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Mission Review

Hello Agent 42701, by the looks of it, I see you have grown quite weary of your post. Not to worry, the agency has new plans for you, a change of pace. We have decided in setting a matter of utmost importance to national security your way. Your impeccable record, highly expansive educational background, and comprehensive training in espionage make you the agency’s only choice for this matter. It has come to the attention of the agency that an underground syndicate, also known as Admissions, has brainwashed educational authorities in the state of Florida into allowing the cartel to enter Florida colleges and universities and gather highly sensitive data. Admissions have put themselves in a position to deny high school seniors entry to the graduate school of their choice.

Admissions is accomplishing this task through a ploy known as the “Application Essay” or AP. The agency is most interested in the information that Admissions has gathered through the FSU division. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate Admissions and assume the identity of a reviewer. While undercover analyze all documents as any other Admissions reviewer would. Your priority is to gather Intel on one particular student, for security reasons we shall refer to this student as Mister Cheeks.

Mr. Cheeks is believed to be of particular interest to Admissions due to his superior writing techniques, vast intelligence, mathematical mastery, and scientific gift. An Admissions henchmen known only to us as "The Big Boss" is holding the AP of Mr. Cheeks.
Your task is to entice The Big Boss using any means you deem as necessary to gain her trust, and the trust of Admissions, when access is acquired to Mr. Cheeks’ AP produce a copy.

Agent 42701, this is a high-risk operation. An elite agent, Cherry Maraciano, was apprehended two weeks ago while infiltrating Admissions. Cherry was able to access Mr. Cheeks writing portfolio and give us her review of it before being captured, she was unable to secure a copy of Mr. Cheeks’ AP. This is the information Cherry was able to relay before she was seized:
Admissions security is minimal; here is what I have learned of Mr. Cheeks. His discipline and attendance records are similar of those of any regular scholar finishing high school. Don’t be fooled he is no regular scholar, Mr.

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Cheeks has all the creativity and dedication of Leonardo Da Vinci yet all the mathematical brilliance of Albert Einstein with a touch of philosophical brilliance that is the likes of Ghandi. His insight to all things magnificent would be a highlight and necessity to any school. His dedication and goals seem to be very “All American” and would make even Uncle Sam proud and would be a shame to deny because of lack of acceptance from a college or universityyyy......yyyyyyyy.....yyyyyyyyy........yyyyyyyyyy...y..
This is very sensitive material. Due to Mr. Cheeks’ lordly writing skills, it is to our belief that any reviewer would acknowledge his AP as highly distinguished. So when the time comes, you may do so and admit Mr. Cheeks to FSU. Once you have posed as a reviewer, it is your duty to make copies of these materials, and report to the agency.

As always, if you fall victim to Admissions the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your existence. This message will self-destruct in seven seconds. 7…6…5…4…3…2…1
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