Easier to Learn Programming Languages

Easier to Learn Programming Languages

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Easier to Learn Programming Languages

In the old days computers had to be fed instructions by hand written on a strip of tape. Now computers do most of the grunt work automatically allowing the program to focus on the problem to be solved as opposed to telling the computer how to solve the problem. This way work is done on a computer much faster and easier then before.

The different programming languages used to give the computers instructions have come very far from the original tapes used, and they are still progressing. New languages are easier to use and can accomplish quickly what used to take a very long time in older languages. However these newer languages are not perfect because they are often forced to sacrifice flexibility and control to allow things to be done faster. This is because in order to do instructions faster and more simply things have to be assumed by the compiler that would need be included in the code for a lower level programming language. This can be a good thing because it lets programs be written more quickly and easily, but it also takes these things out of the control of the user. This can lead to more stable code since the programmer cannot make mistakes in these parts, but then the programmer cannot change these things if they need to be changed for some reason.

Something important to remember with these new programming languages is that while they can make things easier they can only do so much. It will still take time to create a program no matter how easy the language used is. Also lower level more difficult programming languages will still be needed for creating programs that require more control then is usually allowed in a newer high level language.

With the world moving into a new age of computing having programming languages that are easier to use become very important. It may very soon reach the point where anyone can become a bit of a programmer because the computer languages are so easy to use. This is why this can be such an important field. After all someone has to make these easy languages in the first place.

There are a number of languages that have been made that are easy to use. A web page discussing them says "The "easy languages" (my own designation) Perl, Awk, Python, Tcl/Tk, and Visual Basic are free (not vb), easy to learn, but currently lack the source code and examples…" (par.

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11) Many of these languages also are not very good for expressiveness, though there are exceptions. This means that it is easy to use these languages but there is a limit as to how much can be done. There are very few languages that are both easy to use and capable of doing many things, but they are fairly new and have few sources to teach their use.

The world is heading toward a time when computers will be used for nearly everything. It is important that we plan for that time with programming languages that are easier to learn and use so that everyone will be able to use computers in the future. Then everyone will be able to use computers for any task they need and not just tasks that others have done.

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