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The conflict in the story Frankenstein is self vs. another. Victor Frankenstein is a man interested in chemistry, who alters dead flesh therefore creating a superhuman being of rotted corpses.

Mr. Frankenstein is very interested in chemistry, and he basically tries to play God by creating a life in a laboratory. However, the life that he makes is a monster. One day Frankenstein receives a letter telling of the death of his brother William. Justine Morizt, a family friend, was the presumed murder of William. However, when approached, the monster confesses to awful slaying of Victor’s brother. The monster claimed that he was trying to get back at Frankenstein for artificially giving him life. The monster did not know right from wrong and he especially did not mean to kill anybody. As the story continued, the monster demanded that Victor create a female companion. At first, Victor agrees to the monter’s proposal. However, he soon realizes that another super being would harm the life of not only him, but those who he loved. Still, the monster wants revenge on Frankenstein, and so everything in Victor’s life ends up being destroyed, including his wife and best friend.

Frankenstein in a good example of why human beings should not try to play God and artificially create a being in a laboratory. With the technology that we have today, wouldn’t it be scary to see what super human could be created in our labs?
The first setting of Frankenstein is in Geneva, Switzerland. However, later in the story, the setting shifts back and forth throughout central Europe.

Frankenstein was written in first person point of view. Mary Shelley, the author, probably chose to write this way because she felt that it was important to know the thoughts and feelings of Victor Frankenstein, the main character.

Frankenstein is a man who is totally interested in chemistry. Therefore, taking dead flesh, he artificially creates a super being. The monster is created by Victor. He does not know right from wrong. Therefore he kills Frankenstein’s brother, William. Later in the story he also kills Victor’s wife and best friend. William is Victor’s brother who is killed by the monster.

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He is killed because the monster wants revenge on Victor for giving him life.

The mode of the story is tragedy. Victor creates a superhuman in a laboratory who does not know right from wrong, therefore killing many people that are an important factor in Frankenstein’s life.

I would recommend reading the book Frankenstein. It is a well written fictional story by Mary Shelley. The book should be read by mature readers only. At some points in the story, it is very difficult to understand the dialogue that the author has written.

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