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Small Pox Journal

April 22, 2005--I had a long week so I decided I should write about it on my web journal. After having several papers, quizzes, and having to work 40 hours I have been feeling a little under the weather. However, I mostly assume it has been from the lack of sleep I have been getting. But no worries, since I intend on making it up during the weekend. But tonight I have decided to party it up and go to my friend's apartment. Till then I'll just take some aspirin and lay down till I go out. I'm sure I will be fine by then.

April 23, 2005--Well to recap last night events, I woke up from my nap; the aspirin appeared to have not worked. I was feeling really achy but I did not let that impede my wanting to party. I asked my mom to feel my forehead, to see if I was hot, and she confirmed it. So I decided to take my temperature, 102 degrees, not good. But I still went to the party, being stubborn. I ended up drinking too much, to try and ease the achy feeling, and it did not sit well. I ended up having to throw up in the bushes. People were laughing at me, telling me I could not handle my liquor. Ha-ha, it was funny though.

April 24, 2005--However, when I did wake up I noticed some kind of bumps forming in my mouth. This is really strange since I never have had bumps like these in my mouth. Oh well, I am sure they will go away in a few days. I am not feeling well at all. I don't think it was just the long week that was affecting my health, but I might be genuinely sick, maybe just a fever or the flu? My girlfriend told me she has been going through the same thing. I don't think this is a good sign. However, being a typical guy I will wait it out and see what develops.

April 25, 2005--Still feeling unwell and apparently the bumps in my mouth seem to be breaking, which I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not. There were several of them and only but a few have yet to burst.

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I can only hope that it does not spread elsewhere. I called around to see if anyone else might be having this problem, and strangely enough some do. I come to find out that several of my girlfriend's dorm mates all seem to be suffering from the same sort of rash, starting in the mouth and on the tongue, some sort of small bumps. All have said that after a few days they break, only to have them surface on other parts of their bodies. This cannot be a good sign, especially if her dorm is all affected. Since she does live in the international dorm it is possible that someone was affected when they went back home.

April 26, 2005--Unfortunately the rash has spread. It has gone from head to toe. The rash has began to form bumps, which a strange liquid that comes out of it. I decide to visit my girlfriend in her dorm, only to witness everyone suffering from the same kind of bumps. I even heard unfortunately one of the students has passed away because she was very unhealthy. I guess her body was unable to deal with the fever and the rash. This is very unfortunate. I didn't know her well, but my girlfriend did. She is very distraught about it. This has also sent everyone into a panic mode, fearing the worst. But I was told that the Orange County Health Inspectors have been informed and were on there way to quarantine the building. However I think it might have been too late since we have been in contact with so many people at the school.

April 27, 2005--I have been unable to go home, since I have been feeling extremely weak and we have been quarantined. It seems as if everyone in the dorm is at different stages of the illness. Some are just beginning to have fevers and bumps in their mouths and some have gone through the entire process and their bumps on their bodies have burst and are now scabbing over.

April 28, 2005--The Orange County Health Department was able to treat us and make sure that we were attended too. However, the dilemma now lies in how far the infection has spread. Because Irvine is highly populated several of the students were in contact with other students on campus there is no telling how wide spread it may go. Since it is a commuter school too, it has a farther outreach than they could hope for. I only hope that it does not spread any farther than it should.

April 29, 2005--I am finally recovering from this whole ordeal. Unfortunately after the scabs have fallen off, a few of them have left scars. This is rather depressing to know that I have these marks after this infection. Well whatever, at least I am cured, and the Health Department is aware of the disease and is taking preventative steps to combat it.
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