard and technically impossible. (One Europe 33) That is why the only solution possible to this problem is to remove the European Union and leave things the way they were before. The European Union will generate more dissatisfaction between its member countries and its population. It is very uncomfortable to have numerous countries act as one, when they have too many differences between them that cannot be linked together. Separating the European Union is the best thing to do because it will restore each country sense of identity, political structure, and economy. (Which 24) Some of these countries do not depend on other countries to sustain themselves. The ones that cannot sustain by themselves completely should definitely seek help from other countries so that they can have a base to start and then eventually they can act on their own. The goal that the European Union wants to achieve, uniting countries around the world is something very peaceful. However, the truth is that in the world we are living sharing many things in common and other characteristics as one, is something impossible to achieve because everyone wants the best for them as an individual or their country.

The European Union is not the best way to unite countries in the world because each country has different characteristics that makes them unique and very difficult to link with others because of those qualities. The European Union is a system that cannot work in Europe because of the way it is structured. The ideal world is that every country is united and have peace between them. However, the society we live in does not allow that this type of system work effectively because everyone fights for their own convenience and not for the others. The European Union is an excellent example for other countries of the world to resolve the problems that they have in their country first before trying to solve other countries situation.
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