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Personal Statement

Two weeks had already passed and I began to realize the strike would most likely continue on into the next week as well. I was anxious for the only strike in the ninety-year history of UPS to be over. The first week was almost a novelty, a rather large social event with my fellow workers. As the days passed and the second week came to a close, the novelty had worn off. My fellow Teamster members and I had stood on the picket line for two weeks now, eagerly awaiting word of a contract agreement between the union and the company. As the television cameras rolled on an early Thursday morning in the summer of 1997, a local Dallas news reporter asked me what I thought about the word of a contract agreement, which had been reached just a few hours earlier. I replied with what I felt was the proper and correct response at the time, “If it is true, then I am very excited about it and I can’t wait to get back to work”.

We often did not know what to believe on the picket line, even when it came from the media, who were usually better informed than we were. It was hard to rely on information received from the company or the union, as it usually turned out to be only marginally truthful. I often wondered about the real purpose of the strike, knowing what both sides were claiming, but questioning what was fact and what was propaganda.
One thing I knew beyond doubt was that I never wanted to be placed in this situation again. By the time that word of a final agreement reached us, I had already made up my mind that I would never again be involved in another UPS strike as a labor worker. The only way I ever want to be involved in another labor strike is in the role of a lawyer, with an integral part in the contract negotiations.

The one good thing that did come out of the strike was my own decision of what I wanted to do with my future. While watching the evening news every night of the strike, looking for any new developments, I became captivated with negotiations between the Teamster and UPS lawyers.

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I also came to appreciate the long hours these people were putting in every day as they attempted to reach an agreement. It was during this time I made my own decision to become a lawyer. After researching the profession and taking the time to find out what being a lawyer would involve, I saw no other option than to follow my ambition.

After exploring the various paths I could travel to reach my goal of becoming a lawyer, I decided to major in Psychology as an undergraduate. Psychology has helped me to better understand human behavior and thought, and it is this better understanding that I believe will assist me in becoming a first rate lawyer. I have found that the skills I gained from the classroom have helped me to understand many things in my daily experiences with other people. As an undergraduate, I was fortunate to have been afforded an opportunity to work in the school’s Eyewitness Lab, under the direction of Dr. James Bartlett. Working in the lab has increased my interest in law, as I have gained a greater understanding of eyewitness accounts to crime. I learned many research techniques through hands on application, which I am confident, would serve to aid my career in law.

I was also given the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills, serving as President of the U.T. Dallas chapter of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology. I continue to fill this role, learning many things from it and serving others through my position. As President of Psi Chi, I was also able to serve on the School of Human Development Undergraduate Committee. Through this position I have been able to help new students in the School of Human Development, by means of orientation meetings and a peer-mentoring program. I wish to increase my leadership skills and knowledge by attending your law school. I am driven to succeed and motivated to help others. Given the opportunity, I know I will discover success at the University of Texas School of Law. I believe that my skills and experiences will add to the diversity of your law school, and that acceptance into the University of Texas School of Law will help me to attain not only immediate goals, but future goals as well.
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