Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve

Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve

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Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve

A contemporary song must be carefully chosen to be put in the UTD time capsule. The song must cover the many characteristics assembled in this class as well as the many characteristics of our generation. ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî by the Verve is the perfect song to combine these positive and negative aspects. It will fairly portray to the future the many colors of the students of UTD. ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî should be chosen by the class, because it is the ideal song to accomplish getting our message to the future accurately.

It is important for the complexities of our generation to be shown through the song our class chooses. ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî accomplishes expressing the differences in our lives and how we see and react to the world around us. The youth of this generation lives many different lives with different wants and ambitions driving us and a different life style and past to withhold us. One thing we have in common is we have all experienced joy and sorrow, some more than others and some to a greater extent.

ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî combines crucial elements of lyrics and music to represent our generationís complexities. Through its poetry, the song combines thoughts of good times and the remembrance of the bad. Using the symphony to illustrate oneís past and naturalness was a brilliant move. This correlation of lyrics and music is like no other and ìmakes all attempts from this day on to create ërock classicsí utterly redundantî (Time Out).

Taking the simple fact that ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî combines elements of todayís youth leads to another idea. In portraying the characteristics of each one of us, it will equally represent us all. In expressing the bitter and sweet sides of a personís life, the song accurately captures the importance of each individual, specifically each individual in this generation.

For each person in this class, on this campus, and of this generation there is an aspect of ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî that will reflect them. The reality of life is what the song reflects, and reality is something everyone can relate to. The song combines critical characteristics of reality to equally represent each youth of today.

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In combining all these traits of our generation into one song, the future is sure to get a clear understanding of the elements that are important to portray.

The most important thing to question while considering our choices of song is if the song will represent us to the future. Because of the elements ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî contains and the themes and ideas it reflects, I believe that the song will succeed in doing so. The future is sure to get a clear understanding of the elements that are important to portray.

The unique blend of symphony and rock is what made the song successful in todayís times. The same incomparable sound will carry over time and allow our message to be heard. ìYou can hear the way some things mingle against each other and some sounds sort of intertwine producing some other sound as a resultî (ìInterviewî). The song contains ìsoaked in slipstream guitars and breezy strings, cruising at narcotic-shuffle velocityî (ìThe Verveî). Critics and fans have all agreed that The Verveís sound is one-of-a-kind. This uniqueness shines through ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî. In order to understand todayís youth, this special song must be heard by generations to come.

Some would focus only on the best aspects of our generation and ignore much of the reality. This would not be a honest portrayal to the future. Not only is it important to portray our energy and excitement, but it is important to portray the hardships we young people are faced with. We are forced to deal with a lot of issues and one of the ways we chose to overcome our problems and overcome them is with the music we make and the songs we listen to.

ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî has accomplished the task of symbolizing our age group by combining elements to portray us all. The future will get a clear picture of our many features when hearing the song.

Many things must be considered when choosing a song which will show the reality and truth of our generation while representing us equally and fairly years from now. It is critical that the things we want to relay to the future be received the way we intended. By choosing ìBitter Sweet Symphonyî, we will have made sure that the message this class and the UTD student body wanted to depict will reach the future covering the many aspects of the youth today with our intentions included.

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