Organs and Organ Systems to Organelles

Organs and Organ Systems to Organelles

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Organs and Organ Systems to Organelles

The human body consists of many different organs and organ systems, which
are made up of billions of cells. Inside these cells there are “tiny
organsâ€,or organelles. These organelles act in many ways like the organs and
systems of the body. To better understand the relationship between them, I
am going to compare and contrast their differences and their similarities.

The brain is the control center of the human body. It sends and receives
messages to the rest of the body. The brain is made up of many different
parts, and each part has its own job. The nucleus of a cell is very similar
to the brain because it is the control center of the cell. It too sends and
receives messages, only throughout the cell. The nucleus is made up of many
other parts, which have all have special jobs also. The brain and nucleus are alike in several ways, but contrast in one primary area. The brain sends messages by neurons and
electric impulses, while the nucleus does it by means of messenger RNA.

The body has a shape that is contributed to by the muscular and skeletal
systems. Bones provide the body with framework, and the muscles allow
movement. The cell has similar organelles, the cytoplasm and the
microtubules, which provide the cell with form. The microtubules are
tube-like structures that act like bones do in humans, they give shape and
support to the cell. The cytoplasm is a jelly-like substance that keeps
things in place, and restricts the
movement of organelles in the cell. The main difference between them is the
fact that microtubules aren’t joined by anything like a ligament or a tendon
and cytoplasm doesn’t contract like muscles do.

The digestive system of the human body is made up of several organs that
work together to break down food so it can be used in the body. Similar
organelles in the cell are endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, and the golgi
body. Endoplasmic reticulum is used in the synthesis of molecules entering
the cell. The ribosomes produce protein and send them to the places in the
cell that needs it.

The golgi body is the “packaging siteâ€. All three of thes organelles play
an important role in processing molecules in the cell.

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However, they are
different from the digestive system in their anatomy and the way they are

In the human body, the largest organ, the skin, is responsible for
protecting the body. It is the outer covering and it allows things in and
out of the body through pores. In the cell, the largest organelle is the
cell membrane and it too is responsible for protecting the cell. Both the
skin and the cell membrane
have more than one layer. The primary difference in the two is the cell
membrane is selectively permeable.

In order for human life to continue itself, it must reproduce. The same
applies to cells. The reproduction system in the human body is responsible
for this. The organelle in the cell which is compared to reproduction are the
centrioles. They aid in the distribution of parts in the nucleus to newly
formed cells. Although the two share the job of reproduction, they are
different in many ways. The uniting of sperm and egg is the main difference.

This doesn’t occur in cell reproduction.

In cells, organs, and organ systems the anatomy may be very different in
some ways, but the physiology in some cases is very similar. When you think
of an organelle now, you’ll know why they call them “tiny organsâ€.
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