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Cellular Phones

Cellular phones are a phenomenon that has engulfed people in the nineties. They have become a common occurrence whether you are waiting in line at the super market or in a movie theatre. One professor at Murray State University said, “Many students are carrying them, I had a student get a call in the middle of a test last semester.” Although many people have accepted the thought of carrying a telephone wherever they go, others have not taken the onslaught of cell phones quite so easily. Cell phones have become part of everyday life, and with the dramatic changes that have been made, there is no sign of their existence diminishing. Today, cellular service is available in all 306 Metropolitan Statistical Areas across the country and all of the 428 Rural Service Areas.

Cellular phones carry a diverse group of users. In June 1985, there were about 203,000 cellular phone service subscribers. By June 1989, the number had exploded to 2.7 million subscribers, and by June 1995 there were mire than 26 million subscribers. When cell phones were first introduce, only people with a lot of money had them and the service was very expensive. It was a lot cheaper to stop and use the pay phone than it was to use a cell phone. Now, it is almost as cheap to use a cell phone to make a long distance call as it is to make a long distance call using AT&T.

Long distance calling has become a vast market of sales and bribery. A majority of cell phone users have a long distance plan with there cellular package. A lot of college students have cell phones just to make long distance calls home to their friends and family. Depending on the time of day, a person in Fayetteville, Arkansas can call a person in Dallas, Texas for as little as 9 cents a minute. That is very cheap for that type of telephone call.

Why have Americans become so attached to cellular phones? Is it convenience, or just the way a person feels driving down the road talking to someone. There is no way to tell. I think it is very important to look at the reason Americans buy and use cellular phones. In a survey taken in 1996, Southwestern Bell Cellular asked 5,000 of its users to fill out a survey.

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In the survey Southwestern Bell asked its users why they had decided to purchase a cell phone. The number one answer they received was so that anyone could get a hold of them anytime they need to get a hold of them. This tells us that the majority of people who have cellular phones feel that they are important enough that people need to get a hold of them. I think that this tells about people in the 90’s. People in the 90’s are always on the move. They are never satisfied with what they are doing and are always looking for something better.

As a cell phone user, I truly believe that having a cellular phone is an addiction very similar to that of drugs and alcohol. During this past summer, I had a job that required the use of a cell phone. I was on the phone from the time I got out of the car until the time I got to a land line phone. I was in the car most of the day and therefore was on my cell phone most of the day. Since my employer was paying the bill I did not think about the cost of the bill. After my summer job was over, I continued to use my phone as I had done before. All of the people I had met over the summer knew the number to my cell phone and so did a majority of my friends. They all called it instead of calling my house phone. I was always happy to talk to them and did not even think about the cost of my actions. I also called people rather freely the first month of the Fall semester. I felt like I had to be doing something in the car while I was driving and talking on my cell phone seemed like the thing to do since I had been doing it all summer. I slowly got my cell phone usage under control, but should I have been admitted to cell phones anonymous? Should there be a cell phones anonymous? We will have to see what the future holds.

Another thing about cell phones is that small size is very attracting to potential customers. They can be bought as thin as a credit card and some about the size of a silver dollar. They can easily be concealed in purses and pockets. Some cell phones almost make a fashion statement. Most models that are introduced can have accessories added to them. They have colored faceplates and leather carrying cases. Recently, there have been a lot of cellular technologies introduced. These include, caller identification, call waiting, three-way calling, and voicemail. Some phones are now capable of acting as pagers as well. This new service is remarkable. No longer does a business person have to have a pager and a cell phone. The businessperson can now have one phone that acts as both. The phones that offer this are rare, but still inexpensive. These new phones offer local calling as far as Dallas, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri.

I believe that cellular phones have become very technologically advanced. They will continue to have more features and larger calling areas. Are cell phones the future of day to day communication or are they just a fad that will wear slowly away? Will everyone have a cell phone soon instead of a local phone in his or her home? Nobody can answer this now, but what we can say that the amount of cell phones users has increased rapidly. At the current rate of increase, we can expect over 6 million cell phone users by the new millenium.
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